The Serious Michelle Obama

Election year has begun! While the Republican Presidential candidates are busy attacking each other and evil businessmen who make lots of money, “The Obamas,” a book about Barack Obama’s family, has been published.

While I love reading history, these are the kinds of books I avoid. Publishing is a business like any other and releasing a book about an incumbent president during election year is solely a way to make money. From an historical point of view, if you write about something while it is occurring it’s journalism, not history. While I enjoy the gossip of these types of books, I think it takes years after events for books to be published that truly explain historical events.

Sun in Capricorn / Moon in Aquarius

Michelle Obama has sun in Capricorn and moon either in Aquarius or Pisces. Astrotheme has chosen the Aquarius moon based on someone’s chart rectification of Obama’s life events.

Finding Obama difficult to understand, I would agree with the Aquarius moon which would be conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

Glancing at the charts of Obama’s husband and children, there is a preponderance of air signs in the family (Aquarius is air).

Serious Person

Sun in Capricorn and moon in Aquarius is one serious person. It’s serious squared with a mind like a file cabinet. Barack Obama was quoted somewhere as saying that his wife has always, regardless of his position in life, treated him like any old husband making sure he picked up milk (or eggs or orange juice) from the grocery on the way home.

Obama probably has numerous running lists in her mind. She is focused and productive, always. No lying around the house watching re-runs of Green Acres, not even on a rainy day. Rainy days are for cleaning out closets. Sunny days are for mowing the yard (after you finish your homework and before you clean your room).

Mercury is in serious earth sign Capricorn and Uranus and Pluto are in detail-oriented, earth sign Virgo. Obama does not miss a detail or a piece of lint on your shirt. You’d better approach her with your facts straight and your shoes tied.

Saturn conjunct the Moon

Saturn conjunct the moon represents very reserved emotions due to a childhood where one was asked not to express emotions, for one reason or another. In Aquarius, it suggests that one had to be logical and able to explain everything one felt.

The image that comes to mind is of an academic household where ideas were discussed at the dinner table and if you happened to say you had a bad day at school because someone stole you lunch, your hurt feelings were glossed over as your parents tried to explain theories of psychology and socio-economics.

In other words, Obama probably grew up in a household where pity and self-pity were discouraged and idealism and learning were encouraged. Rationality in human beings is always a treat except when you just need a hug because you scraped your knee. It’s difficult to explain rationally.

Planets in Water and Fire

Obama does have a couple of planets in water – Neptune in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces. In partnership and friendship Obama is empathetic and caring.

Jupiter is in Aries showing a strong confidence in self. I don’t know where that Jupiter in Aries is placed in the horoscope (while Astrotheme’s chart provides a time, it is still a rectified chart).

Attraction to Barack Obama

When I first looked at the charts of Michelle and Barack Obama, I had trouble understanding the attraction. Google once again came to the rescue and I found this interview with Michelle Obama:

In the interview, her primary reason for marrying Obama was his love for his mother. Later in the story she’s quoted as saying:

“And he’s cute,” she added, “I always thought he would be useful. But I had no idea he was going to be president.”

She “thought he would be useful.” I’m guessing she meant useful to society but that’s not the quote. Remember, the key phrase for Capricorn is “I use.”

Barack Obama’s Saturn (in Capricorn) is directly on Michelle Obama’s sun in Capricorn. To have someone’s Saturn on your sun means that they restrict or control you in some way. They are a “heavy” in your life. They bring duty and responsibility in your world. Often the person is much older.

Many folks don’t like that feeling.

Barack Obama’s Mars in Virgo trines Michelle Obama’s sun in Capricorn and conjuncts her Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Virgo is a practical earth sign saying his drive for work and health is pleasing to her.

The traditional indicators of physical attraction, his Mars on her Venus (if you know what I mean), are minimal. Michelle Obama’s Mars in Aquarius is trine Barack Obama’s moon in Gemini. His Jupiter in Aquarius is conjunct her Mars in Aquarius. Her Venus in Pisces is trine his Venus in Cancer.

Michelle Obama’s attraction to Barack Obama appears to be more about his ability to create a household and work environment than butterflies in the stomach.

Neither partner is strong in emotion. Possibly it’s the Venus connection – hers in Pisces and his in Cancer that united them. I suspect that for both the one and only place they dare to express their deepest feelings is with each other.

Maybe their attraction to each other is just that – as a refuge, the one place to say you feel like crying for no particular reason.

Marriage Time

The Obamas married in 1992 as Obama was nearing her Saturn return. Pluto was transiting her Neptune (in Scorpio), the transiting Uranus/Neptune conjunction was moving toward her sun and transiting Saturn was conjunct her Mars (in Aquarius).

Marriage was a serious endeavor for her, in line with her serious personality. All married folks suffer disillusion of some sort in marriage and I’m guessing the Obama’s behind-the-scenes view of marriage was quite intense with Pluto transiting Neptune and Neptune transiting her sun.

Pluto transiting Capricorn

Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn, already conjunct Obama’s Mercury indicating transformation in communication and daily routines.

It will be a few years before the slow-moving Pluto conjuncts her sun and another Capricorn transformation will emerge in the world.

Because Obama is such a serious person, Pluto will not scare her the way it does the air and fire signs of the zodiac. She’s primed for a serious life so nothing should set this very stubborn individual off course.

Maybe Obama will follow the path of another strong, serious and focused female first lady – Hillary Clinton.

Obama has played her Capricorn cards well and appears to be respected (the highest honor for Capricorn) as a strong and serious individual. Whatever she chooses to do after First-Lady-Hood, she will undoubtedly be successful.


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