Ohio is a Mysterious Pisces

Ohio’s official birthday is March 1, 1803. That makes Ohio a Pisces.

In researching Ohio’s birthday, I learned that Ohio’s boundaries were actually set and approved on February 19, 1803 and later the date was set retroactively to March 1, 1803.

I don’t know what time on February 19, 1803 Ohio’s boundaries were set. If it was after 8:30 am or so, Ohio is still a Pisces. I don’t know what time work started for Congress back in 1803.But February is still kinda cold so maybe they didn’t talk about Ohio until lunch.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. It is the most psychic of all the signs, being tuned into the mass conscious to the point of having no boundaries. Pisces is associated with both spirituality and vulnerability. Because Pisces is so open, it is also open to manipulation – both giving and receiving.

It makes sense that Ohio is a water sign. Ohio’s natural boundaries are a big lake (Lake Erie) and a big river (the Ohio River). From the site Info Please I learned that Ohio is an Iroquoian word meaning “great river.”

Ohio is also the home of very ancient Indian civilizations – the Adena, the Hopewell and those that created Serpent Mound in Adams County and Alligator Mound in Licking County. Ohio may look like cow country, but if you look very closely you will see that there is very quiet mystery in this state.

As a native of Cleveland, I didn’t realize the treasure trove of ancient remnants that exist in central and southern Ohio until moving to Columbus. At the time of contact, this land we call Ohio was littered with Indian mounds, both effigy and burial, as well as abundant earthworks including Fort Ancient, Highbanks and the Octagon Earthworks. The Octagon Earthworks just happen to be aligned to the moon’s 18-year cycle.

The Ohio River Valley is the Egypt of the United States.

Don’t forget that Ohio was once the Wild West. If you read early Ohio writings such as “The Ohio Frontier” edited by Emily Foster, you will learn that Ohio produced allergies and sickness as far back as the 16th century. It was hunting ground for Indians and dangerous territory for European settlers.

Neptune has just moved to the sign of Pisces. It’s now retrograde in Aquarius bobbing back and forth between Aquarius and Pisces. If Ohio was born on February 19, 1803, that means Neptune is bobbing on EXACTLY on Ohio’s natal sun.

As we are a land of water, Neptune on our sun means a spiritualization of our consciousness as a state. I’ve just tuned into the fact that the world is running out of water and I’m guessing Ohio, the land of water, will be in the middle of any future water politics. We may also be involved in some sort of religious politics.

Neptune hopping all over Ohio’s sun has definitely brought a lot of rain. Possibly this will continue and we will deal with increased flooding.

Ohio’s natal moon is not so easy to determine. On March 1, it was in Gemini. On February 19, it was either in Capricorn or Aquarius.

Because I don’t have Ohio’s “time of birth,” I also can’t tell which planets are in which houses.

Oh well, I can’t fully unravel the mystery of Ohio. I can tell you it’s more than cow country.

My favorite books on Ohio archaeology and history:

Ohio Archaeology by Bradley T Lepper

Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley by Susan L. Woodward and Jerry N. McDonald (if you’re going to visit Ohio mounds, you need this book)

The Ohio Frontier edited by Emily Foster

My favorite websites on Ohio archeology:

Ohio Historical Society

Licking County Historical Society

Native Americans in Ohio


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