Republican Veep Fight Club: Rob Portman

Another name tossed around for Mitt Romney’s running mate is Ohio native and US Senator Rob Portman.

Ohio politicians are OHA’s eminent domain, area of expertise, core competency, low-hanging fruit and customer-centric deliverable.

Etc., etc.

Businessman Romney would understand that if you call your blog “Ohio Astrology,” you ought to deliver astrology about Ohio.

Here it is, as promised in the advertising.

Rob Portman

Moon in Aquarius

Portman’s time of birth is needed to determine moon sign. Support OHA by sending times of birth when available. It may be tax deductible, you never know.

Portman’s sun is in Sagittarius and moon in either Aquarius or Pisces.

Sagittarius / Aquarius make for a scientific-minded individual who probably took the refrigerator apart as a child to see how it functioned. This is a combination that is constantly learning, who, at the age of 85 decides to get a PhD and learn a new language.

Making friends is easy for a Sagittarius / Aquarius because this combination loves interesting ideas and interesting conversation and wants to learn about everyone. What better way to learn about everything in the universe than through the people who do the everything.

Meet a person who plays the clarinet and learn a little about music. Meet a person who mushroom hunts and learn how to pick an edible, non-toxic mushroom.

While Sagittarius and Aquarius are both super, duper friendly, neither likes clinging attachment. Try to hang on to this combination and watch them slip away into the farther stars in the galaxy.

Moon in Pisces

If the moon is in Pisces, it’s a little different. Sagittarius / Pisces create an almost mystic personality. The Sagittarian inquisitiveness is still there, but there is more intuition of the non-scientific sort. This is someone who follows his hunch and is usually correct in doing so.

There’s more shyness with this combination. It’s still a great chess partner but someone who is must less mentally organized than Sagittarius / Aquarius. With Pisces, the answers arrive and the path from A to B can’t really be traced backwards.

The sock drawer is a mess and the hair needs cut.

With Pisces moon, there is more emotion and moodiness in the personality.

Other planets

Portman has Mercury and Venus in Capricorn making for a serious speaker and studious person. Before giving a lecture, Portman probably spends time making notes and studying (especially with moon in Aquarius; if Portman has an organizer with note cards, then I vote Aquarius moon).

Saturn and Mars are in Scorpio adding more seriousness to the personality. Sagittarius is not serious in itself, but other planets in his chart make Portman a more serious responsible Sagittarius (I’ll have to meet him some time since I’ve never met one of these creatures).

Jupiter is in Virgo, which might be opposite moon (if in Pisces). That would create some anxiety and add details to the above-mentioned note cards.

I’m getting the image of a man who can remember everything and everything which, to some, is called a “know it all.”

Outer planets Pluto and Uranus are in Leo and Neptune in Libra. He’s of the “Me Generation” (Leo) that “Makes Love, Not War” (Libra).

Ohio Astrology Assessment

OHA gives Rob Portman 8 stars out of 10 (moon in Aquarius) or 9 stars out of 10 (moon in Pisces).

Portman’s sun in Sagittarius lends some fun and enthusiasm to life and political campaigns.

If moon is in Aquarius, Portman would also provide some fixed qualities and a little more “man of the people” type of feel.

If moon is in Pisces, I can see Portman truly liking Romney, unlike some of the other candidates. However, too much mutable makes for adaptable but unpredictable individuals. It might bother the pundits but it wouldn’t bother Portman and Romney.

The only problem I see here is Portman’s Mars/Saturn in Scorpio on Romney’s Jupiter/moon in Scorpio. Once again, money becomes an issue with Romney doling out the funds.

The other problem with this Saturn conjunct moon synastry in Scorpio is that Romney may want Portman to hold secrets that Portman is not comfortable with. With Mars in Scorpio, Portman has some secrets of his own but won’t necessarily like playing “omerta” for Romney.

If Portman’s moon is in Aquarius, this will be even more of a problem as Portman is generally transparent in his ideas, although he is discreet in his person (Mercury and Venus in Capricorn).

While Portman has this Scorpio in his chart, he seems more interested in ideas than gossip.




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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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1 Response to Republican Veep Fight Club: Rob Portman

  1. Nancy Maxwell says:

    Portman is great guy, but he and Romney are both so subdued and serious.Romney will choose someone with CHARISMA and foreign policy experience,namely Condi Rice.Just a little Capricorn intuition from me!Don’t be surprised if I’m right.Bravo for rating Condi 10 out of 10points on the”veepstakes”. She would be a fabulous choice and would add class, experience and gravitas.And the liberal press would not be able to trash her like Sarah Palin.If Romney chooses her,Katie Couric wouldn’t even try to interview her.

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