Jamie Dimon Lost More than $2 Billion – He Lost Control

J. P. Morgan Chase announced yesterday that it lost $2 billion through trading losses. J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is now in the hot seat.

According to the Washington Post story today, Dimon made a comment about pundits.

“The loss, Dimon conceded in a conference call Thursday, ‘plays right into the hands of a whole bunch of pundits out there.’”

Maybe the loss will play into the hands of a Pandit rather than a pundit, as in Vikram Pandit, CEO of Bank of America. Last year I wrote a blog on US bankers and in astrological-play, chose Pandit as top banker.

I’m guessing Pandit is enjoying the “Kick Me I’m a Banker” sign having moved from his back to Dimon’s back. Pandit has had his own share of bad press and society wrath in the past six months.

I’m smelling a French Revolution here.

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be bankers.

Current Transits through Jamie Dimon’s Horoscope

Dimon has sun in Pisces, moon probably in Aries and Mars in Capricorn.

Should I stop here?

Avid OHA readers probably can feel the “Pluto in Capricorn” talk coming. Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn and is conjunct Dimon’s Mars which squares Dimon’s moon.

Aries–Capricorn squares equal frustration of the sort where those around you are never quick enough, never productive enough and never, ever get it right.

“If you want it done right, do it yourself,” came probably from a Capricorn and mostly like a Capricorn with a sun-Mars square.

Aries–Capricorn is extremely demanding, which Dimon might hide behind that easy-to-get-along-with Pisces sun. But who becomes the CEO of a bank without being demanding?

The Pisces empathy with the Aries-Capricorn whip has made Dimon a more likeable than his banker brethren.

It’s the lack of control (Capricorn) of the situation that would be most frustrating for Dimon.

At a $2 billion bill, who wouldn’t be more than a little frustrated?

But if Dimon had made a strategic bet himself and lost $2 billion, the frustration wouldn’t be there.
Pluto conjunct Mars in any sign creates nasty power struggles. In Capricorn, the earth will shake from the struggle that will ensue from this transit.

If Dimon doesn’t smack a few racquetball balls around soon, he may begin to suffer health problems. I can’t imagine what his reaction was upon being delivered this onerous news.

Dimon will definitely be on the attack.

Neptune and Uranus Transits

Neptune is transiting Pisces and is currently right on top of Dimon’s Mercury in Pisces. Pisces is emotional and Mercury is communication so Dimon is an emotional communicator.

Pisces is also dreamy-imaginative so what are called “facts” to a Mercury in Aquarius, for example, are different than “facts” to a Mercury in Pisces.

I’m guessing that we’re not hearing all the facts that others, such as the SEC for example, would define as “facts.” When transiting Mars in Virgo starts to analyze this in more depth, expect the “facts” to change.

Uranus in Aries is right on top of Dimon’s moon. Dimon’s Pisces sun must do all the work in making him appear calm. Aries moon in general is irascible. Add a pinch of Uranus for sudden, impulsive and sometimes angry outbursts.

Jupiter and Saturn Transits

Being in the hot seat for Dimon means potential loss of position. With Saturn in Libra transiting Dimon’s Neptune in Libra, there will be definite change to his partnerships. It may not be that Dimon leaves J. P. Morgan, but he may split from an individual he has seen through rose-colored glasses.

Saturn transiting Dimon’s natal Neptune is removing the glasses.

Jupiter is still transiting Taurus but will soon move into Gemini opposing Dimon’s Saturn in Sagittarius. When Jupiter passed over Dimon’s Venus in Taurus (this March), Dimon probably bought himself and a loved one a present.

Taurus loves land and home and gifts that are materially solid, like a big painting for the front room.

Jupiter begins its opposition to Dimon’s natal Saturn at the end of June. Astrologer Robert Hand describes this opposition as struggling between optimism and caution, expansion and cautiousness.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Dimon’s Saturn is in that sign. Sagittarius rules things foreign, so I wonder if there is a breakup of foreign assets. Jupiter in Gemini brings an expansion of information and communication and definitely both sides of the argument.

Transiting Mars in Virgo will make a wide square to transiting Jupiter in Gemini so I’m guessing any factual distortions will be of the sort where too much information is provided that floods the system.

You can starve people of information or flood them with information to have the same effect – no one knows what’s going on.

Dimon may also choose to leave the country.

The Transits Will Soon Pass

Whoever said, “All things shall pass,” was clearly wise, maybe a Pisces.

Because the transits mentioned above are all in effect this moment, they have been building to fruition well before this $2 billion problem and will pass quickly at this point.

Dimon must protect his health at a time of such intense frustration. One piece of spiritual advice (he may be a banker, but he is a Pisces) is to learn that life is truly out of our control.

The only thing we can truly control is ourselves, I believe. I learned this lesson myself – at a bank.

Dealing with money creates powerful feelings in people and anger from those who think if you work in a bank you are controlling them (through their money).

Pluto in Capricorn is teaching us great lessons about power and control in societal structures. When the news passes and the fallout occurs, Dimon may be able to offer us some Neptune-transiting-Pisces sun wisdom.

He will be sadder but wiser.

And he won’t be in control.


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