Who is Donald Trump?

Supporters of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump often state that they like him because he speaks his mind.

That Trump “speaks his mind” suggests that he has something to say. Listening to him this past year, I don’t believe he has coherent, cogent beliefs that he wants to convey. His energy doesn’t come from purpose. His energy comes from the verbal journey.

What’s actually occurring to my astrological eyes is that Trump having a blast openly insulting authority. Why it appeals to us (it appealed to me much during the Republican debates) is that for the bottom 99% of income earners, we must keep our mouths shut in order to survive. A billion dollars (or the appearance of a billion dollars) allows you to call others “ugly” and “low energy” without retribution. If those of us in the 99% insulted our colleagues as such we’d get, you know, fired.

Trump isn’t speaking his mind; he’s telling off authority for us.

In other words, Trump is saying what we want to hear.

While Trump’s juvenile insults are the usual focus of attention, his compliments are equally shallow – he uses generalized superlatives to describe those he likes such as “terrific” and “fantastic.” He’s rarely specific or creative in his compliments such as “she did an amazing job handing out leaflets.”

Trump is unctuous both in his compliments and insults.

Is Trump speaking his mind?

Reaction to Images

Observing Gemini Trump in the debates, he’s almost entirely reactive. He’s not guiding the conversation; he’s reacting and deflecting the conversation with pointed jabs. Others reacting to his jabs changes the nature of the conversation (in Hillary Clinton’s accusation “bait and switch”).

In an NPR news story I heard the other day, an African-American woman commented on Trump’s view of African-American life. She felt he’d never been in the homes of the people he portrayed and his ideas appeared to be images from television.

Is Trump reacting to images or speaking his own mind?

There are three signs that have polarity (or duality if negative) in their symbolism – Gemini (the twins), Libra (the scales) and Pisces (the fishes swimming in opposite directions). By containing polarity within, these signs are particularly reactive to the environment. Air sign Gemini is the student/learner who needs constant stimulation from the environment to grow. Air sign Libra’s goal is partnership and reflects and reacts to the needs of the other in order to form union. Water sign Pisces is seeking connection through dissolution of boundaries and often becomes the other losing a sense of self entirely.

One of the strongest reactive principles is that of competition. What is competition if not reaction to others?

Positive competition helps us grow – we become stronger. Negative competition has us racing for desires that are not our own.

Trump is highly competitive and reactive. What is he truly reacting to?

Who is Donald Trump?

The key to Trump may be his weakest link – his Saturn placement. We all have Saturn in the horoscope which represents our greatest learning.

Trump’s Saturn is conjunct Venus in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign associated with food, mothering and family. Its primary objective is to belong. Saturn conjunct Venus bodes ill for the romantic life as it suggests always feeling rejected and unloved and, in Cancer, by the family and especially the mother.

Using the horoscope as a clue, the real Trump is what we see on television – a man who wants to relate to people and tell them what they want to hear for the goal of being accepted into the family. Like a comedian, Trump is saying the things you’d like to say to please you. That’s the sun/Uranus in Gemini opposing the moon in Sagittarius. He’s got the guts to say anything.

Yet Gemini also stands apart to observe unlike Cancer which emotionally bonds easily. Gemini observes, categorizes and classifies. Trump is outside of the house looking in the window wanting to be part of whatever it is you’re doing – he can see the turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce. Trump’s Gemini/Sagittarius opposition wants to have fun with you, learn your customs, drink with you and share your food. If only you would let him come in. He’s truly curious about what you’re doing in there.

Trump’s comments about the military illustrate his reaction to images from outside the window and his desire to enter:

I always felt I was in the military

I know more about ISIS than the generals do.

The corporeal Trump lives in a tall tower, far above the people whose images he sees from windows. Saturn conjunct Venus can do that – let me reject you before you reject me. Possibly he once stood on the ground and looked it but now he’s far above with a telescope. But he wants to come in. He’s telling you what you want to hear so you let him in. You’re afraid of Mexicans, aren’t you? Please let me in. You don’t feel like number one anymore? Please let me in.

In a May episode of Meet the Press when commenting on senator Ted Cruz’ lack of concern regarding the hatred he inspires, Doris Kearns Goodwin commented:

But I’ve never seen a politician who doesn’t want love. Usually that’s the hole in their heart, they need it. He [Cruz] somehow misses that gene.

Trump does not appear to be missing the gene that Cruz is missing. His chart suggests he wants the kind of love you receive in family life or close-knit groups. But most of the rest of his chart is fire and air which means that if you do invite him in, he may still refuse to take off his shoes at the door.

All politicians channel the zeitgeist for political expediency. But Trump’s rise suggests he’s channeling some deep emotions, the ones we hold in our Cancer bellies (Cancer rules the stomach). Trump’s planet of communication, Mercury, is placed in the sign of Cancer as are Saturn and Venus. This longing to belong comes out clearly in his speech.

Is Trump speaking his mind? Or is he speaking your mind so you invite him for dinner on Thanksgiving?



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  2. Karen Donovan says:

    His” longing to belong” certainly seemed to appeal to all the right people to put him in the White House. Great blog! Glad I found it. Really enjoy your creative expression. Thanks

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