Angela Merkel’s New Playmates

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, has some new playmates. The Arab Spring seems to be moving to Europe to become the Caucasian Summer Solstice.

The Western World loves revolution in the Middle East but generally hates it in other places – China, Central & South America, Greece, France, Los Angeles . . .

Merkel has Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and sun in Cancer, moon in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Libra, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Leo.

Let’s see who’s now in the European sandbox with Merkel and whether they will play nicely, throw sand or steal all the plastic shovels.

Francois Hollande, France

Merkel is about one month older than French President Hollande. While they share generation, they share little in terms of personality.

Hollande’s sun (Leo) is opposite Merkel’s moon (Aquarius) and Hollande’s moon (Capricorn) is opposite Merkel’s sun (Cancer).

Hollande will be throwing sand at Merkel, not building sand castles with her.

Moon in Capricorn is cold and sun in Leo is proud, so Hollande will be beating his fists against his chest while the Merkel tries to relate emotionally (Cancer) and intellectually (Aquarius).

Merkel’s Cancer and Aquarian energy is about pleasing and incorporating others while Hollande’s Leo and Capricorn energy is about number one.

Hollande is in the corner of the sandbox alone making his own castle. When it’s done, he does want Merkel to look at it.

Alexis Tsipras, Greece

The news stories currently say that Tsipras, leader of the Syriza coalition, is not meeting Merkel but I would not be surprised if she extends an offer.

Merkel’s Mars in Sagittarius is conjunct Tsipras’ moon and Neptune in Sagittarius. Merkel can support and energize Tsipras’ vision, even in its wackier Sagittarian-idealistic moments.

Tsipras will probably continue to reject Merkel as his Venus/Saturn/Mercury in Cancer means he lacks a sense of belonging. He can dream and lead, but rarely feels at one with a group.

Merkel ‘s attempt to bring Tsipras into the “family” will fail because Tsipras has an inner insecurity about being accepted. He doesn’t feel good enough and yearns for something more transcendental (moon/Neptune in Sagittarius) than simply being part of a family. He wants to wander the universe.

Merkel is willing to share the sand pail with Tsipras, but he wants to build sand monsters and dragons and fanciful creatures which will make Merkel wander off to build something more realistic.

Hannelore Kraft, Germany

Kraft is Governor of Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia which recently voted and strengthened her party, the Social Democrats.

Kraft and Merkel have little in common. Kraft is a Gemini sun and moon.

In US politics, Gemini doesn’t fare well. The last double Gemini in presidential politics was John Edwards who is now on trial for activities from his not-public life.

I can’t look double Gemini in the face without thinking that there is a hidden second life.

Merkel’s Cancer sun and Aquarius moon wants to include everyone in structured, group activity. Kraft’s double Gemini-ness loves people and fun and stimulation, but does not do well with structure, habit or consistency.

Merkel’s Pluto is conjunct Kraft’s Mars/Uranus in Leo so expect some dramatic, hair-pulling fights.

Kraft’s Saturn in Capricorn means that she feels a compulsion to be successful. Gemini lacks the consistency that drives Capricorn. I see some trip ups in the future for Kraft.

Merkel and Kraft may try to build a castle (with moat) in the sandbox, but then Kraft will change her mind and want to build an igloo instead, then a dressing table and then a road. Merkel will take her pail and finish the castle by herself.

Tomislav Nikolić, Serbia

President-elect Nikolic of Serbia has sun and Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn/moon/Neptune in Libra.

Aquarius and Libra are air so Nikolic is a social being with a love of beauty who likes to play the rebel but has an emotional need (moon in Libra) for you to like him.

Wanting to be liked is a weakness in politics.

Merkel, with moon in Aquarius, will like Nikolic in the same way she liked Nicolas Sarkozy.

Nikolic’s Uranus in Cancer stimulates Merkel’s stellium in Cancer. These two have a spark and will get along well. There will be chemistry.

Cardinal signs are bossy and like to fight (Cancer, Libra) but the fighting is more like bantering than hatred.

Merkel’s Saturn (in Scorpio) is conjunct Nikolic’s Mars. Merkel may not approve of Nikolic’s extracurricular activities. There may be a little judgment on her part.

Merkel likes to play in the sandbox with Nikolic but is jealous when other kids come along and Nikolic’s interest moves to the new playmates.

Pluto, in Capricorn

Pluto is transiting Capricorn and opposing Merkel’s Mercury in Cancer. That means while playing in the sandbox, the earth is shifting below.

While Merkel might want to critically assess the playmates in her sandbox, she also must look at the ground on which the sandbox resides.


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