0 Degrees of Cancer – Meryl Streep

Cancer sun individuals are for me some of the most humorous and imaginative. One of America’s most revered actresses is a Cancer sun – Meryl Streep.

Streep has a Cancer sun conjunct Uranus in Cancer in 0 degrees, the very beginning of this sensitive, imaginative and fragile sign. Moreover, this conjunction is in the same declination. That means in the sky these two planets were truly next to each other, and not simply in the same longitudinal bandwidth

Cancer is a cardinal water sign with constantly changing emotions. Late astrologer Linda Goodman said Cancer’s moods change with the tides. With Uranus conjunct the sun in this sign, moods change very, very suddenly.

If Streep weren’t an actress, she would probably drive her companions mad with emotional change. Or maybe she does.

Streep’s moon is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus which should provide some grounding for the emotional Cancer. But wait, this moon is square to Pluto in Leo.

Is this grounding or controlling?

Moon square Pluto is a hard aspect and what I call “the mark of a politician.” Streep likes things her way and has a need to control the environment. There’s a lot of stubbornness with this aspect.

Images of Cancer

I’m trying to imagine a Streep outside of the profession of acting. Here’s what comes to mind.

Imagine a fun-loving partner who laughs with you about the time you two ate an entire chocolate cake for dinner and washed it down with red wine. You then mention this same story as conversation fodder at a party one week later only to find that your Cancer is now upset with you for telling everyone about the cake because now everyone thinks he/she is a binge eater and an alcoholic.

One day it’s a funny story, another day you are making fun of your Cancer friend.

I’m also imagining this sun/Uranus and moon combination to be an individual who changes suddenly, say in the middle of a conversation. Your conversation is now an argument he/she is leaving, never to return. You wonder if you should contact the authorities and put out a missing person warrant only to find that your Cancer/Taurus person has managed to take his/her favorite blanket, softest pillow and three packages of cookies on the way out the door.

How far is he/she really going?

Both Cancer and Taurus like comfort. Streep’s moods may change in the blink of an eye, but the need for comfort is constant. With Cancer and Taurus, the comfort is physical and often involves food. Streep also has Venus in Cancer adding to the desire for comfort.

As with her moods, the eating habits of Streep may also be erratic and eccentric. Uranus changes suddenly but Taurus wants things the same. There may be certain food items for Streep that are unusual but staple.

As with the argument above, I imagine someone who one day eats nothing but Twinkies, another day eats only whole foods but every single day still drinks at least one glass of chocolate milk.

With the exception of Jupiter in 0 degrees of Aquarius, the planets in Streep’s chart all fall between Aries and Libra. These are personal signs.

Streep is essentially a private person. Bringing her changing moods into the theater is her homage to Jupiter. Lucky for us she does this and it’s probably lucky for those around her that her moods are dispersed into a wider spectrum.

Current Transits

Currently Pluto is transiting Capricorn and Uranus Aries (both in early degrees). Both are in square to Streep’s sun and Uranus forming a T-square. In early 2010, Saturn was in Libra causing a grand cross.

Streep must be undergoing some intense changes with regard to her role in her family, partnerships and friendships. These transits affect us all in some way. For Streep it’s rather intense. She is probably going through a lot of emotional changes right now with some severe ups and downs.

Streep is not an actress who makes the news when she shops for groceries. Streep’s ability to act may also help her protect her changing emotions from erupting into public view.

Jupiter is transiting Taurus and later next year will conjunct her moon. She will feel much calmer then and more secure. If I didn’t know that she were a wealthy actress, I would guess next year that she would feel more secure due to a financial gain or acquisition of property.

Jupiter on the moon could also indicate weight gain. It may be a time Streep feels like eating more, both for comfort and pleasure.

Mars transiting Virgo is conjunct Streep’s Saturn in Virgo. Natal Saturn in Virgo says that Streep never feels “perfect” enough. She may be very self-critical. With Mars activating that aspect, she may be exceptionally critical right now.

Mars is squaring Streep’s natal Mars/Mercury conjunction in Gemini so this critical side may be projected outward. Streep may be verbally rather rough and critical right now with those around her.

The Perfect Career

It’s always interesting to see a chart and how an individual has manifested his/her personality in the world. For Streep, she seems to have taken her constantly changing moods into a profession that necessitates a constantly changing personality.

Maybe this is why the shy and self-conscious Cancer finds its way into the theater and movies – it’s the only place where it can truly be itself.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to 0 Degrees of Cancer – Meryl Streep

  1. Regan E Benites says:

    i am born at 0 degrees cancer in the second house, trine uranus (pisces 10th house), trine mars (pisces 10th house), conjunct saturn(cancer 2nd house), and square moon (aries 11th house), and have always looked up to meryl streep because i intuitively understand her deep and complex nature, as i am a child of the moon as well. ive provided some interesting aspects of my natal chart and would love for anyone to respond and let me know what they think. any help is appreciated so i can better understand my individuality.

    • You’re rather young! You have an extremely sensitive nature. Your challenge is that you give too much & don’t always feel you receive the same love in return. That leads to hoarding for a sense of emotional security. My suggestion is to learn to draw the people to you (not chase) who are true friends & family. Learn to detach from those who aren’t truly friends & be okay with some people being acquaintances. You do need emotional connection with others & will probably seek a profession in the healing arts (or arts which helps you express your emotions). You can also help people connect their financial behavior with their emotional needs if you like finance. Take care,

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