Iowa Returns

In astrology when a planet returns to the position (degree and minute) where it was placed in the natal horoscope, it is called a planet’s “return.” The return is based on a planet’s cycle around the sun.

The average human life expectancy in the US is about 78 years. In 78 years we experience almost one Uranus return, almost three Saturn returns, almost seven Jupiter returns and a myriad of Mars, Venus and Mercury returns. The moon returns to its position once a month. One will never see a Neptune or Pluto return.

For a non-human entity, such as a state in the union, the life expectancy is undetermined but much longer than a human life. The oldest US states are Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey which are 224 years old. Soon these three states will be the first in the US to experience a Pluto return (in about 24 years).

Since the Iowa caucuses are in a few days, I thought I’d glance at Iowa’s horoscope. I don’t know much about mundane (world affair) or electional (event) astrology but was surprised to see that on January 3, 2012, seven of the ten planets in the horoscope are undergoing a conjunction.

Iowa is also experiencing its Neptune return, which happens when one is 164 years old. Iowa just turned 165 in December. Iowa is also close to experiencing its second Uranus return. Uranus has an 84 year cycle so the second return occurs when one is 168.

The Transiting Conjunctions

• Pluto is conjuncting the natal sun and Venus in Capricorn
• Uranus is almost conjunct natal Uranus in Aries (natal Pluto is also in Aries but far by degree)
• Neptune is conjunct natal Neptune and Saturn in Aquarius (Venus is also transiting Aquarius but far from the Neptune/Saturn conjunction)
• Jupiter is conjunct natal moon in Taurus
• Saturn is conjunct natal north node in Libra
• Mercury is conjunct natal Mercury in Sagittarius

Transiting Mars in Virgo

Transiting Mars in Virgo is adding the missing piece of a grand earth trine of sun/Venus in Capricorn, moon in Taurus and transiting Mars in Virgo.

What does it mean?

The sense I’m getting is that this caucus will prove materially advantageous to Iowa. Pluto on the Capricorn sun suggests that Iowa’s already important part in the election process will be elevated to an even greater importance.

I don’t know what happens in backroom politics, but I’m wondering if Iowa will gain something from this caucus or this election. Maybe someone from Iowa will be part of the Republican ticket or possibly someone from Iowa will be elevated into a high position in Washington.

I’m also getting the image of match fixing – you know, rigging a boxing match and betting on who will win knowing the outcome in advance and betting strategically on both sides. Pluto is a Machiavellian power player.

That money enters the state during the primary process is a given. With Jupiter on the moon, this election’s windfall might be greater than in the past. Mars in Virgo adding the missing piece of the grand earth trine suggests the money is coming from communications and work.

Uranus in Aries returning to its natal position is squaring that natal sun in Capricorn and the transiting Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests some intense volatility in the state. Uranus in Aries brought us uprisings in the Middle East; this aspect might bring us uprisings in Iowa.

While the US loves revolution in our enemies, we are not so appreciative of revolution at home or with our allies. The Pluto power play may turn to bite those that create it.

Somehow Iowa’s political influence will shift in an earthquake-like manner. The Capricorn and Aries energy makes me feel they will fight to be on top and in control. But fight with who or what?

Saturn transiting the natal north node in Libra opposite natal Pluto in Capricorn suggests a struggle between fairness and power. There might even be some sort of legal battle that involves the courts or some higher electional authority.

The Neptune return over the Neptune/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius indicates that while there is a mental idea of fraternity during the caucuses, there is also elitism which runs counter to the egalitarian motives of the process.

Will Iowa Change the Primary or Will the Primary Change Iowa?

Iowa is going through some intense changes during the time of the election. Will Iowa lead changes in the election process or will the election process lead to changes in Iowa?

Something’s up in Iowa. It will be interesting to what happens.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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