In the Matrix or a Dickens Novel?

Since 1999, when we question the reality around us, we ask if we are in “the matrix.” But I wonder if we should be asking, instead, if we are in a Charles Dickens novel.

When I heard the new US Attorney General was named Loretta Lynch, I couldn’t help but imagine that had there been an Attorney General in Dickens’ time of public hangings that would have been her (or his) name in one of his novels.

In other Dickensian news, this week Akron elected a new mayor – Garry Moneypenny. It’s difficult to imagine having a more financially-descriptive last name.

If this were a Dickens novel, Lynch might be violent and Moneypenny cheap. Does the astrology support these characterizations?

Loretta Lynch

To be honest, my first thought upon hearing “Loretta Lynch” was that the country singer Loretta Lynn had become Attorney General. That would be unusual, melodic and quite cool.

But that’s not what happened.

I must preface by saying I don’t have the astrological profile of an individual who would lynch another (or lie or cheat or any other characteristic). However, violence in general is associated with Mars and Pluto energy.

Lynch has Mars in the family-oriented sign of Cancer. Her drive is to create personal relationships. This is supported by Venus also in Cancer and Neptune/Moon/Jupiter in Scorpio. That’s five water signs and quite a few of the personal planets.

The sun is in 29 degrees of fixed earth sign Taurus, the anaretic degree. Mercury is at 15 Taurus. Lynch also has Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn which represents all the earth signs.

Earth and water are compatible, what’s called a sextile. The outlier is Uranus in the fire sign of Leo. Her chart has no air signs (unless her rising is in air).

Is Lynch violent?

No, I wouldn’t see violence in this chart, although we don’t have time of birth.

However, water is extremely sensitive and easily hurt. Scorpio is the fixed water sign known for strong, intense feelings which can become, if unchecked, obsessive and vengeful. The sun in opposite Taurus is also fixed so if you’ve offended Lynch, don’t bother trying to continue the relationship.

Scorpio and Taurus, fixed energies, are extremely loyal. Say you haven’t offended Lynch but saved her from a tripping on the curb, she will also remember that forever and treat to an extreme love and kindness.

Lynch’s chart is serious, deep, loyal, patient, responsible, hardworking, trustworthy, loving and proud. She’s got lots of good, solid qualities once categorized as “character.”

If Lynch were in a Dickens novel, she could be the head executioner with a steady Taurus sun and Scorpio moon ability to look at the underside of life. She could also be the town’s mayor, the town’s business magnate (in funerary would work) or even butcher or carpenter will all that earth-sign focus.

Garry Moneypenny

The mayor of Akron doesn’t get quite as much press as national or state figures (not fair), so it’s difficult to find his birthday. But I believe Moneypenny to be a Capricorn sun and possibly Virgo moon if I’ve figured it out correctly.

Both Capricorn and Virgo are earth signs so the focus on money (and property and status) is definitely in the chart. With Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, there’s additional emphasis on control of resources.

If this is Moneypenny’s chart, there’s a strong controlling and caustic edge to the personality. Moneypenny’s bio says he started off as a police officer and this type of strong personality seems a requirement.

If the moon is in Virgo, the Jupiter-in-Virgo transit from August 2015 to August 2016 will add more work to an already workaholic lifestyle.

Transiting Pluto has recently passed over Moneypenny’s sun (at 12 degrees). Pluto evolves and this must feel like a brand new life for Moneypenny. Other aspects of body, life and soul represented by Capricorn include bones, knees, skin, career, reputation, respect and responsibility. All of these areas have undergone transformation.

Hopefully moon in Virgo will understand that evolution has occurred and not try to manage the new life in the detailed way the old life was managed. The Virgo to-do list will always expanded but Virgo might want to remember that lists are a guide, not a mandate, kind of like a recipe.

The inventor of the recipe was probably Virgo.

Moneypenny recently had a Saturn return at 29 degrees of Scorpio. His Mercury is at 29 degrees of Capricorn, the anaretic degree. Both Lynch and Moneypenny have planets at this degree.

The last degree of a sign is very intense. It’s like the deep end of the pool. If you’re thrown in, you must learn to swim. Moneypenny must learn to swim in Scorpio intensity and Capricorn authority.

If Moneypenny were in a Dickens novel, he could be the banker. He could also share roles with Lynch as they are made of similar earth and water sign energies. If anything, we shouldn’t put them in the same novel; there might not be enough disparity in characterization.

The matrix or Dickens?

Since beginning this blog, a new contender for the 2016 presidential race has arise – Lincoln Chafee.

Lincoln – now that’s a name you can take to the White House.

And Chafee – that sounds much like the character Chuffey from Charles Dickens’ novel Martin Chuzzlewit. Hopefully Chafee is not like Chuffey described by one critic as representing “passive submission to other people.”

A quick glance at Chafee’s chart (Aries sun/ Pluto & moon in Leo) says he’s very much not passively submissive. But that might also be a clever device – name him the opposite of his personality.

Very clever, very Dickens. If we are in a Dickens novel, how do we find out? Who is your character?


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2 Responses to In the Matrix or a Dickens Novel?

  1. Pete C says:

    Years ago I had a boss who called me Nicholas Nickleby. Come on now: who’s your character?

    • LOL! As I got to the end of the blog I realized I hadn’t read enough Dickens to come up with a clever ending. I only know a portion of his numerous characters. I’ll have to stick to Capricorn Ebeneezer Scrooge for now 🙂

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