Chris Christie – Fold This One

Another Republican Presidential candidate – niiice.

The Republican Party is very much like a merchandise cataloger. Market some product before the big season, test the waters, order more from China or nix it before you waste your inventory and storage dollars. They are clearly still selecting product.

The Republicans are now serving us a Virgo sun and Sagittarius moon in the form of Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey.

Pop Quiz – It’s time for the Ohio Astrology Aptitude Test (or OAAT, pronounced “whaaat?”). High scores on the OAAT allow one to enter the most prestigious astrology schools in the nation. Put your books away and put on your thinking cap. If you answer this one-question quiz correctly, you get the Virgo Perfect Score Award.

Question: Chris Christie has the same sun and moon placement as what famous person(s)?

  1. Charlie Sheen
  2. Amy Winehouse
  3. Both

 If you answered “3,” you are correct!

Yes, there are lots of souls on the planet with Virgo sun and Sagittarian moon. My estimate is 42 million people have this combination in a 6-billion person world. If the US has a population of 311 million, there could be as many as 2 million folks in the US who share this combination with Chris Christie, 2 million peeps who vacillate between Virgo perfection and Sagittarian indulgence. 

Being a little overweight is more an indication of a Sagittarius moon than Sheen and Winehouse’s near anorexia. I’m guessing, though, that Christie has gone up and down in weight with Virgo dueling Sagittarius.

Christie’s sun in Virgo is conjunct the powerful, controlling Pluto with Uranus hanging back a little, but also in Virgo. Jupiter is in Pisces opposite Uranus and, by sign, opposite both sun and Pluto.

This Jupiter/Sagittarius influence is strong.

Christie appears to be a controlling, perfectionist Virgo who makes the rules, to the detail, and demands everyone follow those rules, except, maybe, himself. He wants to follow the rules, truly, but that Sagittarius moon can’t ignore the delights of the world. Jupiter in Pisces adds to the sheer enjoyment of pleasure. In the case of Pisces, pleasure often comes in liquid form.

My image is of a man who penny pinches all year, denying himself both necessities and luxuries only to take all that saved money to Las Vegas to bet it all on his favorite pony and then regretting it.

Christie is by turns nervous and carefree, shrewd and innocent.

What about fixed signs, those determined, stubborn signs that Americans love in a president?

Christine has Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Scorpio. Saturn is where we lack, have boundaries or restrictions. In Aquarius, Christie is not one to share his ideals in a group situation. He may have close companions, but he’s not really one to merge with a group for an intellectual ideal. He might merge over some drinking (Jupiter in Pisces), but not because children are working in factories in some far off land.

The moon (in Sagittarius), Saturn (in Aquarius) and Mars (in Cancer) are a Yod, finger of God, aspect. The finger points to Mars in Cancer. This aspect is saying, “Family is where you need to look.”

Venus and Mercury are in Libra, another pleasure-loving sign. Mercury squares Mars. He doesn’t always tell his family the truth.

Here’s my sense of this man – he’s quirky and fun, unpredictable (lots of mutable sign energy) and has a close set of drinking (or in whatever way he parties) buddies. He loves his family, but is taken away by his love of non-family pleasures. After he’s indulged, he reacts nervously to the damage he may have caused, both to others and himself.

While Christie might be able to fight for his close friends and family, I just can’t see this one leading a nation based on ideals. It ain’t happening. He’s ultimately personal and can’t sacrifice for something he can’t see in front of him.

If Christie were to become a candidate, I have a feeling he would undermine a full nomination by doing something unpredictable and embarrassing.

Christie would probably be most happy sticking to behind-the-scenes politics where you get the same goodies as on-stage politics, but don’t sweat so much from the glare of the lights.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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