Ohio Political Fight Club: House District 7

The seat in Ohio House District 7 is being sought by Joyce Healy-Abrams (Democrat) and Robert Gibbs (Republican). This district contains counties both east and west of I-71 in Central Ohio including Clark, Greene, Fayette, Pickaway, Ross, Fairfield and Perry.

That’s one funky district.

Interstates 70 and 71 seem like ley lines in Ohio, storms passing either north or south of I-70 and I-71 demarcating east and west. To cross the sacred boundaries of both I-70 and I-71 seems sacrilege.

Joyce Healy-Abrams

Healy-Abrams is sun in Leo and moon in Cancer. Leo and Cancer make for the perfect mate – both romantic (Leo) and loving (Cancer). I don’t know if Healy-Abrams is married (although the hyphen suggests she is), but if not, boys, I’d give her a call.

With Uranus also in Leo and Mars in Gemini, Healy-Abrams is more spontaneous and quirky than a Cancer moon would suggest.

Pluto and Venus in Virgo, however, make her extremely picky and demanding in love, the partner needing to be perfect. Power struggles thus ensue when the partner has personality traits that are different than Healy-Abrams’ own.

Moon in Cancer combined with Neptune (in Scorpio) square Mercury (in Leo) create quite the storyteller. Expect a little emotion and drama in all of Healy-Abrams’ stories. The waitress wasn’t just rude, the waitress fairly spit in her face (double check with waitress before committing to print).

Jupiter in Sagittarius creates a bit of wanderlust, although with moon in Cancer the bed pillow and half of the kitchen cupboard is in the backpack. Healy-Abrams is an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of packer, although you may also find the kitchen sink.

Saturn is in Capricorn in Healy-Abrams’ chart indicating problems with the knees and standing on one’s own. Leo is proud but Cancer a bit insecure. The challenge is to be one’s own person regardless of how the family reacts.

Pluto is transiting Capricorn right now and will provide some lessons along these lines – big lessons. Knees and bones are included in these lessons.

Robert Gibbs

Gibbs has sun in Gemini and moon in Scorpio or Sagittarius.

Gemini / Scorpio combined is extremely cunning while Gemini /Sagittarius is extremely foot loose (and goes with the flow).

We need a time of birth for this one.

We do know for sure that Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and Venus are in Cancer with Mars in opposite sign Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn says “this is what I want and I’ll do anything to get it” while Cancer represents merging with family and religious units. Capricorn is world acclaim and Cancer is family love and comfort.

Pluto is in Leo (fire), Neptune in Libra (air) and Saturn in Scorpio (water). Gibbs’ chart has all the elements (fire, earth, air and water) so suggests a versatile personality.

The moon placement is important in any chart, but especially here. I get a sense of a very disjointed personality rather than a versatile one. Are we calculating or loving? Or are we only calculating when seeking things for our family?

Whether the moon is in Scorpio or Sagittarius, I’m sensing a lot of inconsistencies. Gibbs, if anything, is probably difficult to know.

Pluto is transiting Capricorn and is conjunct, right now, Gibbs’ Mars in Capricorn. We’re going to see Gibbs more calculating side. He wants this seat badly and will do a lot to get it. Capricorn is about authority and the establishment so Gibbs may be courting some powerful friends.

As Pluto transits Capricorn, the opposite sign of Cancer is also affected. Individuals with Cancer in their charts must determine how Capricorn energies affect their family life. Capricorn is society and reputation, scaling the corporate ladder. Sometimes achievement in the corporate world can create neglect of family matters, especially emotional concerns.

For women, this is a known problem. Successful business and political women often are asked to speak on how they balance motherhood (see Hillary Clinton 1992 and Marissa Mayer 2012) with their careers.

For men, balancing family and career is also a challenge even if the world doesn’t ask, “Can you really be a politician AND a father?”

Rather than women rejecting the question of home and career balance, maybe we should simply extend the question to men as well. Is it good for your children to live under security in the White House as you batter your political opponents with negative attack ads? Are you denying them a carefree childhood?

Even if the media doesn’t ask Gibbs these questions, his family might.

It’s about family, stupid

Both Healy-Abrams and Gibbs are experiencing Pluto in Capricorn opposite their Cancer energy. I’ve seen this in quite a few political charts recently.

Both may focus on family in their campaigns but the real question is, “Are you taking care of your own family?”

Maybe taking care of others through political life is also a way to nurture a larger family, the family of community.

Source of candidate data: Ohio 2012 Election Center


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