Sacha Baron Cohen – His Own “Plus One”

When I see actor Sacha Baron Cohen at award shows as one of his crazy characters, I often wonder what he is hiding from.

Looking at his horoscope, I don’t think he’s hiding from anything. His alter-ego characters are probably imaginary friends he’s bringing with him to the ceremony. With four planets in Libra, including the sun, Cohen doesn’t like to travel solo.

Coming in character is Cohen bringing his own “plus one.”

Cohen has Pluto, Uranus, sun and Mercury in Libra with moon in Leo. When writing about moon in Leo, I looked for charts of famous people with moon in Leo. As moon in Leo can’t be ignored, I’m surprised I missed this one.

The comfort zone for moon in Leo is to perform. With Mars in Aquarius opposite moon in Leo, Cohen feels almost a compulsive drive to perform for the crowd, any crowd or anytime there is a crowd.

When Cohen brings one of his alter-egos to the awards ceremonies, it’s probably due to insecurity about being alone in the crowd and his response is to perform.

Cohen’s horoscope is almost all fire and air, no earth and only one planet in water (Venus in Scorpio). In addition to the Libra, Leo and Aquarius energies, Cohen has Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and Saturn in Gemini.


Libra energy represents “the other.” Its opposite sign, Aries, is about assertion of self.

With the sun as conscious self in the sign of the other, identity is formed by reflecting others. We all do this in some way (Libra is in all of our charts somewhere) but Libra sun does it as the primary personality trait.

Coming to events in character is more than acting technique. Cohen is reflecting what we want to see.

Libra loves beauty so because Cohen often reflects obnoxious or abhorrent characters, he must feel as though he’s living in a trash heap. Deep inside he probably wants the unpleasant people he projects to go away.

Libra reflects and then Leo dramatizes.

Libra and Leo are also in love with love itself so Cohen probably had a girlfriend in kindergarten (if it took that long) and then proposed to her.

By reflecting off of others and having an emotional need for audience, the greatest torture for Cohen is to spend time alone. Five minutes of alone time can drive this horoscope mad.

Lack of Earth

Lack of earth in a horoscope means there is little grounding to the personality. With very little water and complete lack of earth, Cohen may reflect identities, but he probably doesn’t fully understand the emotional impact that he is creating.

Cohen may wonder at times what it is that motivates other people to do what they do. In an effort to understand, he mimics.


Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in Sagittarius. If Cohen’s personality wasn’t ungrounded enough, this aspect creates a dreamy wanderer, one who may also experiment with mind-enhancing drugs.

Opposite is Saturn in Gemini indicates insecurity in communication and with siblings. For all of Cohen’s amazing ability to create character, he may have trouble with small talk on the Tube.

Sometimes Saturn opposite Neptune creates depression or some melancholy. Libra is not a sign that enjoys a trip through sadness. Libra loves beauty and would only enjoy melancholy if some poetry emerged as a result.

Chances are Cohen chases the demons away by traveling (Sagittarius).

Saturn Transiting Libra

Saturn has been transiting Libra for the past two years passing Cohen’s Pluto, then Uranus, then sun and now Mercury.

This writer is counting the days, minutes and seconds when Libra will finally pass into Scorpio (beginning of October). Cohen is probably counting the minutes with me.

Saturn is contraction and in Libra is challenging the fairness and “rightness” of our relationships.

There is also a grand earth trine in the skies right now with Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Since Cohen has no earth in his chart, he may wonder why everyone is worrying about work, career and retirement.

Others around him may need his commitment or support and Cohen may not fully understand how dependent others can be on him.

The Dictator

Cohen’s new movie is called “The Dictator.”

I don’t think Cohen’s horoscope has the elements of a dictator. So who is he reflecting?

With moon in Leo maybe Cohen is telling us that all dictators are really just men (and women theoretically) who need attention.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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6 Responses to Sacha Baron Cohen – His Own “Plus One”

  1. sabi says:

    loved it..was just wondering if sacha was gemini..split personality.but surprsd to see he is a libra ..would love a personal reading a libra born 25 sept 1974 born 12.30 appx

  2. Victor says:

    Hi, I just read your article-very interesting!
    “Libra loves beauty so because Cohen often reflects obnoxious or abhorrent characters, he must feel as though he’s living in a trash heap. Deep inside he probably wants the unpleasant people he projects to go away. “…I am surprised you didn’t mention his venus in that context. I believe his unaspected Venus in Scorpio is looking for most of the attention(and being the only planet with negative ploarity)… the other assets are his tools. Unaspected Venus probably gives him that taste for anti-beauty and sex-themes and it being unaspected also limits undrstanding to where the limits are and to tactfulness with his victims(together with all that air and fire as you mentioned above). He can only then react to his victims and learn in time.
    I have not seen the dictator yet but I can imagine how his leo pride can easily identify with this proud dictator who just as Borat (and Ali g)finds that women can only serve personal satisfactions…
    What aspects do you think point to the conflict with the opposite sex?

    • Interesting point about Venus in Scorpio. A little to kinky for the romantic Libra? Does he have conflict with the opposite sex? I don’t really know much about him. I find Leo can be demanding so may need a more submissive partner.

      • Victor says:

        Well, I have seen most of his character’s sketches…and there is definitely a sex -issue underlying them. Ali G calls his women ‘bitches’ Borat has been married to a 12-year old has made out with his sister and approves and sees sexy women as prostitutes (which are marked with blue hats in his country !;)). And let’s not start with gay Bruno…Obviously he mirrors,mocks and condemns society( but also himself!).
        The Mars -Moon opposition points to the mother-conflict and aggression . Most probably his mom was very dominant and independant(moon in Leo) and could be aggressive
        (Mars oppositon)but something he could easily compensate with his libra-charm(resolution planets).

      • Maybe Woody Allen has this aspect too . . .

        I see Libra and Leo energy as romantic. It’s Scorpio that hates to be vulnerable. When you’re madly in love, that person has so much power over you.

        Do you think he’s afraid of women having that power so he insults them this way?

      • Victor says:

        Well, my bet is that he is a decent guy in real life and pretty shy when it comes to women so he’s happily married to the one british gal who is crazy and extroverted enough to have conquered him. His characters suggest (the rapper ali G ,the middle Eastern macho Borat…) that he condemns male dominance or arrogance over the female gender . It seems to me that there’s a mom-dad conflict in his family(mars vs moon) which underlies this need. Saturn(established structures /authority) vs Jupiter/Neptune(his need to follow his ideals) also point to conflict with authority and academic obligations vs freedom of expression. The north node conjunct mars in aquarius points having to move away from dominant/selfish moon(or his mother) and having to look for actives that suit this aquarian impulse(why not be a tv clown then?).All this conflict and north node activity seems resolved and enhanced through libra initiative/charm to which the star(the charts shape) points to.

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