Kate Moss: How Skinny Feels

Kate Moss, British supermodel, was quoted as saying in Women’s Wear Daily in 2009 that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

What does skinny Kate Moss feel?

Skinny for Moss is sun in Capricorn and moon in Scorpio. Skinny is both serious and intense. Skinny is not the aloof waif we see on every other page of Vogue – it is someone who strives for respect, to be on top and does notice that you are lower on the mountain. Skinny is discipline to achieve one’s goals.

Moss has Uranus in Libra square the Capricorn sun and Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. I believe it’s that Aquarius/Uranus influence that makes Moss a unique beauty and probably creates the Aquarian aloofness we see in her face. Aquarius also would explain an androgynous appearance and appeal.

Moss has quite a bit of air in her chart with Jupiter/Venus/Mercury in Aquarius, Saturn in Gemini and Pluto/Uranus in Libra. Air makes for a social being.

Capricorn and Scorpio, on the other hand, are private. Scorpio is intensely private of its “secrets” and Capricorn is discrete so as not to be embarrassed in public.

Moss’ drug charge several years ago must have been extremely embarrassing. Capricorn and Scorpio both have large egos and want to be seen as strong. Being caught with one’s pants down is not fun for anyone but for Capricorn and Scorpio it is close to a death warrant. Moss is probably still beating herself up for that episode.

Mars in Taurus in Moss’ chart opposes that Scorpio moon making for one stubborn and demanding chick. Moss is a deliberate and methodical individual.

There is only one planet in fire is Moss’ chart – Neptune in Sagittarius. Moss’ chart contains Scorpio obsessiveness and Capricorn striving, but not true confidence. She lacks enthusiasm and raw zest for life.

Moss probably experiences Capricorn/Scorpio depression from time to time. Her drug use may have been fueled by feelings of melancholy rather than a desire to suppress hunger or a simple desire to have fun. It could have been started by social pressure as air signs are always in tune with the crowd, even if they “rebel” against the current zeitgeist. But its deeper source may have been a simple sense of sadness.

If Moss hadn’t been discovered and turned into a model, she probably would have been equally successful in whatever endeavor she chose. She’s a mixture of drive for success and social ability which is a winning combination.

Current Transits

Saturn has been transiting Libra which has been hell for many relationships. For Moss, it has possibly created some angry and aggressive situations as it passed Pluto and is now hatching an egg on Uranus.

Pluto and Uranus are outer planets so the struggles aren’t simply with the folks around Moss, but with the powers that be in her industry. I bet there have been some nasty arguments. Moss, with Capricorn and Scorpio, is surely the winner of any angry argument.

In several years Pluto will transit Moss’ sun (about six years from now). She may be re-inventing herself now and will emerge as a different type of person around that time. Maybe she will even have a career change. Capricorn is about career and if Moss finds she’s not on top anymore, she may move to a new vocation in which to retain her heightened status.

Saturn in Gemini suggests that Moss feels a little insecurity about her education or learning background. Maybe when Pluto transits her sun she will be involved in some educational pursuit.

How does skinny feel?

Skinny, like any other state, feels different on each skinny person. For Moss, skinny is a serious business (duh). If Moss was a real estate agent, property would be a serious business, 24/7. If Moss sold ice cream, she would be watching the price of milk (and cows) 24/7.

In other words, Moss is disciplined and obsessive. Skinny is her path to success on this particular career.

Skinny is not my path to success (at least, I don’t think so). So I’m off to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I will have something the rich and successful Moss doesn’t have – pimples.


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