The Virgo Political Tsunami

My comrade-in-astrology has been telling me that when Jupiter transits Virgo from August 2015 to September 2016, the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo generation is going to finally arrive on the public stage in a blaze of glory (or something like that). This is a generation born between 1957 and 1972. During that time Uranus tagged along for seven years and for a couple years Saturn opposed the conjunction in Pisces.

If you want to know what this represents, think “hippie counter culture” which was formed by Pluto in Leo (“Me Generation”) folk who were under the influence of Pluto/Uranus in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces. Under this influence youth gathered in parks, took psychotropic drugs and raged against the establishment. Some were born during this time ingesting this particular energy.

The Pluto in Leo generation is now aging away while the Pluto in Virgo and Libra generations take over the reins of power.

This week four individuals announced their candidacies for president of the United States – Ben Carson (Republican), Carly Fiorina (Republican), Mike Huckabee (Republican) and Bernie Sanders (Democrat).

All four candidates, my friends, are Virgo suns. Yet, none has Pluto or Uranus in Virgo. Possibly the generations haven’t yet shifted but Virgo energy is blowing in the wind as a harbinger of the Pluto in Virgo rise to the top to come at a future date . . .

It’s almost like some evil, political astrologer was out there whispering in the ears of ambitious Virgos, “Run for president now while Jupiter is transiting Virgo.”

Virgo Energy

There have been only two Virgo presidents – William Howard Taft and Lyndon B. Johnson. Each served one term. Taft lost re-election and Johnson chose not to run after becoming president through John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

As I’ve blogged often, Americans like their presidents to have fixed energy. Fixed signs are Taurus (earth), Leo (fire), Scorpio (water) and Aquarius (air). Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Mutable means changeable and flexible while earth is practical and concerned with health and work.

Here’s a nice write-up of Virgo from Café Astrology.

While it seems to have fallen off of the descriptions of Virgo, back in the day Virgo was associated with servitude. Virgo is a helping personality and to be of service, you have to put your ego aside. That’s what makes Virgo kind but also makes it less resilient in a fist-fight than some other signs, Aries for example, where the ego is always front and center.

Virgo is intellectually tough but can feel the sting of the slightest whiff of criticism due to its perfectionist nature. Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces is more known for imagination that can lead to fantasy and, worst case, delusion. But I’ve come to believe that obsession with “perfection” is equally as deluded as believing you are Napoleon Bonaparte. You aren’t Napoleon and there is no “perfect.” If you ever think you’ve achieved perfection, just check it out with your friends.

But I don’t suggest you tell this to one with Virgo energy as they will provide at least a thousand detailed reasons for every action that they take. Do you really have time for that?

In its love of work and desire for perfection, Virgo focuses extensively on detail which is its blessing and curse. Virgo catches what you fail to notice but can also be easily waylaid by others who throw detailed bread crumbs down a deliberately misleading path.

Should a president be detailed oriented? I’ve been somewhat shocked by how little detail some of our past presidents possessed on a number of issues. Yet how can one individual be an expert on every aspect of a society?

Virgo will certainly try.

A Four-Virgo Tsunami

As mentioned above, none of our four Virgos has Pluto or Uranus in Virgo. These are still the “Me Generation” having their last hurrah. Possibly Pluto/Uranus in Virgo is still maturing and will be in the next round of presidential hopefuls.

Here are some tidbits on our four Virgos. And by the way, transiting Neptune in Pisces will oppose Jupiter in Virgo at the beginning of its journey. This is like a high or drunk Virgo. Let’s not let them “Neptune and drive” during the opposition that occurs in their chart. Interesting foibles and Freudian slips await us.

Ben Carson – This Virgo has moon (probably) in fiery Sagittarius. That’s Virgo with some lip. Not only has Virgo noticed much that you missed (including the mayonnaise dripping from your chin), but you get to learn about it with blunt force. If moon is in Sagittarius, Carson then has a fire trine of moon, Pluto/Mars (in Leo) and Jupiter (in Aries). Saturn transiting Sagittarius will put control on the impulsive side while Uranus transiting Aries is lighting a match to the weakening flame. Carson will probably get very, very irritated with the entire process of running for president. Irritable moments are fun to watch. We can probably map this out with the moon. Transiting Pluto is opposed natal Uranus in Cancer. Who did Carson hang out with in his youth? Who is his family? These types of questions are on their way and should receive some erratic and unexpected responses.

Mike Huckabee – This Virgo has moon and Saturn in serious, intense (and fixed) Scorpio. This is a very fine detective chart with the analytical Virgo and intuitive Scorpio. Sniffing out your secrets is second nature to this studied observer. Huckabee has four planets in fixed Leo – Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars. If you’ve been counting, that’s six of ten astral bodies in a fixed sign. That bodes well for the ability to stay on course during a laborious process. Leo is also a bit more fun-loving than Virgo or Scorpio and can be quite playful. Leo can occasionally laugh at itself while neither Virgo nor Scorpio can. Jupiter is currently transiting Leo providing energy and charisma. On the other side of the fence Saturn is retrograde near Huckabee’s moon suggesting difficulty with emotions and the public. If he can tough it out until September of this year when Saturn goes back into Sagittarius and Jupiter passes into Virgo, things should ease up considerably.

Carly Fiorina – This Virgo may also have moon in fiery Sagittarius. It may be in Capricorn but in either sign is very near a Mars in Capricorn. Fiorina is demanding. Did you hear me? I said pay attention to this woman or your knuckles will be rapped with a ruler. Fiorina has an interesting square with Neptune/Venus in Libra and Jupiter/Uranus in Cancer (Mars is way out of orb in Capricorn). This generation (as described by Neptune in Libra, Pluto in Leo and Uranus in Cancer) redefined relationships and home life. When Fiorina was born, family life was ‘a changing. With Uranus and Jupiter in Cancer, I’d expect a large family with sudden extensions, possibly of neighbors and close friends. The social circle is tight and unusual. Saturn over there in Scorpio suggests she’s not as deeply connected to the gang as she appears. Take heed party liners! If her moon is in Capricorn, however, it will be conjunct Mars and the sense of duty will override any personal urges to go against the grain.

Bernie Sanders – This Virgo is the sole challenger to Hillary Clinton. Go Bernie! Let’s see where the “guts” are in your chart. Oh, I found it – moon in Aries conjunct Mars. That’s some powerful “Me. Now.” energy. There’s not a lot in the chart holding back the Aries energy except poor Venus in Libra, a wonderful placement of love and harmony, but fully overpowered by moon and Mars (if you’re a Freudian, look for mother here). Sanders has Uranus and Jupiter both in Gemini (but not conjunct). Jupiter squares the sun and Neptune is also hanging out in Virgo so this dude is more than a bit eccentric. Love eccentric but my fellow Americans tend to get turned off by it – we’re not British you know so there’s no place for the weird one that collects butterflies, wanders the garden in a bath robe and can recite the entire history of the Byzantine empire. It’s too bad, really. If we were British, we’d also give him a name like “Bernie the Peculiar” or something like that. Hopefully he’ll stay in the race while Jupiter transits Virgo so we can at least have a Democratic debate.


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7 Responses to The Virgo Political Tsunami

  1. Shawn Stipe says:

    You are forgetting Barack Obama has pluto in Virgo. The pluto in Virgo generation came to power in 2008. We are not waiting for the Pluto in Libra generation to come to power. A more important point to consider is that we forgot to elect a president with Neptune in Virgo, we skipped a generation, but have no fear, Bernie Sanders is here to rectify that. Bernie Sanders has Sun and Neptune in Virgo and could very well be our next president.

    • Shawn Stipe says:

      it should say We are now waiting for the Pluto in Libra generation to come to power.I am of this generation my self and would like to run for president in the next 20 years.

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  3. astrodreamer says:

    Sharp analysis. Note the transits of Uranus to Bernie Sanders’ Mars/Venus opposition at the time of the election and inauguration.

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  6. Dawson K. says:

    This is an old post but apparently Bernie actually has Scorpio rising.

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