Cristina Fernandez Cries for Argentina

Feedback on the blog provided a time of birth for Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez. I have no way to verify the time is accurate, but I will go with it because having the time of birth makes astrology much, much more fun.

Natal Horoscope

Fernandez is a very, very early Pisces (not Aquarius as I first wrote) with moon in Taurus.

Fernandez has a Taurus ascendant (aka rising sign) in Taurus with both Jupiter and the moon in the first house. For starters, Fernandez must watch her weight. Argentina is known for its love of meat and Taurus rules the bull. I’m guessing Fernandez is a voracious meat eater.

Taurus likes “real” food, not fancy art food that looks pretty but doesn’t “stick to your ribs.” Jupiter is transiting Taurus so this is a time when food and other physical luxuries are available. Fernandez must work hard to keep the body in shape.

Taurus on the ascendant also shows a love of physical delights from money, to massages to a big home. I think of Taurus as materialistic in a positive sense – it truly enjoys physical reality. Buying a big house can have many motivations – to store a big family, a statement of prestige or the sheer physical enjoyment of walking through a house and calling it one’s own. Fernandez buys the big house for the last reason.

Pisces is a sharer so if Fernandez has a big house, she probably offers it up not only to family but to others in need. Her home is a place of physical and spiritual refuge.

Pisces is sensitive and Taurus has very thick skin. Fernandez’ moon will shield her from the onslaughts of life in politics.

That’s the home-body, loving side of Fernandez. She also has an interesting pattern of relationships. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Aries so she loves to “fight with the one she loves,” as my Meetup astrologer says of this aspect. And in Aries, fighting is definitely part of love.

Mars and Venus in Aries are opposed (loosely) to Neptune and Saturn conjunct in Libra. Libra is about partnership.

Here’s the story that comes to mind: Pisces sun and Taurus moon go out to play in the world. They play nice, say the right things and try to keep everyone happy. They go home to meet the partner. Pisces and Taurus turn over to Mars and Venus and release the frustrations of everything they didn’t say or do during the day onto the partner. The partner is the filter to help Fernandez process aggression.

That Neptune and Saturn conjunction in Libra suggests disappointment in partnerships. People always seem more idealistic than they truly are.  It may be that partners see the Pisces/Taurus in Fernandez and don’t realize that their role is to help her express her more aggressive desires.

Current Transiting Grand Cross

The current transiting grand cross (soon to be T square) of Pluto (in Capricorn), Uranus (in Aries), Saturn (in Libra) and Mars (in Cancer) is firing up that Aries/Libra opposition in Fernandez’ chart. She is not getting along well with schoolmates right now. Others are not cooperating.

Fernandez has planets in three of the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer and Libra. Capricorn is the sign that is demanding attention. Capricorn rules authority, the role Fernandez is in now.

If Fernandez picks up an astrology book, I suggest she read about Capricorn, a sign not represented in her chart. She’s being asked to be Capricorn and needs to see how her fundamental cardinal and earthy nature can join to be more Authoritative (capital A). In other words, regardless of what is going on, act like you have your shit together. Act the part. Straighten your back and keep your head high and act like you are in charge.

The Neptune transit of Pisces will bring a new kind of spirituality. The Pisces among us will be leading the charge. It’s important to remember that the added charisma of this aspect is not enough to enable positive change. The challenge is using that energy to shift conscious rather than using it to form a cult of personality.

Horoscope for week of September 11, 2011

With time of birth, we can also do a weekly horoscope. How much fun it is to have time of birth!

Week of September 11

Sunday  –  Monday

A very spiritual, emotional  couple of days as the moon is in Pisces. These feelings will be expressed in public and may provide spiritual guidance for the public. On Monday there may be additional communication regarding the feelings/events. Be careful that the emotions of the speech are not construed as distortion of facts. It may be important to explain that how people feel is not equivalent to the exact nature of the event.

Tuesday – Thursday

Moon moves into Aries so the next couple of days are a little more fun as you spend time with friends. Feelings of aggression arise which will be directed toward loved ones. Find that family member or friend who likes to spar with you and understands that the fight is not personal. The fight is your way of processing the events of the last few days.

Friday – Saturday

As Venus moves into Libra and the moon moves into Taurus, you are more willing to make peace with those you argued with earlier in the week. By this time, you will have calmed down and will feel more willing to negotiate and compromise. Mars will be on your part of fortune in Cancer in the 3rd house. Your family can help you learn something important about cooperation.

The best day to go to the spa and forget about daily troubles – Thursday. On Thursday, no one is willing to fight with you.


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