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Ohio Cat Shocked by Claim that Cain Had an Affair

My sweet tuxedo cat Lacy was shocked when I told her about the news story of a woman claiming to have had a 13-year extramarital affair with Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. “But isn’t he, like, a minister or something?” … Continue reading

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John Kasich – A Mars in Virgo Happy Ending

Welcome to Mars in Virgo, which began on November 12. Mars will go retrograde in Virgo and spend a longer than normal amount of time in this mutable earth sign. Mars is outward projected energy in the sign of discriminating … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Ayn Rand

My observation is that people’s beliefs mirror accurately their personalities. Even those sharing the same belief system will have slight or major interpretative differences based on their personality or cultural differences. I believe angry beliefs come from angry people and … Continue reading

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Lars von Trier – Dark Isn’t the Only Reality

My friend refers to Lars von Trier films (such as “Dancer in the Dark”) as “slit your wrist” films. Slate film critic Dana Stevens wrote after seeing Antichrist that she wasn’t sure if she would watch another of his films … Continue reading

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Mars in Virgo: What it means for the Republican Presidential Candidates

Mars has left Leo (bye!) and entered into Virgo. The raw, aggressive and goal-directed energy in the heavens is now pointed to Virgo the Virgin. Mars will be transiting Virgo through July 2012 which takes us through the Republican primary … Continue reading

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What sign of the Zodiac is Santa Claus?

Santa is clearly a Sagittarius. He is jolly and generous. Santa’s full figure is an indication of his jolly nature – he indulges in all the cookies left for him by the fire. He lives above us (the Arctic Circle) … Continue reading

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J. Edgar Hoover – the Power of Secrets

Slate had an interesting article today about J. Edgar Hoover and his long-time male companion, Clyde Tolson. Hoover was a lifelong bachelor as was Tolson. Hoover and Tolson vacationed and socialized together and were generally accepted as a couple. Were … Continue reading

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Barbie and her Handler

The Astrological Essence of Barbie Barbie, the blonde beauty doll, was (according to Wikipedia) debuted at the New York Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. I set her “birth time” at 8:00 am although I’m well aware that toy fair … Continue reading

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Note to Herman Cain – Mars is now in Virgo

It’s time Herman Cain, Republican Presidential Candidate, learn a little astrology. This month, Mercury and Venus entered the sign of Sagittarius. For Sagittarian sun Cain, that is good news. If his mouth had to be fueled manually, you might say … Continue reading

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The Astrological Reality of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was in the news again. Who the heck is this woman? I keep asking and I keep forgetting the answer. Wikipedia calls her a “businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, and actress.” Kardashian has done something I haven’t heard … Continue reading

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