US Politics – The Rambunctious South and Melancholy North

Today I received an email that shocked me. The email announced that next Monday is a state holiday in Alabama. Next Monday, June 4, Alabama is commemorating Jefferson Davis’ birthday. If he were a Biblical character, he would be 204 years old.

Jefferson Finis Davis (born June 3, 1808) was the President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

The “other” President and the one we recognize today in textbooks (at least up north) was Abraham Lincoln (born February 12, 1809).

Both men were born in Kentucky. Some pictures of Davis, if you aren’t familiar with him, could easily be confused for pictures of Lincoln.

The Rambunctious South

Davis had Mars, sun and Mercury in air-sign Gemini with moon in air-sign Libra. That’s a lot of air and creates a social, changeable, quirky and unusual person.

Now I see why Newt Gingrich with Mercury, Uranus, Saturn and sun in Gemini does so well where Jefferson Davis is popular.

Uranus was in Gemini during the Civil War, hopping all over Davis’ Mars, sun and Mercury. Like Gingrich, he probably traveled all over, talked up a storm and said whatever came to mind.

Luckily for Davis, there was no TV or Internet so folks wouldn’t know that he promised moon colonies in Florida and log cabins in Maine. But then again, he would never have gone to Maine.

Like Gingrich, Davis was probably a persuader and charmer. Tossing around crazy ideas, like seceding from the Union, is a lot more fun than talking about how the wood panels in your log cabin are warping from the humidity.

The Melancholy North

Lincoln had sun in air-sign Aquarius and moon in earth-sign Capricorn. Lincoln’s melancholic nature isn’t just from Capricorn moon alone. He also had Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius.

His Mars was in air-sign Libra.

The north, with dark, gray, cold, sleety, rainy, drizzly, snowy, bleak and icy winters breeds people who like serious, somber politicians.

I know Lincoln had his detractors at the time. But today we north-folk are taught to admire the man who freed the slaves in the south.

We are taught to admire his growing up in a log cabin (cold, cramped like our houses) and his reading of law books by the fire at night (poor and humble).

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Romney with sun in Pisces and moon in Scorpio is astrologically a creature of the cold, melancholy north. Scorpio moon loves to hold grudges curled up in a corner like a hurt animal.

Obama with sun in Leo and moon in Gemini is astrologically a creature of the sunny, spontaneous south. Leo likes people and attention like a lizard likes the sun.

Politically, because of our silly two-party system, both Romney and Obama have to swim in waters outside of their natural temperatures.

Romney and Obama are night and day.

Let’s see how our candidates spend their June 4. Not only is it Jefferson’s Birthday holiday in Alabama, but across the world people will commemorate the June 4 protests in China’s Tiananmen Square.


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