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Saturn in Scorpio for Obama and Romney

Saturn in Scorpio may bring contraction of lending, judgment in regard to sexual matters, changes in tax code, changes in inheritance law, more conscious spending of money and more sharing of financial resources in groups. AIDS became a household word … Continue reading

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Obama and Boehner: Political Marriage Counseling

Let’s say Barack Obama and John Boehner were a couple and came into the astrologer’s office for some marriage counseling. I imagine it would go like this: John Boehner: We were so attracted to each other when we first met! … Continue reading

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Daily Horoscope – How Is It Done?

You’ve probably been wondering your whole life how the daily astrology column is written. Everyone wonders and no one seems to answer. Let me try. The closer to the sun a planet is, the more quickly it revolves around the … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: The Ohio Astrology Profile

While looking at Obama’s chart the other day, I realized his moon is in Gemini, not Taurus as I had thought.  Hmm.  That’s an astrological Freudian slip on my part and worthy of exploration. Obama’s sun is in Leo, a … Continue reading

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