Super Tuesday, Super Astrological Fun

Both Tuesday and March are ruled by Mars, the god of war. In Spanish, Tuesday is “Martes” and March is “Marzo.”

If you thought Super Tuesday was some democratic fiesta, you would be mistaken. March Super Tuesday has “war” written all over it.

Who decided a bunch of primaries would be on War Day in War Month?

If I were a landowner back in, say, the 15th century England, during the Wars of the Roses when the house of York was fighting the House of Lancaster for the crown, I’d need to pick a side. Most likely I’d try to pick the side that I suspected would win so that I could 1) keep my land and 2) keep my head.

Life is certainly easier when your head isn’t lobbed off.

People changed sides often during the Wars of the Roses so it’s a confusing historical read. Anyone who changed sides during this transitional period in British history is not a hypocrite in my eyes. Who wouldn’t do whatever it takes to keep a body part?

Ronald Reagan commented proudly once on how the US had a peaceful transfer of power, none of that 15th century stuff.

I agree with Reagan – it’s peaceful in that I get to keep my head (but probably not my land). But underneath I believe it’s the same dynamic as 15th century England – try to pick the side that will win so you can keep your job and land.

Today’s “elections” are not fought with swords but with money. It’s less bloody, for sure, and I get to stay alive for the outcome. But do votes count or does money count? Without money, can you get votes?

Mitt Romney, I heard on Washington Week in Review, has spent $55 million dollars in advertising compared to $21 million for both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum combined ($21 million, ironically, being Romney’s 2011 income).

The man with the most money is winning.

Is this so different than the 15th century? Is the election about the power that comes with money or about votes?

I prefer money battles to sword battles, of course, but either way, I’m still a spectator.

Super Tuesday

On Super Tuesday, March 6, ten states will hold primaries or caucuses, including Ohio.

Super Tuesday will see sun in Pisces and moon in Leo. Uranus and Mercury will be conjunct in Aries. Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct in Taurus.

Rick Santorum had three wins (Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri) while the moon was full in Leo. More Leo may equate to more wins for Santorum.

Leo moon is good for Ron Paul as well, with sun in Leo. While Santorum took three leads, Mr. Paul took two second place positions on that same day.

Romney has Pluto and Saturn in Leo. Leo triggers his issues with lack of confidence and personal charisma. Leo is preternaturally proud, gracing your presence by simply entering the room. While I don’t feel this way any more than Romney, when running for president, you sort of need this.

Romney needs to remember that if he makes it to the general election, he will be up against a Leo sun (Barack Obama) who will shine light in his watery face. Water puts out fire, but the people like to sit by the fire and feel the warmth. Water on fire makes the room quite cold.

Is Newt Gingrich still in the race? Oh yeah, I think I did see him at the debate.

Gingrich will have no relief anytime soon from the grand cross imprinting his energy like a cookie cutter imprints mushy dough. Gingrich needs a spa session more than a run for president.

The Uranus/Mercury conjunction in Aries will slam dance on Santorum’s Venus. We might see some sort of outbreak/protest against Santorum.

The Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Taurus is great for both Santorum and Paul. Money is on its way. I suspect these two will be in for a little while longer.

For Romney, Jupiter/Venus opposes his moon. People want money from him that his Scorpio moon doesn’t want to give away.


Of the ten states voting on Super Tuesday, two interest me most – Ohio, because this is Ohio Astrology and Virginia, because only Romney and Paul are on the ballot.

Ohio has sun in Pisces, moon in Gemini (or possibly Cancer). Ohio’s borders are mostly water so Ohio should like the watery candidate Romney.

With moon and Mars in Gemini, I suspect Gingrich will do better in Ohio than expected.

Ohio’s Neptune in Scorpio is conjunct Romney’s moon and opposes Santorum’s sun and Paul’s moon.

I’m guessing that Romney and Gingrich will do better in Ohio than Santorum and Paul. In Ohio, Gingrich may be the Ron Paul and represent the “not Romney” vote.


Virginia has sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus in Cancer and moon and Saturn in Pisces. That’s more water than the ocean itself. Water equals Romney.

Astrologically or politically, Virginia will probably be Romney’s playroom. Virginia will feel like a second home to Romney (the Cancer planets making a grand trine with his Pisces sun and Cancer moon) and I’m wondering if that home feeling might make him select the Virginia governor for his running mate (if he wins the nomination). I believe Bob McDonnell has already been on the news answering questions about his potential as running mate.

Spoiler alert: Bob McDonnell is a little more like Gingrich than like Romney which may be both a good and bad thing.

Make Love, Not War

Will Super Tuesday be about war?

Neptune describes, according to “The Astrologer’s Handbook” by Sakoian & Acker, “the kind of cultural expression manifested by the imaginative and creative faculties of mankind in a given thirteen-year period.”

Neptune is the ideal of a generation.

Where is the Neptunian ideal of each of the candidates?

Virgo – Gingrich and Paul are of the generation with Neptune in Virgo, which is a bad placement for idealistic Neptune. Rather than soaking in the collective hot tub, these two get caught up in the details of how the hot tub works and whether they will get sick from the bubbles. This is the “Vitamin Generation” that worries about health.

Libra – Romney has Neptune in Libra which created ideals of romantic partnership. This is the “Make Love, Not War” generation that once dropped acid in Golden Gate Park. Really, Romney would make a great hippie.

Scorpio – Santorum has Neptune in Scorpio which idealizes sex and intense emotional connection. When Pluto entered Scorpio in the 1980s, this generation dealt with the new disease AIDS. As you might expect, this Neptune squares Santorum’s sun and moon. No wonder the attacks sent by Santorum are returned with intense sexual imagery. He’s attacking his own generation’s ideal of intense sexual expression. This is the “Sexual Taboo Generation” who remind us that sexuality comes in many flavors.

Hopefully on Super Tuesday we can all make love and not war.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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