Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Money

You can fool some people, but not your astrologer. Donald Trump has no interest in money. Or business.

He has no earth signs in his chart.

Trump’s rising sign (aka ascendant) might be in an earth sign, but we would need his time of birth to determine rising sign.

Trump has sun in Gemini (conjunct Uranus in Gemini) and moon in Sagittarius. Here’s what Trump does love:

  • People – he likes the stimulation of new and exciting people. After the newness wears off, which could be in 15 minutes, he’s off to the next stimulating person.
  • Talking – both Gemini and Sagittarius love to talk.
  • Risk – Both Gemini and Sagittarius are risk takers.
  • Ideas – Gemini is about facts and Sagittarius about meaning. He’s constantly processing ideas, like a big computer focused assimilating ideas together into a congruent philosophy.

 The hair, I assume, is a Mars in Leo trait. Leo loves, loves, loves its hair.

Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in partnership-oriented Libra. Trump is a charismatic partner.

Watching TV, I wonder the appeal of Trump. Looking at his chart, I can see he is a VERY lively companion. He’s probably tremendous fun to be around. Spending an evening with Trump is probably an adventure in the unexpected. And if you go out with him more than once, he will probably make sure you do something different this time.

Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer suggests that for all the fun-loving companions Trump gathers, only a very few select are considered close friends. And if you are a close friend, you are family.

The sense of belonging to family is not strong with Trump. He probably didn’t have a nice early home life so just left the house to find his own people, those he enjoyed being with rather than those who fate called his companions.

This Saturn/Venus also suggests Trump isn’t always what we call “nurturing.” He may be food for the mind, but he’s not going to comfort you just because you had a bad day. If you want his attention, you’d better have an interesting idea to talk about, not a complaint about your boss.

So why is Trump so focused on business?

I don’t know. I can only guess that the world of business and finance provides the kind of intellectual stimulation he needs to survive. If that same intellectual stimulation was involved in stamp collecting, he’d have the biggest stamp collection in the world.

Trump is a man of ideas, not a man of business.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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7 Responses to Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Money

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  2. Biedale says:

    I’m a Gem sun and I have Saturn in at 29 Taurus conjunct Venus at 4 Gemini, in the 9th house. I’m very nurturing–I was the kid who brought home stray and wounded animals and today I work with special needs kids. This aspect isn’t about that at all. I believe my nurturing comes from my Moon in Pisces (7th house). I’ll comfort friends, but usually by cheering them up or giving them gifts (Mercury in Gemini). I’m too airy to be a hand-holder, but I do notice when people I care about are hurting and am deeply affected by their pain, thanks to my moon. Trump’s moon’s in Sagittarius, so I would attribute his lack of sympathy and compassion to that. He’s probably like my Libra Sun-Sag moon father–he thought people who are hurting bring their pain onto themselves and have no one to blame but themselves. My father viewed other people’s pain as an abstract idea, not something he seemed able to empathize with. Needless to say, he wasn’t exactly very nurturing or sympathetic to his Pisces moon daughter.

    What a Venus-Saturn conjunction means, more likely, is refined aesthetics. It’s a good aspect for someone dealing with antiques, high-end interior decorating, fine cuisine or fine art. This aspect drives the native to seek the gold amid the dross. People with this aspect prefer things of good quality and of beauty. Ugliness and banality will bring out their depressive Saturnine tendencies, but beauty and refinement will inspire them. This applies to romantic partners too. They cannot “settle” for someone who does not might their idea of beauty. Granted, it may not be conventional beauty, like in my case (I’m a hetero woman with Mars in Aquarius). Yet I simply cannot find a guy attractive unless he fits with my Aquarian ideals of beauty–especially a very “beautiful” intellect. But it seems in Trump’s case he does strongly prefer women who fit more conventional ideas of beauty (Venus in Cancer). I’m also aware that Trump loves luxury and has very demanding tastes. His Mars in Leo probably means he thinks he deserves what he desires, and what he desires is always the best of anything. So between that Mars and a Venus-Saturn conjunction. he’s very motivated to go out and get what he desires. Being a Gem Sun, he knows how to play the games and run the schemes and use the tools to get him what he wants, and the primary tool he needs for that is money. Lots of it, to buy lots and lots of beautiful things. So I do think he cares a lot about money–it buys him the things of beauty that he so strongly desires.

    • Very nice! You’ve really looked at Trump’s chart in detail. I see your point. Maybe it would have been better to blog about what money means to different types of people than saying Trump doesn’t care about money. What I was trying to get at is Trump’s motivation behind seeking money and that he doesn’t seek money for its own sake. But then again, most don’t seek money for its own sake but for what it can buy. I sometimes see the Capricorn myth behind success and want to point out that Trump may look like someone with Capricorn-success motivations, but his motivations may be something else.

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  4. Cleitman says:

    Hello, I just looked at the chart. What I find really interesting also is that Trump has not the slightest hard aspect involving Pluto. For me that means that, in spite of many superficial comments about him and his career, he is not seeking power as a means to control and manipulate people. But rather for the excitement of being his own master (Sun and Uranus conjunct), making his own decisions and not depending on anybody’s money. Sorry for my very basic english: I am french, living in Paris and passionate of astrology.

    • Hello Paris! How are you doing after all the terrible attacks that occurred? I’ve never been to Paris but want to visit and see the Louvre but don’t know if now is a good time.

      Your English is perfect; I wouldn’t have guessed it’s not your first language from your writing.

      I know we have to take all of our presidential candidates seriously, but I sometimes get embarrassed that we follow someone who is just seeking attention by bold statements rather than having any sense of service to the public. But I agree that most who seek office are more interested in power than service to the citizens.

      How long have you been studying astrology?

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