Fidel Castro – A Lesson in Staying Power

Today I noticed that the AP wire website has a “Castro” link. Why?

The press is probably waiting for Fidel Castro, monarch of Cuba, to die. They’ve been waiting for 52 years. He’s been in power since January 1, 1959.

You’ve got to admire a guy who has stayed in power on a small island 90 miles from Florida through 11 US presidents. I’m surprised that after all this time that one of the media conglomerates hasn’t approached him to host a political TV show. Imagine Castro commentary on a subject, like, say, the Iraq invasion:

“I remember when John F. Kennedy tried to invade my country . . . “

Astrological Castro

Castro is currently 85 years old. Astrologically, he’s made it to his Neptune opposition (82) and Uranus return (84 years). His Pluto opposition won’t happen until 2015.

Castro has sun in fixed fire Leo moon in cardinal air Libra. His Leo sun is conjunct Neptune but square Saturn. Neptune represents spirituality and mysticism and is linked to imagination and longing to merge with others. Neptune can be charismatic itself or drawn to other charismatic individuals.

Leo is the actor of the zodiac, the grand seeker of attention, center stage.

Moon in Libra is the romantic charmer. Castro certainly worked magic, with the handsome Ernesto Guevara (El Che) in tow, to take political hold of Cuba.

Saturn in Scorpio squares the sun, almost exactly, suggesting a controlling personality. As with other charts of “dictators,” Castro would be controlling at the head of a family, head of a corporation or head of a country. He just managed to make it to power.

Sun (in Leo) and Saturn (in Scorpio) are in fixed signs. Fixed signs are forceful and determined and appear to be necessary if one wants to last in any position of leadership or power. Castro also has Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus, meaning he has all four fixed signs in his chart.

Using Astrotheme’s chart, Castro’s Mars in Taurus is in the 11th house, the house of groups, friendships and ideals. Taurus is property so this placement suggests an individual who shares property concerns with others.

Jupiter is currently transiting this Mars placement. It is a good time for Castro (and country, hopefully) to get additional property or make additional money through existing resources. If Cuba isn’t doing well, Castro certainly is.

Saturn has just finished transiting Castro’s moon. That suggests relationship issues and possible loss of a female relative.

Castro has not only survived 52 years of politics, he’s also survived transits that create life havoc for many of us.

Let’s see if Castro survives that Pluto opposition to his natal Pluto in 2015. If the Astrotheme chart is accurate, this transit will involve the breakdown of property and institutions that maintain that property. This may be a time when Castro releases property holdings.

Uranus is currently transiting Castro’s 10th house. It has already passed Castro’s natal Uranus in Pisces where Castro had a chance to reinvent himself. In Aries, it suggests energy in the public domain.

Whether good or bad, Castro has an impressive feat on his resume – 52 years of defying a very powerful neighbor just 90 miles north, now the sole superpower with enough firepower to send the tiny Cuba undersea with the mythical Atlantis.

It takes guts – and lots of fixed signs – to survive such an existence.


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