Folie a deux

A few weeks ago there was a “Bonnie & Clyde” style bank robbery in Columbus, Ohio. I once heard a bank security officer explain how stupid it is to do a high-risk bank robbery when you can earn much more through credit card theft.

So why in the digital age would a couple go shooting guns in the middle of a bank for a wad of dye-pack triggered cash? It had to be more than money.

The French term “folie a deux” is a psychiatric phenomenon of shared delusion between two individuals. Some examples are Bonnie & Clyde and Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold (Columbine).

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie Parker had sun in Libra and moon in Virgo. Clyde Parker had sun in Aries and moon in Taurus. Clyde appears to have been the stronger personality here, with his Mars conjunct Uranus in Capricorn adding ambition to an already strong and driven personality.

Bonnie was the relater, the Libra who seeks reflection in the other with a critical and perfectionist Virgo moon. While our image of her is a brazen moll, she probably worried a lot. Pluto square Mercury probably provided the provoking language façade while she probably was shivering in her shoes with nervous indigestion.

A look back at the times of Bonnie & Clyde shows Uranus was in Capricorn causing sudden changes to society’s structures, Neptune was in Cancer spiritualizing the family and Pluto was in Gemini transforming communications.

What drove these two to folly?

Clyde’s Saturn in Aries on his sun in Aries suggests great insecurity and restraint in his Arian warlike nature. Mars in Capricorn squaring the Aries energy is great, great frustration. Clyde was a man held back by somebody or something and he only knew how to break out of the chains through violence.

Why was the poetry-writing gentle Bonnie attracted to this? Libra is opposite Aries and it’s easy to think Clyde was the shadow side of a peace-loving soul. However, two aspects make me wonder about Bonnie’s attraction to Clyde – her Saturn in Taurus on his moon and her own Pluto (in Gemini) square Venus (in Virgo).

Bonnie may have felt some material lack in her life and Clyde brought home the bacon. He brought home lots of bacon in a very hunting Neanderthal way. Libra loves nice things and he was simply a provider.

Pluto square Venus suggests Bonnie had other abusive relationships and really didn’t know a relationship of respect. Clyde has this same aspect (Pluto in Gemini square Venus in Pisces) so played the part.

Bonnie & Clyde were shot to death in their car on May 23, 1934 with Mars in Taurus on Clyde’s moon and Bonnie’s Saturn (Bonnie may have given them away somehow) and Neptune in Virgo moving to those Pluto/Venus squares. If they hadn’t been shot to death, they probably would have harmed each other in some other way.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

I read an interesting book on Columbine where the author portrayed Harris as the psychopath and Klebold as the follower.

Harris was the sun in Aries, with both Venus and Mars conjunct his sun. Klebold was the sun in Virgo, with five planets (Saturn, Mercurity, Jupiter, Pluto and Venus) in Libra.

Aries meets Libra/Virgo again, ala Bonnie & Clyde.

Harris’ moon was in Gemini or Cancer. From his inability to feel, Gemini might be more accurate. Klebold’s moon was in Aquarius.

Klebold was not as gentle as Bonnie Parker. Moon in Leo suggests a handsome ego while moon in Aquarius is someone who can’t express his feelings very well and takes a scientific, analytical approach to emotions. While he may have been gentle, he really didn’t “get” where people were coming from. Mars opposite that moon suggests he was actually very demanding of others.

Harris had Pluto opposite Venus and Klebold had Pluto conjunct Venus. As with Bonnie & Clyde, these two probably didn’t know a good relationship from a bad one. Both were involved in power struggles in love and friendship. Both probably had dysfunctional friendships well before they met each other.

Harris and Klebold killed themselves on April 20, 1999 while Pluto was in Sagittarius. Pluto in Sagittarius had not yet reached the Neptune in Sagittarius aspect in their charts.

It’s interesting that Pluto in Sagittarius brought us 9/11 and religious wars. Many involved were born when Neptune was Sagittarius. Neptune in Sagittarius spiritualized the “spiritual quest.”

Folie a deux

When I want to do something bad (like call in sick and go to the zoo), I know there are certain friends I would call to accompany me and certain friends I would not. And when I do something stupid, I also call certain people first.

But I have a mixture of friends who will drink with me and friends who will remind me it’s not good for my health.

I think Bonnie & Clyde and Harris & Klebold just didn’t have a set of friends in their lives to say, “Hey, you’re being stupid.”


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1 Response to Folie a deux

  1. Melisa says:

    Hi, I just read over your article and based on the birth data I have for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, it’s very interesting.

    For your reference if you are interested, this is the data I have:

    Eric Harris: Born 9 April 1981, 9:37pm in Plattsburgh, New York
    Dylan Klebold: Born 11 September 1981, 9:11 am Denver, Colorado
    Columbine Shootings: 20 April 1999, 11:10 am, Littleton, Colorado
    (11:10 am is the start of the attack timeline outlined by the FBI so I used it in my event chart)

    I was really surprised to see that Harris’ moon actually at 2 degrees of Cancer, but Harris has intercepted houses in his chart, and the Moon is the only planet that is intercepted. The Moon’s only Ptolemaic aspects are all squares received from Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn respectively. This could explain why he took bullying so personally and wished to seek revenge.

    Klebold’s chart has a stellium consisting of Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, with Pluto and Venus tacking themselves on to the back end of it and spanning across the 12th and 1st house. With the Moon in Aquarius trinning this gives an all too heavy emphasis on air signs. With the exception of Uranus (which is generational, so doesn’t necessarily count for all that much) there are no planets in Water signs, so Klebold’s ability to deal with his emotions could be stultified. Accounts I’ve read suggest he internalised everything and didn’t tell parents/authority figures when he wasn’t coping. He was often depressed and expressed suicidal ideation in his writings.

    The event chart itself when compared to Klebold and Harris’ individual charts have some intriguing points. The event chart’s Asc is conjunct Klebold’s MC, the moon in the event chart is conjunct Harris’ own intercepted Cancer moon. Klebold’s moon is in an exact conjunction with the event chart’s Uranus. Harris’ Mercury is conjunct the event chart Mercury and MC, it’s almost as if Columbine was the most important thing he would communicate. Also the event chart’s Jupiter is conjunct Harris’ Mars, Sun, Venus stellium. So I suppose it was a grand statement in his mind too. Also, thought it’s slightly wide at 8 degrees, both Harris and Klebold’s Plutos were opposite the event’s Taurus Sun.

    When you think about it if things had gone according to plan, they would have killed approximately 500 people with bombs made from propane tanks. They wanted to go down in infamy but had to resort to a plan b when the bombs didn’t go off as planned.

    I know that Celeste Teal wrote something about the Columbine shootings in her book “Identifying Planetary Triggers” but I haven’t dug the book out of my cupboard to read it yet. If you ever feel so inclined I’d be interested to read any thoughts you have about the Columbine shootings and the perpetrators some more.

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