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Does Mickey Mouse Have a Personality?

If you’re romantically involved with an astrologer, the best way to keep the flame burning is to add to all your stories a date and time. For example, on your first date your astrologer will ask what appears to be … Continue reading

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Pluto in Capricorn by Generation

Whenever a planet transits a sign, that sign and its polarity are directly affected. For example, right now Mars is in Virgo. Mars provides assertive energy. So your keep-a-list Virgo friends are now keeping ten lists. The opposite sign Pisces … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday, Super Astrological Fun

Both Tuesday and March are ruled by Mars, the god of war. In Spanish, Tuesday is “Martes” and March is “Marzo.” If you thought Super Tuesday was some democratic fiesta, you would be mistaken. March Super Tuesday has “war” written … Continue reading

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