Eric Holder is Nervous

Most charts I look at for OHA do not have a time of birth. I do look to see what others have found, but who knows if the time is trustworthy?

I’d rather just look at the basics rather than looking at detail that may not be accurate.

With Eric Holder, current Attorney General, I do, however, wish I had a time of birth. When a specific event is occurring in a person’s life, the time of birth provides the house placements (area of life) for the energies.

When someone is experiencing public attention, the 10th house (reputation, public image) is usually undergoing a transit.

Sun in Aquarius, moon in Cancer

Holder has sun in hyper-rational Aquarius and moon in hyper-emotional Cancer.

Holder’s sun is barely in Aquarius but as long as his day of birth is correct, it is firmly there. The sun in the earliest degrees of a sign, to me, are the purest manifestation of the sign.

Aquarius is the water bearer but is not a water sign. Aquarius is connecting us with the flow, but in an intellectual, idealistic manner. Aquarius brings you manifestos, constitutions and bills of rights and biospheres – clear representations of equality, fairness and Perfection.

Aquarius, as a fixed sign, also brings stubborn independence.

Cancer, on the other hand, is emotional and clingy, asking where you are going every time you leave the living room for a glass of water.

Cancer brings families and groups together for emotional bonding. Aquarius brings individuals together for a collective cause. Combined it’s Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends with a collection jar for the homeless included.

Holder is a group guy, a joiner, a family man, a civic mind.

Holder is also nervous.

Both Aquarius and Cancer are nervous, Aquarius because it thinks too much and Cancer because it worries too much about whether it is liked.

Uranus is conjunct the moon in Holder’s chart adding an unpredictable quality to his personality. He changes suddenly and you begin to wonder if you did something to make him sleep on the couch.

He’s not sleeping on the couch because he’s angry – he just got the urge to sleep somewhere else. But if you don’t join him on the couch, he may be hurt.

Contempt of Court

Holder is currently facing contempt of court charges for not providing documentation on firearms sting operation that went bad.

The major transit affecting Holder right now is Pluto in Capricorn. Here I go again – I can’t seem to get away from this transit.

Holder has Mercury in Capricorn opposing Uranus/moon in Cancer. Pluto has come to change the way Holder communicates.

In Capricorn, Holder communicates in a serious and possibly authoritative (and maybe condescending) manner. It may be his communication style, more than a particular incident, which is truly the problem.

Pluto opposing Uranus/moon in Cancer creates mucho anxiety. Regardless of the Aquarian mask of rebellious indifference, public rebuke will hurt Holder deeply. It’s his family that he will ultimately try to protect but he may have a family member do something unexpected that affects the situation.

If his family doesn’t support him, Holder will buckle up.

Saturn will begin its transit of Scorpio in October. At that time, it will square Holder’s sun. Scorpio is the detective and Aquarius is the rebel. Holder may have some rebellious outbursts at that time.

Aquarius doesn’t like the intensity of Scorpio, which deliberately walks knee deep in the mud to feel what’s underneath. Aquarius likes to keep its shoes clean. People have shadows (Scorpio), but ideals don’t (Aquarius).

Jupiter has begun transiting Gemini which trines the Aquarius energy in Holder’s chart. Holder’s friends are supportive and will continue to provide levity through the situation. Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter is Pisces also suggests support from a spiritual or religious group.

Uranus transiting Aries sextiles Holder’s sun but squares the Uranus/moon conjunction. I get the image of a family member doing something hasty, sudden or impulsive that negatively affects Holder.

The family life is the problem here. Could there be a family member involved in this situation? Is that what’s really happening here?

I’m suspecting  that Holder is doing a Cancer-protection act of someone else, someone who may not be family, but is considered family.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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3 Responses to Eric Holder is Nervous

  1. Xenianancy says:

    This is not the first time Eric Holder has had ethical questions about his performance in office.During the last days of the Clinton.administration, he pardoned some violent FALN terrorists as well as Marc Rich, whose wife was a huge Clinton fan and bankroller .In my opinion , based on this record, he should not have been confirmed as attorney general.His character is not the best.

    • With Cancer in the chart, he seems to be protecting family or just those he loves – his presidents. It will be interesting to see who is being protected here.

      • Xenianancy says:

        And Obama is protecting him, which is unwise to say the least,considering that this Fast and Furious program is responsible for killing hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens and Brian Terry. This whole thing feels to me like Watergate, but with dead people. Remember what happened to Nixon, over a “two bit break in”? He won the election, but had to resign later.

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