If you want to be a famous Hollywood director, what sign should you be?

Do you want to direct Jaw-dropping Titanic movies that Gangs in New York will see in droves with Apocalyptic endings that are famous even in New Zealand?

If you do, you’d better be these two things:

1. Dramatic
2. Controlling

Dramatic and controlling – now which sign contains both of these endearing qualities?

Control makes me think of Capricorn. But Capricorn is about structure and rules and laws and other such boredom. No drama here.

Drama makes me think of Leo, the Drama Queen (male or female) of the Universe. Controlling? In a way, since they are constantly seeking your attention. But the desire for attention comes first; the control would be an ancillary product of that need for limelight.

That leaves ten signs to filter.

Hmm. Drama and control, drama and control.

Another member of the zodiac control freak club is Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. The mixture of water feeling and fixed purpose creates a personality of emotional extremes – it loves or it hates (or you don’t exist).

Scorpio intensity creates strong reactions in others (ala Hillary Clinton) that either hate or love the Scorpio. Adam Ant, punk poseur and Scorpio sun, has a song “Friend or Foe” where he sings that he wants all that get to know him “to become admirers or my enemies.” I believe Mr. Ant is deliberately playing on Scorpio traits.

Scorpio is ruled by the “planet” Pluto, god of the underworld.

The stereotypical evil Scorpio is digging in the dirt so it can feel the underbelly of the world and struggle with thoughts of good and evil (sound fun?).

Personally I find Scorpios delightful company because of their keen insight into others. If you see into the motivations of others and don’t laugh, you’ve probably got some problems. My Scorpio friends laugh at the world.

Looking at some of the titans of Hollywood directing, I found a lot of Scorpio and Pluto:

1. James Cameron – Leo sun, Pisces moon, Pluto conjunct sun
2. Francis Ford Coppola – Aries sun, moon in Sagittarius or Scorpio
3. Peter Jackson – Scorpio sun, Leo moon
4. Martin Scorsese – Scorpio sun, Pisces moon
5. Steven Spielberg – Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon

It makes sense that we’d find the sign Scorpio in the movies. If we don’t have strong reactions from the movies, why would we watch them?

While movies themselves are in the realm of Neptune (images), the emotions contained within the movies are Scorpionic – people love or hate. Who wants to see a movie about two people who go to lunch and then go home?

We want Scorpio drama, passion, hatred and love.

This may explain why we never tire of movies about the Holocaust. We know the Holocaust was horrific, so why do we keep watching those images?

Ostensibly it’s so we don’t “forget,” but I wonder if some part of us wants to watch intense and disturbing images, to take an emotional and spiritual roll in the mud.

After our intense roll in the mud (watching gangs beat each other up with chains, watching men being chewed alive by sharks, watching thousands of people die in the cold north Atlantic, watching men die grotesque deaths in pointless wars and watching Hobbits throw (wedding) rings into caverns of hot, bubbling lava), we shed our dark sides and come out purged and clean.

It’s the same reason we go to horror movies, but it’s more obvious what we are doing.

Scorpio goes the other way too and we have intense love and passion. Scorpio isn’t all dark – don’t believe those ancient astrology books.

If you want to be a titan-of-a-director, being a Scorpio would help. And if you weren’t born a Scorpio, you can either 1) add some intense emotion to your movie (and a car chase) or 2) stick with the indie flicks.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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6 Responses to If you want to be a famous Hollywood director, what sign should you be?

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  4. Astro Truth says:

    You mention Leo directors yet completely forgot to mention Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski and Stanley Kubrick? These are badass iconic Leo directors.
    James Cameron isn’t typically a Leo director. Stanley Kubrick is (was).

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