The Evolving American Class System

In one of those psychological mysteries of the human mind, Americans rarely discuss or refer to a “class system” until the presidential election when the “middle class” is of great focus.

Using the recent election descriptors, the United States appears to have three rather lopsided classes:

  1. The top one percent
  2. The middle class
  3. The working class

A search on the United States class system produced sites that purport to help with education (with a few sponsored ads on the side). According to Spark Notes, the U.S. has these six classes:

  1. Upper class
  2. New money
  3. Middle class
  4. Working class
  5. Working poor
  6. Poverty level

These six classes might simply be subcategories of the top three referenced in our election debates.

Although Americans like to believe we parted ways both physically and intellectually with Europe, most of our culture from language to religion comes from Europe so it makes sense our social classes would as well. According to the site, the social structure of Europe from the 9th to the 15th centuries consisted of:

  1. King or monarch
  2. Nobles or barons
  3. Knights or vassals
  4. Serfs or peasants

Ohio Astrology sees Medieval structure behind the modern clothing and would describe the American classes as such:

  1. Natural Resource Gentry – Like the Landed Gentry before them, the true key to wealth on this earth is to own the earth. Today many own a bit of land but owning swaths of natural resources (land, oil, water, foods) provides extreme wealth and control of the political process. In an extreme of this class, the genetic code of food is being patented and “owned” by corporations. This is the pinnacle of earth ownership.
  2. Idea Resource Gentry – We have evolved a teeny, tiny bit as reflected in our advanced technologies although so many of our underlying beliefs smell a bit Medieval. This group produces ideas that can be, in today’s parlance, “monetized.” Many have ideas but few know how to become rich. Included in the Idea Resource Gentry are the financiers who essentially make money from computer programs in a world separated from the other classes in which those classes are denied entry. Those classes feel the effects of this world when there are changes to home values, employment rates and natural resource prices. The fortunes of this emerging class fluctuate greatly but can offer great wealth.
  3. The Managers – This is the largest class that supports and maintains the upper classes for the benefits of comfortable living. This class is the great buffer between the top two classes and the class beneath which explains why it is the focus of politicians. This class includes most professions from scientists to office workers and any other profession that supports the upper two classes who define our society. This group often works with machines. This group tends to follow the rules because climbing up is extremely difficult as there are barriers to entry and slipping down all too easy.
  4. The Physical Workers – This is the class that serves and produces through physical labor from health care workers, to teachers, to construction to anyone that makes things or hands another person an item. Direct physical contact with other humans or objects often pays the least or can pay highly as with prostitution but with great physical risk.

Pluto in Capricorn

Creating hierarchies is human and the United States is no different than any other country in this regard. What makes us different is our founding on an ideal of equality that sounded good on parchment but was actually a rare commodity in 1776. Slavery, for example, denied humans all of the benefits of freedom including the currently-revered right to bear arms. Slaves having arms would have, you know, caused a problem in the social system.

The United States’ 1776 horoscope has sun in Cancer (family) and moon in Aquarius (freedom for humanity). Cancer sun can be very protective of family and clan (Cancer is a water sign that wants to belong). The Aquarius moon embodies the ideal of freedom for humanity (Aquarius is an air sign associated with idealism). The United States is the focus of this humanitarianism and through its might has taken on a global responsibility for it.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, Pluto was in 27 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn is hierarchy, structure, authority and order. Freedom and equality, ironically, rely on rules and laws. Anarchy is not freedom.

In the year 2022, the United States will have its Pluto return which takes approximately 247 years. That means Pluto will return to 27 degrees of Capricorn for the first time since our founding.

Pluto demands transformation and evolution and, in the case of the United States with Pluto in Capricorn, transformation of the social hierarchy and political structure. Since 1776 we have emancipated slaves, allowed women to vote and have removed many of the barriers to participating in the election cycle.

Is our work done?

According to the news, it is not.

When the United States split from Europe in 1776, did we inadvertently continue with moribund social systems? Are we still in the process of evolving our class system?

Is the United States the land of freedom or just a different set of social classes that allows some comfort for the bottom classes?

If we live a comfortable life, does it matter if we have a class system?


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6 Responses to The Evolving American Class System

  1. harenews says:

    Brilliant Post, OHA!

    I hope I have enough guns, ammunition, idodine, and Campbell’s soup by the close of 2021.

  2. harenews says:

    By no means do you directly state this, so I don’t want to sound like I’m correcting a statement you haven’t made. But in the interest of clarity, The Declaration of Independence did not establish The Rule of Law in this country on a national or federal level. It simply freed us from the yoke of British law.

    The genesis of national and federal law in this country did not begin until creation of The Articles of Confederation which were not fully accepted by the still very autonomous 13 states and, or Commonwealths, until The ratification of The U.S. Constitution by the first 13 states.

    But overall, this is a brilliant and essential post! Thanks again, OHA, for all the important work you do!

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