What Sign of the Zodiac is Mark Wahlberg’s Chest?

While watching the previews for Mark Wahlberg’s new movie “Contraband,” I was struck that he resembles a friend of mine. I had a vague recollection that when I met this friend, others commented about his likeness with Marky Mark.

Through Facebook I admitted to my friend that I saw his resemblance to Wahlberg. His reply was, “Is that a good thing?”

Is looking like Mark Wahlberg a good thing? In what universe could this be a bad thing?

This goes to show you that IT geniuses can be a little, how shall I say it, “thick” about some things.

Mark Wahlberg’s Chest

In the movie “Date Night,” Steve Carell portrays a regular, average Joe, kind of guy who takes his wife (Tina Fey) out for dinner in New York City to add some spark to their date night and New Jersey marriage. By stealing the reservations of another couple, Carell and wife get caught up in a crime, which, of course, adds excitement to their lives and brings them closer as a couple.

While I can’t recall the loosely-drawn plot, in one scene the husband and wife end up at the apartment of the Wahlberg character. Wahlberg is shirtless in every scene where the couple visits.

Wahlberg’s shirtlessness is clearly bothersome to the nerdy husband. Finally, as though Wahlberg is pointing a laser into his eye, the husband begs Wahlberg to put on a shirt.

Body Parts in Astrology

In astrology, each part of the body is ruled by a sign and planet. From Wikipedia:

What sign of the zodiac is Wahlberg’s chest?

Wahlberg’s upper body perfection combines his throat, shoulders, neck and upper torso. In astrological terms, this combines the signs of Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. By planet, moon and Venus.

Wahlberg is a Gemini sun and probably Scorpio moon. Jupiter is also in Scorpio. His Venus, Mercury and Saturn are in Taurus. Mars is in Aquarius. The outer planets are in Virgo (Pluto), Libra (Uranus) and Sagittarius (Neptune).

What explains Wahlberg’s perfect and intimidating upper body?

Wahlberg’s Gemini sun is a mutable air sign. Gemini is intellectual, curious, changeable, detached and aloof. This is the great con artist of the zodiac due to its agile mind and immunity from emotional reaction.

That Gemini sun is hanging its head over a T-square of Taurus (Venus, Mercury and Saturn), Scorpio (moon and Jupiter) and Aquarius (Mars).

That T-square, for me, is the perfection of Wahlberg’s upper body. The T-square is tension and the Scorpio moon is intense feeling, an uncomfortable state for a Gemini sun. The image I have is air being released through sturdy steel pipes of an exhaust system. Wahlberg’s chest is like the muffler in an exhaust system.

Wahlberg’s chest, as muffler, filters the intense emotions lurking beneath and rising to the surface like fumes from a nuclear plant. He’s developing his chest to control his emotions.

Taurus rules the throat and with three planets in Taurus, Wahlberg has a sensitive neck. Because Saturn is in Taurus, a lot of his tension resides in his neck causing neck problems.

Wahlberg probably has an awesome singing voice. It used to be said when someone could sing well that he/she had a great set of “pipes.” Those pipes let out the steam that boils within. Wahlberg may want to consider more singing or speaking to release his intense passions.

Mars in Aquarius is a perfection seeker. Moon in Scorpio is controlling. Wahlberg has some definite ideas about how he wants others to behave.

Gemini sun, on the other hand, is not controlling as its usually sneaking out the back door so as not to be tied down by human or emotional concerns. Wahlberg may be an on-again off-again control freak.

Without knowing for sure his time of birth, I don’t believe Wahlberg is building up his chest to be intimidating. Astrotheme gives him a Cancer rising which corresponds to my idea that his chest is his protective shell. More than being a device to scare others (in that primate-like way), it is a muffler for his intense internal combustion engine.

Wahlberg’s chest, then, is a fixed sign T-square of Taurus-Scorpio-Aquarius.

The greatest trigger to this T-square is sign of Leo, which makes the T-square into a grand square. Then the heart energy becomes involved challenging the heart to filter and express intense physical and emotional passions.

For Wahlberg, that’s quite a role for that awesome chest. He’d better put a shirt on it.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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