Who Cares More About Your Health, Obama or Romney?

As President Obama’s health care plan, lovingly called “Obamacare” which, if Rick Santorum is to be believed, is modeled after Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan, lovingly called “Romneycare,” is being challenged at the Supreme Court I wondered:

“Who cares more about my health, Obama or Romney?”

Imaginative astrological role-playing game

In an imaginative astrological role-playing game, I see this scene:

I am at the bus stop waiting for a bus. Both Obama and Romney are there also waiting for a bus, Obama reading People magazine and Romney reading The Wall Street Journal.

I sneeze. Both men look at me.

Obama, sun in Leo and moon in Gemini, sees a chance to talk to a beautiful woman (me). He digs in his pockets and pulls out a tissue, hands it to me and says that while my nose is red with cold, it’s still the most beautiful nose he’s ever seen.

Romney, sun in Pisces and moon in Scorpio, is hesitant at first to talk to me because he’s shy. However, he worries about the snot dripping from my nose because soon it will land on my fine new jacket. He digs in his briefcase and finds his silk handkerchief and gives it to me.

“I don’t need it back,” he says.

Romney then goes back to the briefcase for hand sanitizer.

Which man cares more?

Leo is one of the most self-centered signs of the zodiac. Regardless, it’s loving and fun to be around so much of this self-centeredness is forgiven. Leo hands me a tissue because it’s the romantic and chivalrous thing to do. Moon in Gemini hands me the tissue because it’s something to do while experiencing the boredom of the bus stop. Handing me a tissue is opportunity to talk.

Pisces is the most altruistic of the signs. Pisces is probably the only sign that will sacrifice and because of that trait is prone to victimhood. Romney would give me that silk handkerchief even if it was a gift from his late great-great grandmother.

The Scorpio moon would probably worry that my cold was the beginning of a serious illness and would suggest I go to the doctor.

While both men would “care” in the colloquial sense, water signs can feel the pain of others and Pisces can help without anyone ever knowing about it.

Leo, on the other hand, wants recognition for heroic acts. For a Leo, any act is heroic.

Romney cares more about my health, I think

I really don’t know if Obama or Romney cares more about my health. This is just a blog.

But I would guess if these men were regular old guys at the bus stop, Romney would care more.

Checking with the cat

Just to check my hunch, I asked my tuxedo cat, Lacy.

“Do you think it makes sense that a Pisces/Scorpio cares more about my health than a Leo/Gemini?”

“Yes, but which cares more about feline health?” she asked.

How typical. Whenever I talk to my cat about a government policy, she always selfishly asks, “What’s in it for me?”

“Feline health,” I answered, “is not included in either Obamacare or Romneycare. Health care reform is only for people.”

“Then I don’t care.”


About ohioastrology

I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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  1. harenews says:

    Beware of the Ides of March
    Osama bin Laden March 10
    Rupert Murdoch March 11
    Mitt Romney March 12
    L Ron Hubbard March 13
    Albert Einstein March 14

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