Saturn in Scorpio

While I’ve been anxiously counting the minutes until Saturn leaves Libra, and my tenth house, I realized I may be Mars-transiting-Virgo impatient and not thinking about what Saturn in Scorpio will bring.

Saturn has a 29-year cycle so I don’t have to experience tenth house issues for another few decades. Whew!

If Saturn in Libra (with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn forming a T-square) brought partnership breakups, then Saturn in sexual, emotional Scorpio will bring highly-charged, long-and-drawn-out divorce proceedings.

Saturn enters Scorpio on October 6, 2012, about one month before the US general election.

Will there be a last-minute sexual scandal in the US election?

Sex and money

Scorpio rules sex, emotional connection, death, inheritance and taxes – fun stuff. Now you know why your Scorpio friends get a little intense sometimes.

Taurus, the opposite sign, rules money one makes. Scorpio rules other people’s money.

I find those with sun or moon in the eighth house (which is ruled by Scorpio) prefer not to be the breadwinner in the family.

To learn more about Saturn in Scorpio, I consulted my favorite astrologer –Liz Greene. In her book “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil,” she says “the eighth house [and Scorpio] deals primarily with emotional exchange.”

Other excerpts:

“Here money becomes a symbol of emotional dependence or freedom, for in our society it buys freedom or bondage in marriage, and our sexual values are largely coloured by our finances. So often in the eighth house there exists the enactment of a struggle which appears purely material and which is really emotional in origin.”

“It is common to find the individual with afflicted planets here tied to a difficult financial situation following upon a broken marriage or chronic problems with partners who take advantage of him financially.”

Saturn in Scorpio

As Saturn transits Scorpio, we all will feel this energy in a part of our charts – and lives. Saturn is contraction so there will be contraction of money given to us, especially where there is emotional connection attached.

The last transit of Saturn through Scorpio was December 1982 to November 1985 (it went retrograde in Libra during that time).

At minimum, I’m speculating that lending will contract even more than it has today. And when someone gives you money, expect to provide a lot in return besides interest. Lenders will want to know more about you than ever – and not just your financial history.

The stock market crash of 1929 occurred during sun in Scorpio (October 28). Saturn was at the tail end of Sagittarius, moving into Capricorn (moved into Capricorn December 1929).

The stock market crash of October 1987, which occurred during sun in Libra (October 14) also had Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn did not move into Capricorn until February 1988.

Sagittarius expansion was followed by Capricorn contraction. Saturn rules Capricorn and is the contraction squared.

It’s important to remember that Capricorn always follows Sagittarius. Astrology teaches that expansion is followed by contraction in an endless cycle. Possibly to remove the “crash” from the contraction, we must expand with some constraint.

Or maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe wild expansion is necessary to learn and grow and contraction says, “Good job with all those ideas. Now I’m tossing out the ones that aren’t realistic.”

I bring up Sagittarius and Capricorn because another planet – Pluto – has recently moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn (early 2008).

Our lessons on expansion and contraction are now way beyond Saturn and they will last for years. Saturn in Scorpio is just another two-year mini-message about a larger message as the world rebuilds its economies.

I believe the Saturn in Libra period broke up marriages and partnerships because those partnerships had underlying unfairness or were not truly balanced. Both sides were able to say, “This just isn’t working.”

Now Saturn in Scorpio will ask, “If I take your money (for work or whatever), what do I really owe you?”

The other side says, “If I lend you money or resources, I want more than a material payback. I want you to share my values and truly care about me.”

It’s going to be a tense time. I do imagine there will be more contraction of banking, lending and financial speculation. I really don’t like being an astrologer-naysayer so I want to emphasize that the energy doesn’t just visit us willy-nilly – it’s a pattern and the effects vary based on how we dealt with the energy patterns up to this point.

I personally believe the Pluto in Capricorn contraction hits Americans so hard because we didn’t save. Wild lending convinced us we didn’t need to. But other countries, such as some Asian countries, save much more and might weather a financial storm better.

A positive manifestation of Saturn in Scorpio is 100 percent emotional honesty about how, why and where we spend or accept money.

I think of the “think global, act local” movement as bringing awareness of what our purchasing behavior means to people all across the globe. Saying I’m going to spend my money supporting my local community is saying I understand that my money projects my values and so I’m not going to put money into businesses that don’t support those values.

Deciding not to buy a shirt because we believe it was made using unethical practices I see as a manifestation of Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn contraction – why?

I’m learning now that my Saturn tenth house transit is almost over that some of my work issues were a result of not rising to a certain responsibility.

Saturn brings responsibility. Saturn’s contraction seems to remove what is unnecessary (but may be fun and interesting) to get us to focus on what truly matters.

Saturn in Scorpio will force responsibility in sexual activity, shared money and probably the government’s role in using our money.

Hopefully we’ll have some Saturnian contraction of taxes – like paying a smaller tax rate. That’s a Saturn contraction I could live with.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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12 Responses to Saturn in Scorpio

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  2. C. Bedard says:

    So yet when saturn ruling capricorn which starts in my 8th hit my venus in the 12th I received an inheritance. Saturn gives us what we’ve earned? it came from an uncle in a mental institute I never met. So do we really have to work at it or is it a reaping time.

    • Could be. You reaped some inheritance but you also got an insight into a long lost relative. Sounds like it could have a lot of family story involved. The 12th is the hidden, private world. Does the money itself have an interesting story around it?

      • charyl says:

        Well, you know the 12 is the mental health house and mine is loaded so this fathers brother my Uncle I knew about “talked to the trees” when young in the 30’s and so his dad with mom dead, put him in an Alberta mental institute and I never met him but mom and dad visited but didn’t speak much of him. He lived into his 90’s and his money’s collected interest and amounted to a surprising amt. so that 9 children benefited less than $20,000. Today as I follow the mystic path all these years and am now reading Masters of the Far East they claim quite freely to be of high enough vibration that they readily talk to the natural life around them. Which is to say we are poorly educated and way behind the realities. BACK then science couldn’t prove things about etheric realities so they failed until technology gave them better tools of today. This book talked of that. I said symbols symbols symbols, churches churches churches in the 70’s poetry as I climbed the narrow path to my yoga teacher’s heart which looked so warm and inviting so it’s interesting to see that also discussed by a book forming in the late 1800’s by research excursion of group of archaeologists in India. Where would I be today if I’d been strong enough to follow my own thought and not forced to conform. I ask myself.

      • charyl says:

        By that I mean I thought back then that symbols were bogus but it’s only now that reality is acceptable for they are not needed by us in our present growth pattern.

      • I don’t really understand what you mean by this.

      • charyl says:

        How old are you, that might be why – but what is it that you don’t understand? I remember going to the guild and mentioned non duality and the young didn’t know what I was talking about. Sometimes I don’t realize. So what is it. There is a big movement to leap into the 5th dimension or let go of earth to find infinity. Connected with 2012 and the galactic center ending a 26,000 yr cycle in the strongest part of the vortex. Many people poo poo but scientists like Gregg Braden say on U Tube it’s brought a downfall every time in the past. Dec 21 it hits the center.

      • charyl says:

        So whoever you are forgive an old ladies ramblings. I’m tired and they are making me work to pay for my car insurance. Mars Pluto? I think I can only see one direction now, straight ahead.

    • I found something in Liz Greene’s “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” on Saturn-Sun contacts: “It is ironic that the extremes of inherited money and position and poverty and lack of opportunity can both be expressed by Sun-Saturn contacts.”

      • charyl says:

        Well, that’s interesting saturn sun person I know seems to be experiencing both ends of the spectrum. But mine was transiting saturn hitting natal venus in tauras in the 12th house which again brings me to the question does saturn work without any more to do from us once it begins to hit the planets. Inheritances are the 8th and my 8th was Capricorn in part ruled by saturn. Too it is said that saturn in the 2nd, which mine is cuspy and progressed gains pretty much only by inheritances and only gets what it needs and I’ve had three small inheritances and little luck otherwise with dollars help in raising my kids without a partner. All done now.

      • I have a friend with Venus in Pisces in the 12th and moon in Taurus in the 1st. I used to tell him that money would come from women, but have stopped since it hasn’t happened that way. But you never know.

        The sign Capricorn often acquires wealth but it seems wealth is also from thrift. Warren Buffet (a Virgo) is extremely wealthy and extremely thrifty. Maybe Saturn is both in this way.

      • charyl says:

        Well if the first house is how the world sees you then you see it that way maybe. But moon is the past too, the unconscious, and so is the 12th. Never know what’s going on under the surface. Do you know that capricorn’s ruler saturn in a house shows the area of that success? and thrift yes, would be mercury I imagine. A balance of everything helps. My Capricorn is on the 8th/9th with saturn in gemini rising on the fingers, which in my saturn years are going slightly bent on the ends due to the bones melding. I’ve done lots with my health so the pain doesn’t come much. But gemini is the twins and opposites you think? duality.. but with Uranus on the asc. helped me to take the leap to a higher octave. I watched a movie last night about the aliens who were going to take like in an arc and then wipe us destructives out and reestablish earth’s wholesomeness. Wild. tc. cj.

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