Hugh Laurie – What’s in House’s First House?

British comedian and House actor Hugh Laurie’s chart both surprised and didn’t surprise me.

Laurie is über-hyper talented. Not only is he an actor, but he is a musician, writer and athlete. I bet he also has additional hobbies in which he excels.

Sun in Gemini and moon in Leo is both versatility and energy. Gemini hates boredom and since Laurie is excellent at about 100 things, I’m sure he’s never bored.

Or maybe he is. With Gemini, there is never enough stimulation.

Moon in Leo is dramatic, self-centered, loving and expressive. If all moon in Leo people could be actors, the world would be a calmer place.

Laurie also has Venus, Mars and Uranus in Leo.

What surprises me about Laurie’s chart is that to me he appears to have a serious, reserved demeanor and his chart is almost totally extroverted. Extroverts can be shy, but reserved?

I also recall seeing a TV special on Laurie that revealed he suffers from depression.

Leos don’t often acknowledge depression when they suffer it and are one of the signs I see that engages life so depression appears to be event oriented (after a breakup, for example, rather than for no reason).

Gemini, with its dual nature, seems to contract a bi-polar type of depression rather than an existential angst. When you constantly change personality, you can become a little lost, actor or non-actor.

Oh, but wait, there is Saturn in Capricorn. I wonder where that is in Laurie’s chart? Currently Pluto is transiting Capricorn crossing over that Saturn this very minute.

Chart Rectification

To cast an accurate horoscope, one must know time of birth. I don’t know Laurie’s time of birth. But I’m going to guess that his serious demeanor and vulnerability to depression stem from Saturn in Capricorn in the first house.

That would move Mercury into Cancer (from Gemini). It would also put his sun in the region of sixth/seventh houses. I’m not so sure if that makes sense for an actor, but maybe acting is a way to overcome health issues, which are ruled by the sixth house.

Saturn in the first house I’ve found to be an extremely difficult placement. When I see this placement, usually the person has encountered serious problems at a young age, adult problems, problems that others who have more stereotypical upbringings don’t hear about until they are much older.

Saturn in the first house for an individual with Gemini sun and Leo moon would be like putting a plant in a closet or wanting to lie in the sun but having to wear heavy armor, ready for battle.

Wearing armor is a burden to the self and body. Who put on the armor?

Saturn is a father figure. Some authority or father figure created or imposed a heavy burden of responsibility.

If Laurie had a Saturn-less chart (not possible, talking like a Pisces moon here), he would probably be so impulsive that he couldn’t walk a straight line (moon / Uranus in Leo, sun in Gemini).

Possibly someone or something contained Laurie’s energy because without some external constraint, he might have shot off like a rocket into outer space.

Depression for Laurie, then, might be the effort needed to contain incredible amounts of energy. Sports, then, are an excellent outlet.

Current Transits

Pluto is transiting Capricorn and is conjunct Laurie’s armor, I mean Saturn, right now.

Whatever created in Laurie a sense of restraint is going to be challenged and fought with. Laurie might use this transit to take on something of great responsibility or he might finally shuck off a responsibility that he was given unfairly at an early age.

Mars is finishing its long haul through Virgo. It was conjunct Laurie’s Pluto in Virgo last year.

Lots of Pluto energy, so Laurie is probably fighting with someone.

Maybe the current ending of his show House is the result of some battle or power struggle. With Pluto in the room, I hesitate to believe it was an amicable break up.

Neptune transiting Pisces is opposing Laurie’s Pluto in Virgo. He’s learning something about unconditional love, spirituality and belonging.

Neptune and Pisces are confusing and if you accept you don’t know, it’s a lot (a very, very lot) easier.

Having to know and making a list are not supported by Neptune in Pisces which makes sure you don’t really know and makes you list blow off the counter and into the sink full of dishwater so that it’s soaked beyond recognition.

Sun in Gemini is an analytical mind so Pisces energy is extremely uncomfortable. Gemini likes stimulation and facts and prizes in the cereal box and new coffee shops. Pisces provides stimulation but you don’t always know where it’s coming from.

Why do I feel uncomfortable here? Is it the lights? The person giving me the evil eye?

Gemini is not fond of emotional vagueness. Gemini, like Virgo, needs to tack a label on everything. Vague feelings of uneasiness or spontaneous bursts of love for humanity are not easy to categorize.

Saturn will soon move from Libra to Scorpio and will conjunct Laurie’s Neptune in Scorpio. There will be confusion about the emotional aspects of relationship. As Laurie goes through the Pluto on Saturn (in Capricorn) transit, he may start opening up a little emotionally.

Emotional changes may lead to a different sense of responsibility. He may be learning that bringing home the bacon is one type of responsibility. Giving someone a flower might be all that is needed sometimes so responsibility can be a small “r” and not a capital “R” Responsibility.

What’s after House?

The word “house” represents a structure, which is more evidence for a strong Saturn.

If Laurie is leaving “house,” maybe he’ll go to one of his other placements like “heart” (Leo) or “sibling” (Gemini).

Maybe his next acting effort will have Neptune in Pisces characteristics and he will play a spiritual man.

I’m sure with his many talents, Laurie will have a new creative product soon.


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