Ohio Political Fight Club: House District 6

Ohio House District 6, from this map, covers about 75 percent of the eastern side of the state. It appears to be the Ohio River East district. I hope each of the candidates has a nice boat.

This November, Bill Johnson (Republican) will be facing Charles Wilson (Democrat). Let’s see what’s happening along the old Ohio River.

Bill Johnson

Johnson has sun conjunct Saturn and Venus in Scorpio and moon in Taurus. Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer trine Scorpio and sexile Taurus.

Mars is in Aquarius opposite Pluto in Leo. A nice Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Libra (very poetic) trines Mars in Aquarius and sextiles Pluto in Leo.

The words that come to mind for Johnson are serious, practical, intense, deep and stubborn with a smooth demeanor and comforting presence that can calm anyone at any time.

Nice stuff.

The element least represented is fire so Johnson can be overly practical and serious and get a little blue about life, especially with that Saturn conjunct sun in Scorpio. If you ask Johnson to throw away a yogurt container for you, he will execute this request in the same manner in which he would lead a group of soldiers through enemy territory, if asked. (I just Googled and see he does have military service).

And don’t insult his momma. Johnson can take anything you say about him, but talk about a loved one and he’ll have his eye out for the next opportunity to not help you.

Transiting Saturn is moving from Libra to Scorpio. In Libra, Johnson may have had laryngitis or some other restriction on speech. With Neptune conjunct Mercury in Libra, there is much ability for graceful and diplomatic speech. This is a guy who could be a speechwriter for the president. If we had time of birth, we could see where that nice conjunction lives.

Saturn moves into Scorpio at the beginning of October and will be Johnson’s second Saturn return. It’s time to get less serious and lift any self-imposed restrictions. Johnson probably has a code of ethics he’s followed since grade school and some of those vows may no longer be necessary.

It’s time to lighten up and share some stuff, like money and property. A charitable contribution to a group may be just what’s needed to release some energy from the Aquarius/Scorpio square.

Neither Scorpio nor Taurus is detached and some letting go might finally occur and feel like freedom.

What kind of freedom?

With that Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Libra, I’m wondering if Johnson doesn’t want to do something sweet.

Charles Wilson

Wilson is a Capricorn sun, Gemini moon (but possibly Cancer). I’ve been seeing a lot of this Capricorn/Gemini energy in this election.

Capricorn, like Scorpio, is serious and proud. These two men will probably duke it out over who is most responsible (“I spent an entire Saturday removing gum from sidewalks.” “Yeah we’ll I drove every senior citizen in the district to church last Sunday.”).

Pluto is transiting Capricorn right now but it will be a while before it conjuncts Wilson’s sun (15 years or so). Then Wilson will go through transformations of his ambitious personality.

Gemini is an air sign. Capricorn and Gemini in combination create an Executive extraordinaire but not a feeling or compassionate person. (If Wilson’s moon is in Cancer, that’s a different story).

Capricorn and Gemini make for shrewdness and mental agility, of the practical kind. This is the person who can bargain quickly, running exchange rates in his mind. This is the person who watches stock prices and takes calculated risks. The risks are mostly for ambition and because he gets how things work, not necessarily for the gains the risks provide.

Wilson’s Uranus and Saturn are in Gemini. Transiting Jupiter will make a visit here soon. It’s possible that the moon is near that conjunction as well.

While Wilson is smart, he often flaunts it and Jupiter makes him want to audition for Jeopardy. With Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, it’s also possible the when Wilson speaks, no one really can understand what he’s saying. He may be too abstract and have unclear connection between his ideas.

Relations with siblings are on-again off-again with this aspect. Jupiter’s one-transit through Gemini will make sibling and neighbor relations more friendly.

Mars in Sagittarius opposite moon in Gemini suggests some indulgence which might then make the Capricorn sun feel guilty (or maybe not). Jupiter opposite sun adds to this and suggests lots of appetite – for food and other things.

Pluto in Leo sextiles Neptune in Libra. Wilson is of the hippie generation and would have been 23 years old during the summer of love. Did he act like a Capricorn sun or Gemini moon during that time?

When Saturn enters Scorpio at the beginning of November, Wilson may be even harder to understand as Saturn will square the Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aquarius. Talk will be of money and credit and Wilson may talk respond with mathematical formulas of high finance rather than in language that the average person understands.

Battle of Seriousness

Both Johnson and Wilson are serious men. Both have executive ability, shrewdness and maturity. Wilson, if moon in Gemini, is less consistent but more adaptable.

I’d try to follow this race but two serious men talking about balance sheets isn’t the fun I look for in a political race. I’m looking for Newt Gingrich style entertainment of talking back to the moderators, changing ideas every ten minutes and ridiculous personal attacks on opponents.

Now that’s politics.

House District 6 might be okay with a boring election knowing that either candidate will at minimum take the job seriously. Seriously.

Source of candidate data: Ohio 2012 Election Center


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