The Republican Primaries Enter the Age of Pisces

The hippies tripping out on acid in Golden Gate Park in the late 1960s was the supposed ushering in of the Age of Aquarius. Tripping out in public is more a Pisces than an Aquarius thing to do.

Pisces is drugs and mysticism and, under the influence of these two items, taking your shirt off in public.

Now an Aquarius might take his/her shirt off in public but in an effort to be rebellious, not because they have lost control.

The Age of Aquarius probably started when our lives became ruled by electronic devices. The glyph for Aquarius looks like an electrical current. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which rules electricity and enlightenment and brilliant ideas.

We worry about control of oil but we should probably worry about control of electricity. Funny thing, American Electric Power just raised its rates to recover some distribution costs. It would be a good time to cut back on electricity but, oh, everything I use to read, write and talk involves electricity.

That’s something to think about.

Neptune in Pisces

I wandered off into Uranus when I meant to talk about Neptune. Neptune does that.

Neptune has just entered its natural sign, Pisces. While we may or may not be in the Age of Aquarius, we will be going through a mini Age of Pisces for the next 14 years.

The Republican primaries will be affected by this movement into hippiedom, mysticism and spirituality. Because Neptune rules boundary-less emotional states, it is prone to manipulation or being manipulated.

On the day of the Arizona and Michigan primaries (February 28), three planets will be in Pisces – Neptune (0 degrees), sun (9 degrees) and Mercury (25 degrees).

That’s a lot of Pisces. Expect rain and fog.

Mars will be opposing this Pisces energy at 15 degrees of Virgo, retrograde. Feelings of anxiety will accompany the fog. Expect lots of static.

Arizona and Michigan

Both Arizona and Michigan have sun in Aquarius, that rebellious fixed air sign. Arizona has moon in Capricorn while Michigan has moon in Virgo or Libra. For both states, watery emotion is not well received.

Neptune in Pisces won’t bother the Arizonans too much but Pluto in Capricorn will. There will be challenges to the established government. Maybe this state will strike out and give Ron Paul some delegates.

Neptune will be transiting Michigan’s Uranus in Pisces. There will be unexpected issues with water. Maybe there will be flooding on primary day. Michigan is home to one of the Great Lakes so Neptune will bring confusion to an already unexpected situation (maybe the Asian carp situation).

Arizona’s Saturn is in Taurus while Michigan’s is almost directly opposite in Scorpio. On February 28, the moon will be in Taurus. For Arizona, natural resources may be an issue on primary day. For Michigan, moon conjuncts the north node opposite that Saturn in Scorpio so some money owed may be returned to Michigan.

Tripping Out by Candidate

How will the candidates do on rainy, foggy February 28?

Newt Gingrich – Hey, is this guy still in the race? I haven’t seen his face in, like, two weeks. Gingrich will probably do much better in Arizona than Michigan. Arizona has Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Arizona probably likes Gingrich’s rambunctious nature. Like South Carolina, Arizona may be prissy but still likes to have some fun.

Michigan and Gingrich both have air and fire, but Michigan’s air and fire is fixed; Gingrich’s air and fire is mutable. For Michigan, Gingrich is like a cousin you get along with but aren’t close to.

Ron Paul – Paul is doing pretty well although the press isn’t going to make that a front-page story. Sun in Leo is confident and persistent and moon in Taurus downright stubborn. Leo and Taurus make a T-square with the Aquarian suns of Arizona and Michigan.

Paul is too Leo “me” for these two Aquarian “us” states. Now that I’ve watched three hundred debates, it does seem Paul never says that he’s going to do anything for the people. He says he’ll protect liberty and free market, but doesn’t appeal to people’s needs directly.

Michigan has Jupiter and Mars in Leo so although there’s a T-square, he will be energized. I’d like to say that maybe he’ll do well enough to continue the race, but Paul has vowed to continue regardless of results anyway.

On February 28, moon is in Taurus conjunct Paul’s moon. It will be a good day financially.

Mitt Romney – Neither Arizona or Michigan is weepy, although Michigan may be depressed because of its bad economy, something a Pisces sun and Scorpio moon can relate to. Michigan’s Saturn is in Scorpio right on Romney’s moon. Michigan isn’t an emotionally supportive partner for Romney.

Michigan’s Jupiter and Mars in Leo is conjunct Romney’s Saturn in Leo. Again, Romney might be like a wet blanket for this state. I wonder if Romney was truly happy during his time in Michigan?

Saturn connections aren’t happy and carefree relationships – they are serious and grounded.

Arizona doesn’t feel so bad to Romney, but outside of the Arizona Mars-Romney Uranus conjunction, there’s not too much connection.

Mars will be closing in on its opposition to Romney’s Mercury and sun. Romney may start to stutter or have Rick Perry-like forgetfulness with the anxiety that Virgo opposite Pisces can cause.

Rick Santorum – Santorum’s moon in Aquarius will connect well with both of these states. On February 28, moon will be in Taurus conjunct Santorum’s sun. There should be both emotional and financial connection. Even if he doesn’t do well in these primaries, he may come out with more financial backing.

Uranus is transiting Santorum’s Venus in Aries. Santorum is definitely on fire and maybe that’s why he’s ahead at the current time. This primary needs some fire and Santorum’s Venus in Aries is all we’re getting right now (again, where is Gingrich?). Venus, however, can be about women so there may be some sudden eruptive incidents with women (maybe like his comments about women in the military).

Pluto squares Venus in Aries so possibly one of these eruptions with women will lead to a legal action. While I didn’t suspect Santorum of having women in the closet, you never know.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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