Clint Eastwood – The Man Behind the “Cool”

Poor Mitt Romney. His week in the spotlight at the Republican National Convention was stolen by two tougher men – at the beginning by Isaac (as in the hurricane) and at the end by Clint (as in Eastwood, the actor).

It’s like Romney has middle child syndrome, ignored because his windy older brother demands attention and his capricious younger brother is more engaging.

The good news for Romney is that I saw my very first “Romney for President” bumper sticker, and it’s just September.

Clint Eastwood posters, on the other hand, are ubiquitous. Even if Eastwood ruffled a few feathers, he’s sold enough posters and bumper stickers for his entire lifetime.

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood’s speech at last week’s Republican National Convention has been labeled unscripted and improvised.

Makes sense – Eastwood is a Gemini sun with transiting Jupiter overhead. Eastwood is not worrying about his comments and his fans probably aren’t either. Jupiter is goodwill in addition to excess. With Gemini, excess often involves what Gemini rules – communication.

From some news stories, Eastwood’s ad-libbing caused embarrassment to the candidate and the party.

Maybe those that booked Eastwood thought he’d be more like the late Charleton Heston? Maybe they didn’t pay attention to the fact that Heston is a man who played Moses while Eastwood is a man who played Dirty Harry?

Heston has moon in Leo, according to the Astrotheme chart, which makes him love attention. If all Leo moons were actors, the world would be a better place. Acting is the perfect outlet for Leo moon’s love of attention, positive outgoing energy and general dramatics and passion.

I may also have confused Eastwood with Heston because I thought he was a Libra. While Leo moon is definitely attractive to the opposite sex, Eastwood has a certain ethereal quality that I think makes people see a character like Dirty Harry as a bedroom poster.

It may be Eastwood’s Neptune in Virgo square sun in Gemini that brings on that “cool” and ethereal quality. The fine features of Eastwood are probably in the realm of Virgo (rather than Aquarius or Libra). Neptune in Virgo is not its favorite place so Eastwood is not one to jump into the collective waters for a bath. He’s independent.

Natal Mars and Uranus in Aries speak to Eastwood’s outward projected and at times aggressive personality.

With so much air and fire, Eastwood is energetic, outgoing, assertive and aggressive, positive thinking and probably completely immune to any underlying emotional currents. Since he always jumps out of bed to greet the new day with a positive attitude, you should too.

I’m starting to see why he’s perceived as “cool.” This is a man who, with Mercury in Taurus, tells it like it is, has a positive attitude and doesn’t mope or dwell on the past.

That is kind of cool.

Romney’s Lesson

What’s interesting is Eastwood’s energy in relation to Romney’s energy. While Eastwood is outgoing, confident and could give a crap about what you think, Romney is sensitive and introverted (Pisces sun and Scorpio moon) with a tendency to dwell on the past and hold grudges. While Romney truly feels the pain of others (unlike Eastwood), leaders and heroes are born from confident and bold actions, not from listening to you on the other side of the confessional.

Maybe rather than being embarrassed by Eastwood, Romney might take a few lessons from him. When you reach out to others, you sometimes slip on a banana peel. Others will laugh and if you do too they just might love you for it.

For people to follow you, they must like you. To like you, they need to see something aspirational in you. Feeding the poor might be what religions tell us to do, but, unfortunately, it is not aspirational.

I wonder what would happen if Romney went on the Sunday morning shows, all by himself (without a wife or a Veep candidate next to him) and said he laughed his ass off at Eastwood’s speech?


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2 Responses to Clint Eastwood – The Man Behind the “Cool”

  1. Xenianancy says:

    Dems are making very ugly ageist comments about Eastwood, implying that he stumbled in his impromptu presentation.They say that he is senile and losing his marbles.As a speech therapist, I wondered how the “golden tongued” Obama would have performed in a similar situation w/out a prompter.Obama would have had tons of fillers(uh, umm and duh).

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