Republican Presidential Candidate Debate: The Ohio Astrology Prep Sheet

As a public service, Ohio Astrology has put together this Republican Presidential Candidate Debate Prep Sheet for use by any of the candidates. Ohio Astrology is offering advice, free, to the candidates based on the idea that they should express their true selves.

Disclaimer: Ohio Astrology is not responsible for the reactions caused by being one’s true self. Information provided is based on knowing date of birth only, not actual time of birth.

Check out the Politicians – Republican Presidential Candidates section for blogs on candidates’ charts.

In alphabetical order:

Michele Bachmann

DO: Express that zany Aquarius moon and aggressive Aries sun. Now that Palin has confirmed she is not running, soak up her Aquarian quirky femininity like an alligator soaks up the sun after a meal of human flesh. You are a noisemaker so make some noise. It’s your last chance.

DON’T: Interrupt or look pushy. It’s better to appear unusual than hysterical. Unusual is maverick, hysterical will brand you “female,” a liability for a US Presidential candidate.

Herman Cain

DO: Dress as dashing as possible and wear your fire-sign dignity on your sleeve like a 5-star general wears a pentagon of stars. To the viewers, ask the question, “If the Chinese were to invade tomorrow, which one of us would you want to see leading the troops?”

DON’T:  Don’t yell, just speak with dignity. Don’t wear fake sentimentality. You’re the one they want leading the troops, right?

Newt Gingrich

DO: Continue to show the Republican Party how Gemini-Sagittarius intellectual ability can be useful in a president. You know facts about stuff which sets you apart from your colleagues. Explain why knowledge of subjects, say history, can help in the role of president.

DON’T:  Get flip or smug. You may know more than the others on the stage, but your party doesn’t like people who are flip or smug. Save that for the blackjack table.

Jon Huntsman

DO: Tell the audience tales of your Aries bravery, especially if you’ve saved someone’s life. Republican “debates” are not really debates, so tell a Mars-like war story as one of your answers. Let the viewers see and hear about your boundless energy and self-assurance.

DON’T: Let them see your cruel side. Be nice.

Gary Johnson

DO: Allow the audience to see that you are a serious Capricorn person. Don’t put on false frivolity. In fact, explain why the country needs a grounded, realistic president. Appear traditional by comparing yourself to the Founding Fathers.

DON’T: Appear too staid. Serious is your style but boring is bad. Make sure to laugh a little, especially at yourself.

Ron Paul

DO: Show that you are unflappable in the most extreme circumstances due to an abundance of fixed signs. Compare yourself to revered presidents past and show how you possess the same fixed sign qualities of fortitude and determination.

DON’T: Get too intense. Feel the mood of the room and find a way to adapt your responses to the mood. It’s about the people, right?

Rick Perry

DO: Admit to your vulnerable Pisces nature. Sometimes when answering questions you appear, how shall we say it, not too sharp. Looking at your chart, I suspect it’s simply Virgo moon nerves. Admit it, you’re human, you get nervous. If you didn’t, you’d be a sociopath, right? In other words, be your sensitive self.

DON’T: Use the canned answers you are fed. Answer honestly instead of repeating pre-packaged responses you don’t really feel deeply about.

Buddy Roemer

DO:  Admit that you like to collaborate like a Libra with others, than you’re not a renegade. What’s wrong, really, with seeking others’ opinions and collaborating on decisions? Dare to say “multilateral.”

DON’T: Forget to say “I” instead of “we.” Collaboration is good. Accountability is also good and means saying, “I.”

Mitt Romney

DO: Like Perry, admit to having feelings and sensitivity. Pretending you don’t will make you look weak as you try to look stoic. Show your intense Pisces and Scorpio passion for the things you care about.

DON’T: Look to your wife for confidence. Get it from inside.

Rick Santorum

DO: Express how ideas that appear extremely traditional can, if fact, be quite radical. Explain, for example, how it’s radical to believe in simplicity or to stop drinking coffee. Just explain yourself – you’re difficult to understand with fixed Aquarius squaring your fixed earth.

DON’T: Let your mind wander while others are talking. Most importantly, don’t forget that others will try to synthesize ideas in ways that you don’t. Prepare to explain how you put the pieces of the puzzle together differently.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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