General Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor, former OSU quarterback, is not emotional.

Sun in Gemini and moon in Capricorn describe a detached and dispassionate individual. He’s so detached that you should just find someone else to talk to if you want sympathy.

Gemini is the knowledge seeker of the zodiac which seeks stimulation from the environment in order to learn. Keeping a Gemini interested is tricky as they absorb quickly then move on to the next interesting person, place or idea. Gemini is restless.

Capricorn is a difficult position for the moon. I always describe these individuals as the ones that don’t cry at the funeral. Because they are able to control their emotions, they are often the family member planning the funeral. They take care of business, clean up the mess and make the difficult calls.

Moon in Capricorn generally has difficulty with the intimate aspects of a relationship because of this controlled and controlling nature.

Those that can control their emotions under any kind of duress often do well in professions of high stress. Gemini is a quick and agile thinker. Combined, I think these are high-stress, quick-decision careers that would suit Pryor well:

  • Military – soldier to general
  • Medical emergency
  • Government
  • Pilot
  • Firefighter
  • Stockbroker
  • Vegas dealer

Football players, obviously, need these skills as Pryor has been very successful in this sport.

Pluto is transiting Capricorn so much of Pryor’s life will be topsy-turvy for several years to come. The sign of Capricorn represents authority and structure.

Pryor has already been in the news with his coach Tressel for allegedly selling memorabilia illegally. I suspect that more challenges to and from the law will be occurring. Pryor is one tough cookie so those that challenge him will be challenged in return.

Pryor has a military/authoritative personality so maybe he will move from being a player on the field to the person calling the shots and the strategy. His chart suggests he’s excellent at strategy because he sees what needs to be done and will do it regardless of the effects on others.

I bet one day he will own a football team.

The fates usually deliver to a person of Pryor’s personality an emotional and clinging mate. Natal Pluto in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer show that love interests provide the family and emotional setting. Pryor is “old fashioned” with regard to relationships.

He’d be suited to a partner who is interested in traditional female roles of support for the family life in the home.

Mars is transiting Cancer and at the end of this month will be on Pryor’s natal Venus opposite all those lovely planets in Capricorn. It might be a time where Pryor pops the question.

Pryor is essentially an EXECUTIVE. Executive is a term used in corporate life but isn’t really about the organizations in tall buildings. It’s about command and control of self. Pryor has both.


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