Five Career Options for Mitt Romney

At the beginning of this Republican presidential candidate contest, the press had me convinced that Mitt Romney was the inevitable candidate, mostly because of his massive coffer. It’s disturbing, of course, to hear that one just needs a mountain of money to become president of the United States, even if no one really likes you.

It’s even more disturbing that candidates’ success is often attributed to the amount of TV ads aired. We all think that we’re not influenced by TV, but if becoming president of the United States is just a matter of having more TV ads, then we’re in trouble as a species.

With the rise of Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney seems truly threatened this time. Romney’s probably thinking right now, “If I don’t get the nomination (and presidency), what should I do next?”

Ohio Astrology has offered astrology-based career options for the other candidates, now it’s Romney’s turn. Ohio Astrology helps where it can.

Five Career Options for Mitt Romney

  1. Spiritual leader. I believe Romney has already held this role in his pre-candidacy life. With Neptune moving into Pisces and transiting his Mars, Mercury and sun, Romney may decide that high religious office may suit him more than high political office. Neptune may have him feeling like a guru.
  2. Spy. With Mars, Mercury and sun in Pisces and moon in Scorpio, Romney must love secrets. Pisces is known for drawing people out and Scorpio is excellent at understanding others’ motivations. Romney’s chart has spy written all over it. Pisces also has the ability to morph into the characteristics of the environment – perfect for covert operations.
  3. Actor. Pisces is so good at picking up on emotional vibes in the environment and adapting to those states that Pisces must protect against losing itself in others. But for an actor, this is a necessity. Romney’s first role could be Conservative Presidential Candidate in an HBO TV series.
  4. Poet. Pisces is quite romantic and poetic. Like most Pisces, Romney probably does his share of daydreaming. With sun in Pisces and moon in Scorpio, he probably does a lot of brooding too. Poetry is a great way to express deep and complex sentiments.
  5. A nothing. It’s against our Protestant culture to do nothing, but I’m guessing Romney has enough money saved to sit on the couch and watch Santorum TV ads for a couple months at least. While Scorpio is a driven sign, Pisces knows how to stop and smell the flowers. Maybe Neptune in Pisces will give him the hippie urge to “drop out.”

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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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