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Today’s reality TV shows cover everything from having a baby to painting your truck. If we don’t care to watch real people doing real things, we can watch the famous judge singing competitions at “American Idol” or watch them dance together on “Dancing with the Stars.”

I’m thinking the U.S. election season should jump onto the reality show bandwagon. Election season should be covered 24/7 from August to November and be called, “Cavorting with the Millionaires.” Election season is when the millionaires come out to play.

Most of my days are spent with the middle class, both working and socializing. I rarely, if ever, spend time with millionaires and never, ever spend time with billionaires (although I wouldn’t mind). Election season gives me a rare chance to peek into the lives of those that make millions from me in a myriad of ways I have yet to understand.

OHA has already taken a peek into the personality of Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire who funded Newt Gingrich’s wildly raucous but ultimately unsuccessful run for Republican presidential candidate. That particular entertainment (which I enjoyed immensely) cost Adelson a few million and he’s planning on donating just as much to Mitt Romney with the ultimate goal of protecting his money. Romney definitely knows how to do just that so Adelson’s investment is logical.

Two other names that have arisen during this election season and are Charles and David Koch, billionaire brothers supporting mostly, if not only, Republican party candidates. Let’s take a peek at these two moneyed-men.

Charles Koch

This ABC news story indicates that the Koch brothers are private. That part of billionaire-hood I understand. If I buy a new gas grill, for example, I know not to put the box out on the front lawn on trash day because it sends the message, “New Grill in Backyard for the Taking.”

If I had billions, I’d do the same but double or triple. Wealth and privacy go together like developing film and a darkroom.

From their charts, I also believe that both Koch brothers would be private if they had only modest wealth.

This is a chicken and egg question – are they private because of their wealth or are they wealthy because of their discretion?

Charles, the older brother, has sun in Scorpio and moon (and Mars) in Capricorn. David, the younger brother, has Saturn, sun and Uranus in Taurus and moon in Pisces or Aries. If he’s truly as private as his older brother, I’d guess moon in Pisces.

You may recall from “My Money, Your Money” that Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs, with Taurus ruling the money and assets you earn yourself and Scorpio ruling the money and assets you share or get from others.

Charles, with sun in Scorpio and moon in Capricorn, probably spends little of his wealth. This is a penny-pincher extraordinaire who might have billions because he’s spent only $10,000 since childhood.

Moon in Capricorn, emotionally and financially restrained, might be protecting the money we could all have if we didn’t stop at Starbucks for $5 cups of coffee and make impulsive purchases like those expensive bath towels.

Scorpio in combination with Capricorn doesn’t have much sympathy for your woes. It’s shrewd, savvy and has practical genius so don’t complain to Charles that you can’t pay your mortgage while wearing designer clothes.

Mars conjunct moon in Capricorn gets what it wants. Don’t cross this man or you will be both Capricorn and Scorpio punished, each of which is highly unpleasant in singular.

Pluto in Cancer is opposite the Capricorn energy, but not by exact degree. I’m guessing with moon in Capricorn and the fact that he is oldest, Charles is running things. He determines what the family is having for supper.

Moon in Capricorn also takes control during the most unpleasant of events (like funerals) so if things get bad, go to Charles and he will fix the ugly. When you’re happy, he’s not quite as responsive because he’s a problem solver, not a happiness nurturer.

Venus and Neptune in Virgo are very exacting and detailed. Not only is Charles a penny-pincher, he probably wraps his owns pennies and writes his name and address on the paper.

This is a man of order, authority and discipline. His house is neat and would be if he had two cents or two billion dollars. He’s got pride and dignity and it wasn’t caused by money; money is the result.

Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn creating some issues of will between Charles and the women in his life. If he has employees, there is some problem here as well. Lesson to be learned is that sometimes softness is better than hardness when dealing with others. The tai chi symbol suggests that qualities in extreme become their opposite and moon in Capricorn hardness can become a weakness, especially when you have to depend on others, like when in illness.

Saturn will move into Scorpio at the beginning of October and Charles (and the world) may find their investments shrink like a shrinky dink (or a home value in 2008).

When Saturn transits his Jupiter in Scorpio in a couple years, look for the foreign investments to shrink as well.

David Koch

David has Saturn conjunct sun, which is a difficult placement in general. His brother Charles has moon in Capricorn so there is a Saturn/Capricorn cast to the brotherhood. Probably the father was stern and severe or just the opposite which created emotional reserve in the boys.

Like his brother, order is paramount. Again, if he lived in a one-room shack, the shack would have order.

Although David shares the reserve, caution and money-focus of his brother, he appears to have a much more outgoing personality than his brother.

If moon is in Pisces, he may hide away but if moon is in Aries, there is a fierce competitive personality. He notices if you pass him on the freeway and may run you off in response (of course, all men do that).

Mercury and Jupiter are in Aries so David can be quite outspoken. He may embarrass his brother with his blunt (earth signs) and impulsive (Aries) speech. David tells it like it is which may make others wince.

Mars and Venus in Gemini create a fickle, fun-loving person. Uranus conjunct the sun (even in Taurus) also suggests some sudden, impulsive moves, both on the love front and financial front.

David may be reserved in manner, but he’s much more likely than his brother to take a risk. David as a Taurus would be more interested in property while his brother, a Scorpio, would be more interested in making money off of others’ assets.

Last year Jupiter transited Taurus which was good for David’s property values. Jupiter is now in Gemini soon to cross both Mars and Venus. Fun is on the way. David, unlike his brother, enjoys spending his money as much as making it.

I always think of Taurus as materialistic in a positive way – it truly enjoys the pleasures of the earth. Taurus isn’t buying something because the neighbors have it; it’s buying that nice car because it enjoys the feeling of leather on the skin.

Gemini is about friendships so David may also share his wealth with friends to create good, happy times.

Uranus is currently transiting Aries and will conjunct, in several years, David’s natal Mercury and Jupiter in Aries. The fun will continue as well as unexpected events.

When transiting Saturn enters Scorpio at the beginning of October, it will be opposing David’s natal Saturn in Taurus.

Because of all the positive transits, I think this Saturn opposition, which is normally difficult, will be a good thing for David. He will have pressure to lend or give money away. Holding onto assets is best here and I think the fun in his life will override this pressure to pay someone or something back.

A Peek into the Mind of a Billionaire

After looking at horoscopes for 27 years, I’ve come to see each personality as having a “theme.” We all deal with money, but money may not be the theme of our lives. We earn it and spend it, but have something else as the true focus of our existence.

We all say we want more money, but do we really? Or is it more important to be creative, spend time with family or engage is sports? Would we really be happy if someone gave us money or do we want to earn it ourselves and see money as the result of that achievement?

The Koch brothers may have inherited their wealth but with charts full of Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn they have a drive for material wealth and material success regardless of what was provided at birth.

This is where astrology meets your underlying belief system. Is the emphasis on Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn in their charts because of the circumstances of their birth or would they have had those qualities regardless of time and place?

As we watch “Cavorting with the Millionaires” it’s a good time to examine our own relationship to money and how our attitudes toward money were shaped during our childhoods. Instead of just wanting more money, we might examine how our financial situation represents our life pattern.


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