Prince Harry is Growing Up

After his brother Prince William’s marriage, the press turned their heads to Prince Harry to check in on his marriage plans. Royal weddings are rare, as is royalty itself. Royal weddings are like comets, they come around only once or twice in a lifetime. Even if you don’t like comets or royal weddings, you have to at least take a glance.

Prince Harry is reported as saying he didn’t plan to get married for a long time.

I wonder what his chart says?

Marriage Plans?

As I write, transiting Saturn is in Libra sitting on top of Prince Harry’s Venus in Libra, like a hen on an egg. Something is incubating.

Venus in Libra suggests romantic ideals of partnership. Saturn on that Venus says contraction of the Libra urge to partner. Saturn is not associated with love and romance; Saturn is about grounding. Many astrologers look for a Saturn aspect in a chart or between charts to see if love will really become marriage.

If you think about it, contracting of romantic social life is exactly what marriage is about. Theoretically, you will date no longer; you will cease to flutter those flirtatious eyelashes.

There is some fire in Prince Harry’s chart – Uranus, Mars and Neptune are all in Sagittarius. That suggests love of travel and study. Trine that Venus, it also suggests love of things foreign, including people. As Saturn moves to the later degrees of Libra and into Scorpio, it will be in Prince Harry’s 9th house, the house ruled by Sagittarius.

A More Powerful Prince

Using Astrotheme’s horoscope, Pluto will cross Prince Harry’s ascendant around the beginning of 2013. Pluto on the ascendant makes one more powerful. On Prince Harry’s Capricorn ascendant, it suggests a coming into power itself as Capricorn rules authority and structure.

Pluto is currently transiting Prince Harry’s Jupiter in Capricorn in the 12th, the house of secrets. For all the British history I’ve been reading, I still don’t understand all the nuts and bolts of royalty (and, frankly, don’t care). This aspect suggests that some position of responsibility is being developed and the egg will hatch in about a year.

Maybe Prince Harry is being honest and instead of creating marriage plans, he’s making plans for something that actually takes him away from marriage, like a life in the church.

Prince Harry’s sun is in Virgo and moon in Taurus, both earth signs. Pluto coming into Capricorn will form a grand earth trine. The responsibility Harry will shoulder is something that he desires.

In other words, he’s going to grow up.

With moon in Taurus in the 4th and sun in Virgo in the 8th, Prince Harry appears to be responsible for family and group assets. Maybe this new responsibility involves overseeing a budget or assets.

Both Neptune and Uranus will be transiting Prince Harry’s 2nd house of money. Neptune is in Pisces and Uranus in Aries, quite different energies that are working in the same house. This new financial plan is both spiritual and innovative.

A Marriage Alliance?

Maybe, as in royal history, Prince Harry will marry the princess of another kingdom and combine the wealth and power of two countries. This little fairy tale fits nicely with the aspects occurring in Prince Harry’s chart: more power, more money and a grounded partnership.

I can’t wait. I love a royal marriage. A royal alliance would be even more delightful – the stuff of history.


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