What do PowerPoint Presentations and Cars Have in Common?

I’ve always felt we are our truest selves when in our cars, alone. In our cars, battling traffic on the way to work, we dare to flip off others and make nasty, grimacing faces.

Would we dare do this at the grocery if someone bumped us with their cart?

Some do, of course, but most of us are different when physically ten feet away than we are when behind the power and metal of a car.

The car, then, is like our 4th house of a horoscope, our real self when no one is around or when we are around our closest family and companions.

PowerPoint, for those of you not living in the squares of a corporate organization chart, is a program created by Microsoft for presentations.

Oh, how people love PowerPoint.

My experience is that everyone believes himself/herself to have the best PowerPoint presentations. Everywhere you go the standard is different but each company believes its standard to be the one correct standard.

Sounds a lot like culture, doesn’t it?

PowerPoint is the presentation we show the world. PowerPoint is a mirror in which we look at ourselves and see our image reflected back. PowerPoint is the 1st house of the horoscope.

PowerPoint is the outside and our car is the inside of our personal selves.

Personality Assessment by PowerPoint and Car Driving Styles

Astrology takes years to learn as it’s an analytical exercise of math, geometry and synthesis of numerous points of data.

To make astrology easier, OHA likes to use real-life manifestations of astrological principles for easier assimilation.

Find below the style of PowerPoint and car driving and you’ll have an idea of your friend/co-worker/loved one’s 1st and 4th house signs. It may also be a good indication of sun (PowerPoint) and moon (car driving) signs.

The sun is our conscious self and the moon our reactive self.


ARIES competes through presentations with lots of charts, large bold text and animated graphics. It’s the presentation that doesn’t load because of too much animation.

TAURUS is simple and to the point with one-sentence slides and simple, easy-to-understand graphics, like pie charts.

GEMINI is inconsistent and creates presentations where no slide looks alike or follows the same format. Slide ideas are not clearly connected.

CANCER tries to make the presentation personal by adding graphics that evoke feeling such as dollar bills in the sales presentation or cookies in food sales charts.

LEO uses the largest font possible, bright colors and charts that dazzle and amaze so that the lack of text and content is overlooked. It’s not about the content, stupid.

VIRGO creates the “novel as PowerPoint” type of presentation and reads each line to you. Virgo should avoid creating PowerPoint presentations and stick to novels.

LIBRA creates balanced presentations of charts, graphics and text. These are the presentations you envy in their beauty.

SCORPIO is careful what it shows in the presentation as it fears the revealing of secrets and subsequent loss of power. Charts may not measure data equally and may deliberately lead you to the wrong conclusion.

SAGITTARIUS wants you to think and wonder so look for charts and graphics that provide meaning and more questions than answers. The presentation is a guide to conversation, not a manual.

CAPRICORN creates presentations that meet exactly the corporate standards, down to the font size and useless header/footer graphics. Content is authoritative and there is no question and answer slide at the end.

AQUARIUS will rebel against PowerPoint and present in some program off the Internet. Content may appear to be from video game.

PISCES when found in a corporate setting, will create, uneven presentations that don’t really explain anything. Pisces has deep understanding of the content, it just can’t say it in a PowerPoint.


ARIES is always in the fast lane, tailing you and trying to move ahead. If you pass Aries, be sure to look for Aries passing you in competitive return.

TAURUS is also in the fast lane but not driving at the speed limit. Taurus has one speed (always) regardless of lane.

GEMINI is weaving in and out of traffic. Gemini doesn’t weave to get ahead; it’s weaving because it’s fun.

CANCER is talking to the companion in the car. Cancer rarely drives alone.

LEO is passing you and letting you know that you are being punished for driving slowly. Leo also looks in the mirror a lot (at itself).

VIRGO is driving the speed limit because Virgo 1) follows the rules and 2) actually read the speed limit sign, something others rarely do.

LIBRA drives fast and slow, often in the same drive. It drives slow in the fast lane and fast in the slow lane.

SCORPIO is a focused, deliberate driver who does not tail or weave but gets ahead of you somehow.

SAGITTARIUS loves to drive fast because it’s sublime. It’s not tailing you in competition or to punish you; it’s tailing you because you’re in the way of the exhilarating ride.

CAPRICORN follows all the rules of driving and gives you a nasty look because you’ve broken a rule, whether you know it or not. Capricorn may be driving slow in the fast lane, but thinks it’s driving fast.

AQUARIUS is focused on the traffic patterns and has determined the appropriate speed and distance during these particular conditions so that no one has to break. The angry look you see on Aquarius’ face is because no one gets it.

PISCES is not really driving, it’s daydreaming. If you see a Pisces bumper sticker, just stay away as the driver is physically in the car but the imagination is not on this planet.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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