Republican Presidential Candidates by the Numbers

Avid readers, you’ve heard me say over and over again that Americans love fixed signs in the White House.

There are 12 signs in the zodiac comprised of four elements and three modes.

Fixed signs are stubborn, determined, forceful and willful. The fixed signs are Taurus (earth), Leo (fire), Scorpio (water) and Aquarius (air).

When a fixed sign walks into the room, you notice a “presence” about this person. The presence can be the attraction you feel when you see someone famous to the intimidation you feel from a military authority.

Mutable signs are changeable and adaptable. They are so flexible that they can become irresponsible. The mutable signs are Gemini (air), Virgo (earth), Sagittarius (fire) and Pisces (water).

When a mutable sign walks into the room, you probably don’t notice them. They notice you and may appear by your side. If they aren’t interested in you, you probably won’t know they were there.

Cardinal signs are bossy, motivated initiators. They get things started (but not necessarily finished). The cardinal signs are Aries (fire), Cancer (water), Libra (air) and Capricorn (earth). 

When a cardinal sign walks into the room, you notice because they want to change something. “Where are the drinks?” “Look at that wallpaper!” “Why did you wear that shirt?”

The current Republican Lineup

Here are the current Republican presidential candidates by the numbers. Each horoscope has 10 “planets” which include the moon and Pluto. The calculations assume Mitt Romney has a Scorpio moon.





Michele Bachmann




Ron Paul




Rick Perry




Mitt Romney




By the numbers, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have the most fixed signs, being equal at five.

Ron Paul has both sun and moon in fixed signs, Leo and Taurus respectively. Romney has a lot of fixed signs in his chart, but his sun is in the mutable water Pisces while his moon is in the fixed water Scorpio.

By the numbers, Ron Paul has the mode that America loves.


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