Saturn in Scorpio for Obama and Romney

Saturn in Scorpio may bring contraction of lending, judgment in regard to sexual matters, changes in tax code, changes in inheritance law, more conscious spending of money and more sharing of financial resources in groups.

AIDS became a household word (according to Wikipedia history), just before the last transit of Saturn in Scorpio (December 1982). Because the gay community was hit hardest, I recall there being some judgment from some quarters when the illness was first discovered.

Today HIV isn’t always associated with homosexuality and the news stories seem to report on HIV without discussion of sexual preference.

The last transit of Saturn in Scorpio also brought Reagan Administration tax cuts.

Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and will be in Scorpio through December 2014.

How will this energy affect the presidential candidates?

Barack Obama

Saturn in Scorpio will square Obama’s Mercury and sun in Leo. The square to Mercury will technically begin before Saturn enters Scorpio while it’s in the last degrees of Libra.

Scorpio energy is a big heavy for the fun-loving, gregarious Leo. Obama also has a Gemini moon so Scorpio is the wet blanket at the party for this personality.

Wet blankets will arrive and the first stop is communication. Mercury in Leo communicates in a grandiose, exaggerated, fun and colorful way. Scorpio wants to know if the stories are true and tries to read more into the fanciful tales than exist.

Mercury in Leo tells a story about the time he ate 15 hamburgers on a dare at the family picnic. Saturn in Scorpio sends out a detective, reports that the hamburger patties were in a box of only one dozen and that Obama is seen in photographs eating hot dogs.

Obama better watch what he says these days as even fun-loving banter will be taken out of context and into the court of law.

Later Saturn in Scorpio will square Obama’s sun and Uranus which will be the least fun portion of this two-year trek. The heat will be on. Any slights, especially sexual, will be the focus of attention.

After the Mercury square will be the Neptune conjunction. Neptune in Scorpio already forms a T-square to Mercury in Leo opposing Jupiter in Aquarius which adds a couple extra hamburgers every now and again to the 15-hamburger story.

Saturn on Neptune, especially in Scorpio, can indicate depression. At the end of the Saturn in Scorpio transit, Saturn will sextile natal Saturn in Capricorn indicating Obama will be “sadder but wiser.”

Whether Obama wins the election or not, it will be a rough couple of years.

If Obama wins the election, something will dog him for a good two years.

If Obama does not win the election, it will take him two years to recover from the loss.

Mitt Romney

Romney is a watery, emotional man with Mars, Mercury and sun in Pisces and Jupiter and moon in Scorpio.

Pisces and Scorpio are already serious signs. Romney’s Saturn conjunct (wide) Pluto in Leo suggest lack of confidence and a serious nature.

If you like bitter coffee and someone offers you a dark roast, you probably say yes and enjoy it.

While I wouldn’t say Saturn in Scorpio will be “good” to Romney, he is organically able to deal with this type of energy.

First stop with transiting Saturn in Scorpio is a tight T-square with natal Saturn in Leo opposing Venus in Aquarius. This indicates some issues with the love life, especially sexual issues.

With Romney’s Jupiter/moon in Scorpio, I’ve been wondering if Saturn in Scorpio will bring any skeletons from his closet. I admit as a political junkie that it’s difficult to believe anyone with the ego to run for president hasn’t an egregiously arrogant affair from the past.

The media is digging up boring story upon boring story of Romney being a prankster and beating up kids in high school (which may make him more than less fit for the US presidency).

I’m still wondering if there aren’t any Scorpio stories that will arise – sexual escapades or kinky happenings. Hey, the guy was 19 years old during the summer of love. I’m not judging him; in fact, I hope he did have some fun.

But with Saturn in Scorpio, there will be judgment regarding sexual issues. There may be an “I didn’t inhale” moment in Romney’s future.

About a year into the transit is when Romney will be hit hardest – that is when Saturn will be conjunct his natal Pluto.

Saturn conjunct Pluto is a really unpleasant time, regardless of sign. It’s a time when it feels the world is against you (look for this type of aspect in those with a persecution complex). Everyone is angry with you, everyone is tailgating and pushing you out of the passing lane.

In the sign of Leo, Romney will struggle to maintain self-respect and pride as his personal matters are invaded (Pluto feels like invasion).

When Saturn conjuncts Jupiter and moon at the end of the two-year transit, Romney will feel emotionally spent and may simply retreat emotionally. His emotional retreat will include a financial retreat and may even indicate some financial trouble.

With Jupiter and moon in Scorpio, there is a sexual charisma. Saturn brings contraction and limitation so the old sexual and charm tricks may not be as effective.

While Saturn can be a damper to any energy, it does trine the Pisces energy. Romney is a serious individual to start so he may not feel that Saturn is cramping his style but may rise to the need for more responsibility in projecting sexual energy and in financial matters where he controls the money.

Romney may also (continue to) feel it’s more responsible to hold back money than to give money – the old “Let Detroit go bankrupt” idea.

For Romney, there are challenges in the next couple years, but overall he can handle this type of intensity. Romney can weather very big emotional storms.

If Romney wins the election, he will feel that he is not liked and have to deal with a sense of being lonely at the top.

If he does not win the election, he’ll recover from the loss somewhat quickly but his finances will be unsteady for the next couple years. He will still feel lonely, but possibly from abandonment, as though he doesn’t exist anymore.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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9 Responses to Saturn in Scorpio for Obama and Romney

  1. Gene says:

    Making predictions about Obama is a perilous journey. Any normal human being who
    announced his candidacy, won the nomination, announced his VP pick, won the election, and
    took the oath of office, ALL, as I recall, when the moon was Void Of Course, should have melted
    in a puddle within a month. I still think he is some kind of alien imposter from another galaxy.

    • I try not to predict what will happen (since I don’t know how to do that anyway) but focus on what they may feel.

      While I look at politics as presented, I’m not sure we’re really “electing” folks anymore (if we ever did). In my neck of the woods, no one even knows who Romney is let alone likes him.

      I’m not sure much has changed since men fought with swords for power. I think all that’s changed (thankfully) is that fewer people die. Power is power and doesn’t ask for permission.

      • Gene says:

        Well, yeah, but that is more in the realm of sociology, or more properly, anthropology
        and psychology. I’m still trying to sort out how much of astrology is real as opposed to
        merely apparent and study specimens like politicians and celebrities who can’t hide are really interesting. They seem to function almost exactly as their natal charts suggest
        they would, given their assigned IQs, talents and the social context they find themselves in. Or am I merely translating apparent reality onto a map with variable symbols? I think
        I am not when it comes to grandstanding Leos in high office, for instance, or my own
        experiences with Saturn and V/C moons. I once called a person’s sun, moon and
        ascendant after chatting with her for ten minutes, but everybody gets to draw three
        aces once in a while. Huckabee featured a story about a daredevil war hero named
        Adam Brown (book: “Fearless”) last week. Brown seemed like a guy who would have
        a remarkable chart with Taurus figuring prominently, and Mars/Aries out front. The only
        place I could find his DOB was the Social Security Death Index, which listed 5 Feb, 1974.
        The maps never look like I think they will, but this sun square mars/ grand trine in air
        seemed close enough to be relevant. etc. etc.

      • Writing the blog has helped me understand that astrology is about cycles, not fortunetelling. We are the same species and contain the same energies. The irony to me is that Americans have a culture of individuality and because of that we don’t like to think others are like ourselves. What we lose, I think, is true creativity rather than mere ego-projection.

        If we try to be predictive astrologers, then others react and when we are wrong, which is inevitable, and it means all of astrology is bunk. But the same doesn’t happen to weathermen or economists so I don’t think it’s fair that it happens to astrology.

        I don’t think people need astrology. I think it lends to creativity not only in interpretation but in the nature of personality itself and what the “self” is. If I act like a Capricorn and you act like a Leo, then what is the self? If we see through the lens of our personality, then when we project beliefs are we simply projecting self? And if I could have easily been born a Leo or a Capricorn, what does it matter if I’m practical or extravagant?

        I still like politics but it is like pro wrestling for me. I know it’s fake but I still enjoy it.

  2. quinn johnson says:

    ”Writing the blog has helped me understand that astrology is about cycles, not fortunetelling. We are the same species and contain the same energies. The irony to me is that Americans have a culture of individuality and because of that we don’t like to think others are like ourselves. What we lose, I think, is true creativity rather than mere ego-projection.”

    that comment is awesome..your one of the only people i know other than myself out of america that has noticed that..maybe it’s because your an astrologer…notice that the natal chart is like a globe and the western half of the natal chart is self oriented and the eastern half is others oriented. if you look at the map of the world..the more west you go the more indiviualistic the world becomes with america being the most indiviualistic country in the world who does not know how to put the good of society before itself(sagitarrius rising with a cancer sun) and the more east you go the more collective the world becomes with japan being the most collective country in the world who represses there indiviuality and puts society above themselves(capricorn rising aquarius sun) america does make out everyone else other than us to be the bad guy…which is the main problem…the government isn’t an alien force they are made up of us, so is wallstreet..we are a self centered look out for yourself culture and me and my needs and its killing us…things will change when we look in the mirror and realize change starts there and learn how to put society before ourselves…. its funny the aquarius age is doing funny thing… the 2 sides are doing a paridigm shift….the eastern half with the middle eastern rebelling against tradition and dictators and wanting free speech and etc and the japanese wearing crazy clothes and hair styles and trying to express themselves more and more through culture while america is floundering because they need to learn to put the collective first….. i think the pluto in leo generation is struggling with this the most…i think america made the world modern in many ways one of which was how americans express their identity socially instead of culturally(ie white people go to school and hang out with who they relate to..not dutch, irish, etc aquarius is overtaking cancer) and this and other traits of individualism were spread across the globe modernizing the world during the 20th century especially between 1950 and 2000 i believe thats what the pluto in leo generation was a vehicle for…they were the vehicle for this individualism through their creativity…they are tthe most indiviualistic generation from the most indiviualistic country in history and lived in america’s golden age of culture, economics, and military might they are not dealing well with how the world is changing at all and asking the baby boomers to put the collective before themselves is a completly foreign idea…this will be the pluto in scorpio generations job who will be late bloomers from being repressed with difiiculties by the older gens but will clean up ….i believe america will be remmebered as the country that made the world modern before the world became one..its as if this paradigm shift happening is balancing both sides of the world before it combines i have a feeling the pluto in scorpio generation will unite the world before they die.

    • Fascinating! I never thought about the East/West in the chart. I do think of the Chinese wood-fire-earth-metal-water star formation. The East is wood so it adapts. The West is metal so we bust through things forcefully. It’s interesting to compare the elements of a Chinese chart (or Chinese Eight Characters) with the elements of the Western chart.

      Your thoughts on the Pluto in Scorpio generation are interesting too. I think the Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn generation which is after that will be the ones to re-frame the economy. Much of the Pluto in Scorpio has that, so I’d agree.

      When Pluto goes into Aquarius, I have a feeling the US economy will be different – more equitable, maybe more unions and maybe more trade associations or mentorship-type work.

      Now I can see that in times of change a common reaction is to try to maintain what exists. Yet the breakdown and buildup of something new is collective. We created this situation through Pluto in Sagittarius “speculation” which is truly gambling. But you have to dream so I understand why Sagittarius goes wild. I just think most of the bubble bursts but there is gain, just the essential parts.

      Do you blog on astrology? I found your east/west thoughts interesting. I have lots of interest in Asia, particularly China.

  3. quinn johnson says:

    i am not the uranus in capricorn conjunct neptune gen… i agree with you that those kids in the center and heart of of the pluto in scorpio generation late 80s early 90s will be the main force of change in the pluto in scorpio generation and i can give many examples from observations why…) i grew up on japanese video games and anime and much interest in the east as well so we should talk( thats another difference between the pluto in scorpio generation and the pluto in leo gen the pluto in scorpio gen grew up on a lot of foreign media and since the east’s values are different and more collective oriented the pluto in scorpio kids grew up on a different type of hero who gained power from his friends, who had self doubt, who was interested in putting the collective before himself vs older generations that grew up on american comic books that showed the all powerful individual hero…its gonna effect the way these kids see the we grew up on harry potter and the internet putting us in touch with the rest of the world etc etc..there are a lot of reasons why the millenials are more interested in the rest of the world than there baby boomer parents who think the world revolves around them and their exceptionalism lol…ron paul gained a lot of young supporters because hes sincire and it’s evident and the pluto in scorpio gen has xray vision that can see through pretense(we are a generation from whom nothing was hidden where as the baby boomers grew up shielded niavely in the 40s and 50s by their parents who often had monsters in the family closet(leo 4th house is scorpio) where the boomers wanted to judge that someone was a perfect example of a stand up person with morals (so the political arena grew around selling themselves as perfect and tearing the other guy’s image down) the pluto in scorpio gen values sincerity and thats why ron paul did so well with them and also because of his foriegn policy comments of being aware of how we treat other countries(Though i think much of my gen is niave about his policies but they hear that message…ron paul is not interested in cooperating more internationally hes interested in returning america to being secular like it was before wwii which is nonsense) but to my point we aren’t creating a bunch of kids who are becoming libertarians..they are just attracted to his sincerity and what they interpret is his concern for other countries..which is a huge divide from how the pluto in leo gen sees things with them thinking the world revolves around them…. scorpio and leo are both fixed signs…so they are both value signs..t he last time america had a major rebellion of values was the 60s and 70s through the boomers who did it through their creativity and they are gonna be socially at odds with the pluto in scorpio gen eventually

    i don’t have a blog, and i am not an astrologer lol….i just read astrology i am not usually good at explaining it but i like it for understanding myself and the world and universe especially… i am a pluto in scorpio millenial who is about to have his saturn return when it hits scorpio and was searching for saturn in scorpio on google and found your blog.. are you on facebook? you can talk to me on there

  4. eaglesheart says:

    Your analyses are unoriginal, weak in substance and lacking in depth; in other words, a cookie-cutter summation that leaves any astrologer empty and wanting more.

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