2016 Presidential Fight Club: Fire Last at the Party

If you’ve ever wondered, “What sign of the zodiac is most likely to show up late to a party?” we might look at politics as a guide.

As of this moment, there are 14 declared contenders for president in the 2016 election. Of those, 57% are earth signs. The first sign to declare was an earth sign (Ted Cruz). In one week, four Virgos announced they were running (clearly, an astrological-political conspiracy of some sort).

Earth signs clearly follow the “early bird catches the worm” school of thought.

This week we had three announcements, one being our first fire sign. Fire, it appears, is last to show up to the party.

Let’s look at our three new candidates.

Lincoln Chafee (Democrat)

Chafee is our sole contender with sun in a fire sign (Aries). Not only did Chafee bring fire, he brought a heaping load of the hot stuff. Not only is sun in Aries, he also has Pluto and moon conjunct in Leo. Pluto-moon aspects are my own mark of a politician (followed by Pluto-sun).

The emotional compulsion to control is very strong with Pluto-moon. In Leo, I’d imagine a person who would create intricate, dramatic situations to hook the attention of others for ultimate control of a situation. If you don’t like live theater, you’ll want to stay far, far away from this one.

Since I’m far, far away from Chafee, I’m looking forward to the aggressive in-fighting he will ignite in the Democratic Party. Chafee’s Pluto-moon is on the edge of Hillary Clinton’s Mars-Pluto-Saturn conjunction. Chafee will hit way, way below the belt on this favored candidate.

Why watch sports?

If we had Chafee’s time of birth, we could see if he had any subtly, gentleness or sweetness in his rising sign. I suppose his Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Libra could be there providing an inclination to melancholy love poetry (written by Mercury in Pisces).

But if there is no Libra or Pisces rising, I’d say this is an individual with a very strong sense of “me now.” Venus and Mars in Taurus might be slower to act than Aries is to talk, but Taurus is a fixed sign and very determined, as is fixed Leo.

Jupiter is also in Taurus square Pluto-moon so if I were an evil astrologer, I’d start with the money here. Money is the key to all politics, but some charts have more vulnerability in this regard. There’s a strong sense of liking very nice stuff at any price. The nice stuff increases the sense of specialness. And if you have one, I want one too (now).

Saturn in Libra confirms the “me” not “we” color to his personality. With Neptune hanging out with Saturn, there is a great idealization of people but great letdown because they are not quite as grand as imagined in that Pluto-moon in Leo imagination which models a medieval chivalry epic. Chafee can easily feel “betrayed.” The damsel was not in distress and the knight is not white.

This year’s Jupiter-in-Leo transit fueled this fire. But Jupiter will be moving on to Virgo later this summer. While there always ten planets transiting somewhere, I feel like the current aspects of Jupiter to Pluto aren’t affecting Chafee strongly. It’s kind of like he’s free to be who he is while the rest of us have to deal with “others.”

Ohio Astrology is looking forward to watching this fiery comet enter the orbit of the 2016 presidential election. Let’s see if this comet collides with any large bodies.

Lindsey Graham (Republican)

Graham entered somewhat quietly. I almost missed this one.

Graham’s announcement may have been more discreet because of his six planets in water (assuming moon in Pisces). Four of those planets are Cancer (Venus, sun, Uranus and Mars). Saturn is in Scorpio.

Jupiter and Pluto are in Leo and Mercury and Neptune are in air signs (Gemini and Libra respectively). There’s no earth in the chart. Graham’s values aren’t centered on material concerns. He may have problems managing material aspects of existence like paying bills on time.

Reading about Graham, I learned he is a bachelor. News stories speculated on whether that would cost him a serious run for president. I’m always fascinated by these types of comments. We Americans pride ourselves on individuality yet these comments show the subtle undercurrent of conformity. Graham is suspect because he’s “different.”

If there’s a reason (outside the logical ones) why Graham hasn’t married, I’d say it’s that he’s extremely sensitive (assuming moon in Pisces). Sometimes this extreme sensitivity can lead to a kind of paralysis that makes others think you are weird or have no feelings. On the contrary, there are lots of feelings in this horoscope.

Reading his bio on Wikipedia, it appears he was a caregiver to his sister. Water often ends up in caregiver roles. With too much water, ones own needs are often ignored. Sometimes it’s difficult for the caregiver to accept care.

Interestingly enough, water is rather suggestible and can follow the crowd from a desire to belong, especially the sign of Cancer which Graham has prominent in his chart. Graham may have found his “family” through his spiritual and political beliefs rather than through the traditional means.

Currently Pluto in Capricorn is opposing all the Cancer energy. When Pluto was in the early degrees of Capricorn back in 2008-2009, Venus was affected changing Graham’s social situations (including romance). Now Pluto is opposing the sun and will move on to oppose Uranus and Mars.

This is a strong indication that his “family” may reject him due to issues with reputation. Marriage may be part of that or it could be any other “bloodline” concern. The powers that be will probably tell Graham “no” or offer him some Capricorn position of authority to move him out of town and out of the way.

Rick Perry (Republican)

Rick Perry . . . now that name sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before? Oh, yes, the 2012 election.

Reading about Perry today, I learned that prior to running for president in 2012, he’d had intense spinal surgery which he didn’t disclose and which explains his then flighty responses.

Ohio Astrology caught on to the “health” indicators in Perry’s chart in 2012 suggesting that he run instead for Surgeon General.

Ohio Astrology continues its support of Perry for Surgeon General or a new role such as Veterinarian General.

Jupiter will be transiting Virgo from this August 2015 to fall of 2016. This transit will conjunct Perry’s Saturn-moon conjunction in Virgo. Health will again be an issue. Included will be anxiety and nervousness.

Perry has sun in Pisces as does Mitt Romney, who almost decided to run again. Not sure what’s going on these Piscean minds; I do know that Pisces as the sign of self-undoing can often stay in or go back to an abusive situation.

We may need to create a political safe house for the likes of Perry and Romney. The safe house will help victims of political abuse distance themselves from abusive political situations. Over time they will see the pattern of being a “political doormat.”

An Economist article on Perry states his new glasses may be a gimmick to help him look intelligent (i.e., nerdy – a true compliment). However, with Jupiter coming upon his Saturn-moon, I suspect there are true health issues which affect the eyes (or just aging eyes).

If Perry misled us in 2012, why wouldn’t he do it again? Why would a man facing health issues engage in one of the most serious, stressful activities known to man?

Pisces, stop it.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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