Explaining Romney’s Hair Attack to Your Cat

My cat asked me about the news story that describes Mitt Romney chopping off some boy’s hair in high school. She wanted to know why it is news.

“I think the Romney campaign is trying to make Romney appear fun,” I answered. “Since he’s so boring and his campaign is so boring, people might simply forget there’s an election.”

“Why did he cut someone’s hair off?” Lacy asked. Full of hair, this bothers her.

“Romney does have that Saturn and Pluto in Leo,” I explained. “Leo loves hair and with Saturn in Leo Romney probably feels everyone else’s hair is nicer.

I’m guessing he cut it off because he was envious. Some are envious of money, others hair.”

Lacy asked if I thought Romney was still envious of others’ hair.

“Remember, Lacy,” I said patiently. “Romney did this in like 1965. That’s when kids were starting to grow their hair and call themselves hippies. Rather than gay bashing it was probably hippie bashing.”

“What’s a hippie?”

“Back in the 1960s there was a ten-year period when material ambition was challenged. The 1970s had a little of it too but then Ronald Reagan stopped all that.”

“So Romney hates hippies?”

“Romney has sun and Mars in Pisces which likes to lie on the grass and stare at clouds creating imaginative stories about the shapes. He’s got a little hippie in him.

And with Jupiter and moon conjunct in Scorpio, the idea of open and free sex would be rather appealing.

And Neptune in Libra would definitely want to make love and not war.”

“So why did Romney beat up a hippie then?” Lacy asked.

“It’s called a projection. Sometimes we hate others because they are daring enough to be the things we want to be. Sometimes we envy them for doing what we can’t do.”

“You mean Romney wants to grow his hair?”

“Maybe,” I answered. “Or maybe he just wants to lie on the grass, staring at the clouds, drinking something that causes inebriation and making love.”

“So why is he running for President?” Lacy asked.

“That’s still a great mystery Lacy, to me and others.”


About ohioastrology

I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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4 Responses to Explaining Romney’s Hair Attack to Your Cat

  1. Gene says:

    You may have already answered the question. If Ann wants to redecorate the place, maybe he
    agreed to do four years in The Box while she does it. That means the VP will be somebody
    solid who can walk in. Jeb Bush?

    • I’m not following what you mean about Ann redecorating. One reader swears Condi Rice is the VP pick. I saw John Cornyn on the news recently. I picked him for Republican Prez candidate 🙂 Maybe he’s in line for Veep?

      • Gene says:

        I was mostly thinking back to your comments on Ann – The Queen Bee, with her double triangles in Fire and Air and the general complementarity between the two people (Sept, 2011 ?). She
        might enjoy the limelight a lot more than he, I’d think. If I am reading him right, he would as soon
        fix the big logistical problems from the back room at the bank and not fool with the other stuff very
        much. Dr. Rice would be a great VP or President but I don’t think she wants to mess with domestic politics.

      • Ah, I see. Yes, Ann is probably bored at home now that the boys have grown . . . I still think she’d love Las Vegas. Maybe that can be her new entertainment. They live pretty close. Or maybe she can run for senator of New York . . .

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