Political Thoughts Floating Through Air Signs

When I told my cat that Jeb Bush formally and finally announced his run for the presidency, she cattily replied, “If this is a Clinton-Bush election, I’m not going to vote.”

That may seem a strange comment coming from a feline. It’s possible, maybe, that I gave her the idea that when I went to vote I was voting “for the both of us.”

We then had a lengthy discussion on why Bush waited so long to announce. My cat felt he did that to imply that he wasn’t from a political ruling dynasty and his nomination wasn’t a guarantee. She felt the long, pensive lead-in was staged to portray him as a regular kind of guy, the kind of guy that eats Purina from the grocery store and not the expensive stuff from Pet People.

My take was similar; the longer the wait, the more the drama. Bush has sun in Aquarius and moon in Capricorn – both signs having reputation as a bit cold. Bush needs all the drama he can get.

Yesterday’s announcement occurred with Mars and the sun conjunct in Gemini at 24 degrees. Bush’s 10th house cusp of career (using the Astrotheme chart) is at 22 degrees of Gemini meaning the sun and Mars popped in there sometime on Sunday. Mars and sun were trine Bush’s natal sun at 23 degrees of Aquarius.

Mercury was also in Gemini – in the early degrees meaning it’s transiting Bush’s 9th house. Venus transiting Leo is in Bush’s 11th house of groups and ideals.

Wow, an astrologer couldn’t have planned that better.

Air Signs

Today, Donald Trump put his name in the hat for the presidential race. Trump, as profiled here on OHA, has sun in 22 degrees of Gemini. The Mercury/sun/Mars transiting conjunction is good to him as well. The Gemini energy trines natal Jupiter in Libra.

Astrotheme’s chart for Trump has his natal sun in the 10th house. He must get especially energetic about work in June. I knew a Gemini who seemed to pick up a new job at the beginning of every summer vacation (end of May, beginning of June when sun enters Gemini).

Gemini is an air sign as are Aquarius and Libra. Four planets transiting Gemini is bringing the air signs out to play.

Trump has four planets in air (Uranus and sun in Gemini / Neptune and Jupiter in Libra). His moon, however, is in fire sign Sagittarius opposite sun in Gemini. Trump is the Newt Gingrich of the 2016 election. Gingrich also has this sun/moon opposition. Expect from Trump a bit of Gingrich big idea and unexpected and unpredictable confrontation. Trump may already be known for this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gingrich endorsed him.

The sun will be in Gemini through Sunday so we may see some other Geminis, Libras or Aquarians jump into the race.

The Pluto Problem

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn will meet Bush’s moon in a few years. It’s still a bit out of orb and will take a while to get in orb. Moon in Capricorn likes law, order and rules and rarely expresses feelings which make them feel weak and vulnerable.

Pluto will force confrontations with power and authority and transformations of that relationship. Will this occur as president of the United States?

Trump around the same time will have Pluto opposing Saturn and Venus in Cancer. For Trump, there will be a great longing to be part of a small, loving group and not on the world stage where, frankly, people don’t truly love you they love what you represent. I’m suspecting that Trump will turn away from the Capricorn successes in life for some home cooking that he may never have received or never stopped to enjoy with his Gemini-Sagittarius need to be in constant motion.

Any More Virgos?

Our Virgo political tsunami of early May has subsided. See, May the sun is in Taurus, an earth sign and the earth signs came out to play.

June the sun is in Gemini, an air sign, and the air signs came out to play.


One Virgo still hasn’t come out to play – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The next month of earth sign energy is September (Virgo). I doubt he’ll wait until then if he decides to run.

Last Sunday Christie was interviewed on Face the Nation. The interviewer and panel all commented with admiration on Christie’s straight-talking style. Yet when asked if he planned to run for president, he replied that the process was “a linear evolutionary decision-making process.”

I had to write that down to remember it.

The actor who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory says that he remembers his complicated and lengthy dialogue by writing it out on notecards. The straight-talking Christie must have had a note card somewhere or practiced that for a few hours in front of the mirror.

Virgo, Christie’s sun sign, is known for its discriminating and critical mind. Virgo does some straight-talking, for sure.

But the reputation Christie has appears to come from his moon in fiery, challenging Sagittarius. Like all fire signs, the moon in fire projects boldness and confidence, often too much because the moon is so reactive. Moon in fire can be a bit overbearing.

OHA’s write up on why the Christie card folded in 2012 isn’t because of the straight-talk, but because of the loose talk, which is definitely not the Virgo portion of his personality.

The Current Count

Currently there are 16 candidates running:

  • 8 earth signs
  • 4 water signs
  • 3 air signs
  • 1 fire sign

Fixed sun signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) often make it to the White House in this country. We currently have three fixed sun signs (Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Rick Santorum).

We do, however, have 10 candidates with Mars in a fixed sign. Mars is like your sun’s backup energy and general motivator. A few without Mars in a fixed sign still have Mars in Aries (which it rules) or Capricorn (where it’s exalted).

Those with the weakest Mars placements are Rick Santorum (Pisces), Rick Perry (Libra) and Lindsey Graham (Cancer). The Mars aggressive energy has to filter through signs that are normally not openly aggressive thereby making them a bit dysfunctional. Mars doesn’t always express itself clearly or directly in these signs.

Let’s see if the sun in Cancer next Sunday brings out more water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). We’re still short on fire, but we know that fire is coming last to the political party this time around.

OHA 2016 Presidential Election Archive


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