Ohio Political Fight Club: House District 9

Since this is Ohio Astrology, we can spread our wings to all parts of our swing state and check in on the most remote of Ohio Fight Clubs. Today we’ll venture north to Toledo, where Samuel Wurzelbacher (Republican) is running against Marcy Kaptur (Democrat) in Ohio’s House District 9.

Samuel Wurzelbacher

Wurzelbacher has sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius and moon in Pisces. I can sum this combination up in one word: DREAMER.

When Wurzelbacher isn’t daydreaming (which is about never), he’s probably busy chasing rainbows. I just went back to Google and learned that Wurzelbacher is “Joe the Plumber” from the 2008 McCain campaign.

Neptune conjunct one’s sun does add an ethereal quality (and beauty) to the personality. It also helps for this type of personality to have a piece of string attached to the ankle to keep it from flying away like a kite. Usually there is someone at ground zero holding the string.

Let’s see if there is any grounding in the personality. We have Pluto and Uranus in Libra – nope, that won’t do it. Saturn is in Cancer – nope. Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Aquarius – naw! Mercury in Scorpio – that’s water.

Oh, here’s a bit of earth with Venus in Capricorn. The one grounded thing about Wurzelbacher is his circle of friends. Since I don’t have time of birth, it’s possible Wurzelbacher has a nice, solid Taurus rising.

While lack of earth indicates that you shouldn’t give Wurzelbacher your extra set of car keys (your chances of finding him when you lock your keys in your car are slim), you can hand him your dreams and he will say, “You can do it.” This is one loving optimist.

How are Sagittarius and Pisces with money? If you are the bank who lent him money, you probably think this combination knows nothing about money. If you are a friend in need, you’ll see Wurzelbacher as quite generous.

Jupiter is currently transiting Gemini opposing Wurzelbacher’s Sagittarius energy. Wurzelbacher is more extreme, more “out there,” more risk taking than usual.

The current transiting T-square of Saturn (in Libra), Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn) hit Wurzelbacher where it has hit everyone – in the relationships.

Saturn is moving away from the T-square (and by degree moved away a while back), but Pluto and Uranus will continue to create frustrations for Wurzelbacher, especially in the area of love and social relationships.

One thing dreamers hate is detail. When you dream big, you don’t want some Virgo tailing you with an accounting book or some Capricorn to say it doesn’t look good or some Taurus to say that there is no money.

Pluto is currently opposing Wurzelbacher’s Saturn in Cancer which represents a feeling of not belonging. Pluto is breaking down structures which lend to that feeling of insecurity.

Marcy Kaptur

If Wurzelbacher is a dream, Kaptur is the opposite – clear-headed opportunist. Kaptur has sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini and moon in Capricorn or Aquarius.

Whether the moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius, Kaptur is a logical, rational being. Please, no tears because she simply doesn’t care.

This is an interesting race, from a stereotypical point of view. Wurzelbacher is the bleeding heart (associated with liberalism) and Kaptur is the rational being who can make tough decisions (associated with conservatism).

Being rational, Kaptur is probably a mental whiz, possibly mathematical and scientific as well. (Back to Google – she did graduate from MIT).

She does have some Cancer in the chart, which is a cardinal water sign associated with home, family and belonging. The problem is that Saturn is conjunct Venus in Cancer. Most likely Kaptur didn’t have a particularly nurturing early home life and doesn’t have a sense of that type of life.

It’s interesting that Wurzelbacher and Kaptur both have Saturn in Cancer. While that indicates a generation gap (Saturn takes 29 years to cycle), it also indicates they both have a sense of no belonging. For Kaptur, it’s because of lack of emotional involvement and for Wurzelbacher, it’s because he’s not on his home “planet.”

Kaptur has Mars and Pluto in Leo which indicates strength, self-respect and pride. If moon is in Capricorn, double the pride.

Neptune and Jupiter in Libra do suggest ideals in romantic love, but the ideals are probably less emotional and more about intellectual connection. Kaptur’s ideal mate will be her chess partner.

The current transit of Jupiter in Gemini is positive for Kaptur providing needed stimulation and entertainment. Gemini needs stimulation like a presidential candidate needs campaign contributions.

The Saturn/Uranus/Pluto transiting T-square mentioned above affected relationships for Kaptur too which may have included a break with a close female friend, companion or family member.

By degree, it will be awhile before Pluto opposes that Saturn/Venus conjunction in Cancer. Kaptur may want to be careful in her treatment of close females. “Hell hath no fury . . . “


When I look at charts, it’s half analytical half intuitive with a splash of what I already know. With these two candidates, I get a strong sense that they are fated to meet.


They both have Saturn in Cancer so deep down neither really feels part of it all, part of the groups and societies into which they were born.

Rather than running against each other, it would be interesting if these two could find a way to work together. The pragmatist (Kaptur) and the optimist (Wurzelbacher) could create an interesting partnership.

Both are made of air and fire so the stimulation of that type of challenge, getting along with your opposite, would appeal to both of them.

I’m a dreamer too – I know this won’t happen. But it would make a really neat movie.

Source of candidate data: Ohio 2012 Election Center


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