The Mexican Presidential Election: Astrologia á Astrologia

Mexicans are going to the polls this Sunday to elect a new president who will promise to fix all the political, social and economic problems of Mexico (the Wealthy Virgo).

¡Buena suerte!

Hope springs eternal and whether or not Mexico’s (or any country’s) president can truly change the culture is irrelevant. Politics won’t stop and elections, fake and real, will continue to occur.

Saturn rules structure and without structure chaos (Neptune) would ensue. We’ll take what we have for politics rather than facing chaos.

Funny thing, Neptune is transiting its own sign of Pisces. It seems a little chaos might be in order for the world. Will it feel like chaos or will it feel like a swim in the warm waters off Cancun?

Or maybe we think we have structure, but truly have chaos and Neptune will simply make it more evident.

Funny, too, Pluto is transiting Capricorn (which is ruled by Saturn) tearing apart our structures like a Great Blue Heron tears apart a seashore crab in an effort to swallow it.


The three top candidates, according to this article, are:

1. Enrique Pena Nieto
2. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
3. Josefina Vazquez Mota

This article suggests that Nieto is in the lead. Let’s see what the horoscopes have to say about each candidate’s personality and how life in office might feel.


Nieto has sun in Cancer and moon in Leo or Virgo. I can’t decide whether his good looks are Leo charisma or Virgo fastidiousness.

If Nieto’s moon is in Virgo, then his moon is conjunct Pluto and Uranus. If his moon is in Leo, then his moon is conjunct Mercury.

Cancer – Virgo is a little too sensitive for the job of running Mexico. Cancer – Leo adds some strength (Leo) and charisma (Leo-Cancer), but there is still a sensitivity issue.

Nieto’s Mars and Jupiter are in Cancer as well, adding additional emotionalism. If this man is elected, do expect to see a bunch of family members around the office, including mom.

If Nieto’s mom isn’t around, another female or nurturing person will always be in tow to get things, especially food and drink.

Neptune (in Scorpio), Saturn (in Pisces) and sun (in Cancer) form a grand water trine. This trine is known as the “whine trine.”

Nieto is needy. Does Mexico need him or does he need Mexico?


Obrador is made of harsher stuff than Nieto. Obrador’s sun in Scorpio and moon in Aquarius form a T-square with Pluto in Leo to form a rigid, authoritarian person.

Scorpio is water but is fixed water which hides, at all costs, its sensitivity.

Saturn is conjunct Venus in Scorpio so Obrador is highly selective of friends who must be able to keep secrets. Mom may be in the office, but she’s not going to hear anything but a weather report.

Mars in Libra brings charm and trine the moon brings a love of group activity.

Obrador will be having a Jupiter return (in Gemini) next year. I don’t know in which house this planet is placed (would need time of birth), but it suggests some happy times with groups.


Mota has sun in Aquarius and moon in Pisces (or possibly Aries). If Aquarius – Pisces, we have a highly intuitive person attuned to group ideals and cultural shifts.

If Aquarius – Aries, we have the maverick rebel. That’s the person who brings home the black boyfriend to the white household and creates a stir.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn suggests issues with church and state – issues with authority. Pluto is going to transit these planets in a few years so Mota better be good now because anything she does will come back at her through courts, law and public opinion.

Mars in Cancer is love of family and Pluto is opposing right now suggesting changes to the family. I’ve seen this family thing in the charts of politicians in Greece. I’m not suggesting physical threats but the fact that political life and family life are incompatible.

Pluto (in Virgo) opposes Venus (in Pisces) so the love life is tumultuous at best.

Mota is one pistol, that’s for sure.

Who’s the strongest?

Obrador has the strongest personality with sun (in Scorpio) and moon (in Aquarius) in fixed signs. Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio suggests an intense person who can’t relax and the smallest matters become life and death.

Mota is next in line with sun in Aquarius and moon possibly in Aries. Her Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn also lends to stubbornness. Her chart feels “difficult” in that she’s both authority and rebel so no matter what you do for her, expect a fight.

Nieto, the ostensible leader in the race, may get a stomach ulcer from the whole process. If Nieto’s moon is in Virgo, there’s a lot of hypochondria. If Nieto’s moon is in Leo, then just drama.


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