Moon Conjunct Pluto: Caught in a Bad Romance

“I want your ugly, I want your disease . . . “

These are the first lines of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Who wants that when they meet someone?

As I get older, I get suspicious of the young ‘uns blowing smoke with their tough talk. Sure, you’re that jaded at the age of 25. Now taking a look at Lady Gaga’s chart, I’ve changed my mind. She truly has been caught in a bad romance. 

Lady Gaga is an Aries sun, that first and fiery sign of the zodiac that says “me first.” It’s the most self-aggrandizing of the signs and, I personally believe, has a naiveté that matches Pisces. There’s a kind of newborn innocence to Aries. It’s a headstrong and impulsive sign.

It’s the Aries energy (both sun and Venus) that pushes Lady Gaga on the stage. And I’m glad it did. The rest of her chart wants to stay at home and BROOD.

Gaga’s moon is in the intense, fixed water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules death, regeneration and sex. Scorpio forgives but doesn’t forget and is known to seek revenge. Plotting revenge takes an obsessive nature.

“I want your love and I want your revenge . . .”

Pluto conjunct this moon in Scorpio adds to the intense emotional energy as Pluto rules Scorpio. Regardless of the sign placement, Pluto on the moon is about emotional and/or sexual invasion. Pluto destroys. The moon is the emotional or reactive nature.

This is tough stuff. I suspect that Miss Gaga had an unpleasant sexual awakening. Her creative outpouring of that experience is one way to understand and transform it. Because Gaga’s Venus in in Aries, she desires a passionate relationship. What gets tricky is determining where passion ends and cruelty begins. Merging is goal of sexual union, but separating again is necessary to maintain individuality.

Scorpio’s highest realm, to my observation, is a raw, unfiltered emotional honesty. When you meet one of these Scorpios you may notice how much you pretend and alter your emotional responses to the reactions of others. With these Scorpios, I feel like a giant fake.

Finding that kind of Scorpio can be difficult as we are all learning about the sign we were born into. For Scorpio to reach the golden city of emotional honesty and openness, they travel the thorny path of hurt feelings as a result of taking the world and the fumbles of others too seriously.

This moon in Scorpio with Pluto towering over it is what I believe astrologer Liz Greene calls “the devouring mother.” Think of the animated film Coraline.

Coraline has just moved to an old house with her very distracted parents. She’s lonely and bored and the parents can’t attend to her needs because they appear to be struggling just to survive.

Coraline finds a tunnel into the other side of the house where she meets her “other” mother, a perfect mother who attends to her every need, makes traditional omelet and bacon breakfasts, buys her presents, provides entertainment and even coerces dad to sing Coraline lovely songs in her behalf.

Coraline loves her perfect mother and her perfect mother loves her. There’s just one catch – Coraline can stay forever only if she sews buttons into her eyes.

“I want your love

Love, love, love I want your love . . .”

That’s quite a high price for love so, of course, Coraline says no. Now the perfect, loving mother shows her true emotional need to devour those she loves (including, we learn, Dad). The spider metaphors then start to roll in. The author of this horror novella, Neil Gaiman, is a Scorpio sun. I wonder what his mother was like . . .

Lady Gaga wants to devour you but also wants her Arian independence. With Uranus transiting Aries, Gaga may start to make sudden breaks from old habits.

In the Vanity Fair interview with Lady Gaga, she expresses her gratitude toward her fans. She seems a genuine and honest person. Maybe Gaga has already reached those Scorpio heights at a young age. Because she is loved by the masses, she is probably speaking to emotional wounds in them as well.

“I want your love and your love is revenge . . .”

Is love revenge?


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6 Responses to Moon Conjunct Pluto: Caught in a Bad Romance

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  2. I absolutely love this article thank you so much for posting.

  3. I just found this article. My Venus is Aries, and my Pluto and Moon are in conjunction in Scorpio. Now I understand everything…

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  5. Agustin Alvarez says:

    Loved your article, Pluto Moon conjunction in Scorpio myself. Thank you!

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