Republican Veep Fight Club: Condoleezza Rice

An OHA reader commented that “[Mitt] Romney is going to ask Condoleeza [sic] Rice to be VP.”

OHA made time in its busy schedule to look at the chart of the former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.

In addition to these high and honorable titles, Rice is also an accomplished pianist. That Rice is extremely intelligent is clear.

Rice has also never been married (according to Wikipedia), which also attests to her intelligence . . .

Rice’s chart is almost entirely water with some air and fire and no earth. Mercury, Saturn, sun and Venus are in Scorpio while the moon, Uranus and Jupiter are in Cancer.

Mars in Aquarius and Neptune in Libra are air.

Pluto in Leo is fire.

This is one sensitive individual.

Scorpio is definitely a tough sign but also sensitive. I believe the revenge Scorpio is known for emanates from this extreme sensitivity. Cancer and Pisces are more openly vulnerable but Scorpio hides it. Scorpio obsesses then strikes out.

Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac who knows how to hide secrets and, thereby, knows how others hide their own. Scorpio doesn’t need a microscope and DNA evidence; Scorpio feels what’s going on.

Cancer is even more sensitive than Scorpio, easily hurt and not shy about shedding tears of both sadness and joy.

Cancer has the need to belong and loves family and other close, intimate groups.

Rice is not shallow. If she loves you, she is an extremely devoted and caring friend.

Now if she doesn’t like you, you may as well not even exist. With the Cancer in the chart, I suspect if she doesn’t like you it will show. Everyone will get a little treat with the holiday card but you. Your seat at the table will be the crack where two tables are joined. The raise you want has not been approved.

Don’t think she doesn’t notice every little thing that you’re doing and responding to it.

With Saturn conjunct sun and Uranus conjunct moon, Rice had an unusual set of parents, both controlling and unpredictable. Rice may be avoiding marriage not just due to her extreme intelligence but because her parents’ marriage wasn’t one that made her fond of the idea.

Rice does want deep, intense commitment but probably feels that others are either too controlling (Saturn on sun) or unpredictable (Uranus on moon). While she loves people and many love her back (moon and Jupiter in Cancer), she doesn’t fully trust another human being.

With a Scorpio, one betrayal signifies that there are 6 billion other people who might do the same.

Rice is suspicious but when you are past the gate, she would walk across Utah to give you a glass of water.

The lack of earth in Rice’s chart means that Rice isn’t grounded and prefers activities that provide emotional stimulation over activities that are chore-like such as washing the windows and fixing the house.

Saturn conjunct sun in Scorpio creates a person so disciplined they might be a military leader, yet there is not a true enjoyment of physical activity. Rice might spend three hours on the treadmill for the result it brings rather than physical enjoyment of the exertion. She might cook a fantastically complex meal, but only for the emotional enjoyment of seeing others share it, not for the physical sensation of preparing food.

Moon in Cancer does have its food issues, though, maybe even a little lactose intolerance.

Ohio Astrology Assessment

OHA gives Rice 10 stars out of 10.

Rice has proven herself a loyal and devoted public servant and appears to be a true Scorpio as there is no kiss and tell book out there with her name on it (unlike Dick Cheney).

Rice’s sun in Scorpio is conjunct Romney’s moon in Scorpio and Rice’s three planets in Cancer are trine Romney’s Pisces sun and Scorpio moon.

In addition, Rice’s Mars in Aquarius is conjunct Romney’s Venus.

If these were two single people looking to date, I would definitely set them up.

OHA gives Rice 10 stars because she would actually like Romney and support him from the heart. She also finds him attractive. The other candidates might have more support from the pocket (which holds the wallet) than from the heart.

There are two problems, both which this strong woman could overcome.

One is Rice’s Saturn (in Scorpio) conjunct Romney’s moon. Wow, this Scorpio thing arises again and again every time I look at the potential picks. Maybe the issue isn’t about Scorpio moon (Romney) doling out money but a problem with Romney finding a partner he can truly trust.

Both Rice and Romney are slow to trust. Romney may have mistrust of Rice because of her intense knowledge and possible possession of certain secrets.

Two is that moon in Cancer is extremely sensitive and the ugliness of one’s personal life being probed will be highly unpalatable to Rice (as it would to any normal human being).

If Rice does find herself in this position, she can talk to a Scorpio sun / Pisces moon combination for advice – Hillary Clinton.

If Romney and Rice could develop trust in each other and Rice could stand the probing of her personal life, these two could be a successful team. Not only do they share political views, but they might truly like each other.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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5 Responses to Republican Veep Fight Club: Condoleezza Rice

  1. Xenianancy says:

    Well well well! The cream rises to the top as they say.I really hope she is Romney’s pick. The Democrats are panicking I’m sure. She is competent, experienced, and there is no way in Hell the media will be able to trash her the way they did Sarah Palin.Plus she will be able to win more black votes , I bet she wins 10 percent of the blacks who know in their heart that their current President has not done a good job.Go Condi!

  2. Xenianancy says:

    I like Sarah because she was good governor who blew the whistle on people in her own party who were not ethical.Also, I’m a Catholic and I admire her for not killing her baby , even though she knew he had Down’s syndrome.She maybe non-sophisticated, she may have an accent that makes it easy to make fun of, BUT her VALUES and political opinions are much.more in the mainstream than Obama, who is an extreme leftist.Just today, he gutted the Welfare to work law that has reduced welfare roles andreducedar poverty.He did this by fiat, hearts as a king

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