Edward Snowden’s Next Twelve Years

Edward Snowden, the NSA surveillance program whistle blower, turned 30 a couple days ago (on June 21). You know what 30 means astrological buddies, right?

At the age of 28 we have what’s called a “Saturn return.” Saturn’s cycle around the sun is almost 30 years and it represents growing up, or not growing up and having a hard time realizing “this is life.”

Until this time, we might think of life as being in the future. Saturn says, “life is now and you’re getting older. And by the way, you’re going to die someday.” If you wanted to be a ballerina but haven’t prepared by this time (in your recently-passed youth), you’ll probably have to give up the idea.

It’s a difficult time for many. Often by this age folks have married, another great Saturn event which says you’ve chosen a partner for life. Marriage often brings children and when you have children, life will no longer contain you in the center.

Snowden’s Saturn return was in the partnership sign of Libra, which in Snowden’s chart is conjunct Pluto. Snowden is angry and controlling in personal relationships. His natal moon in Scorpio adds some obsessive jealousy.

The news stories indicate that Snowden left his girlfriend behind on his trip to China so he may not have had a nice Saturn return. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Saturn/Pluto conjunct at a later date.

Also on this very unique birthday, Snowden has Jupiter passing directly over his natal Mercury (10 degrees of Gemini), Mars (24 degrees of Gemini) and sun (29 degrees of Gemini).

While Saturn is the medieval great malefic, Jupiter is the medieval great benefic.

Are these the best of times or the worst of times for Snowden? Or both?

Twenty-nine degrees of Gemini

The 29th degree of a sign is called the “anaretic” degree. To many astrologers, it is meaningful in that we must process the sign’s energy in a more intense, compulsive or deliberate manner. Of 29 degrees of Gemini, in which Snowden’s sun is placed, “Astrology in Action” says this:

“This denotes the end a mental cycle. A person may find himself or herself either feeling mentally overwhelmed or bored. Unfortunately, an end of relationships with siblings, cousins or neighbors is indicated. “

How about a relationship with your country?

Gemini is a mutable air sign, the sign of the twins. It is associated with quick thinking and a dual personality. Being both mutable (changeable) and air (flowing) makes this sign antagonistic of rigid schedules and structures.

Think about contained air. It floats away (like a balloon) or gets stagnant (like closet).

With Mercury, Mars and sun in Gemini, Snowden likes to talk or at least communicate in some way (writing, for example). Communication is not always meaning; the opposite sign, Sagittarius, is about the meaning. Snowden has Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune all in Sagittarius.

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity can be filled with philosophical insights or filled with detailed talk that contains no higher meaning (such as gossip).

Like the author of this Slate article, I’m wondering why a government whistleblower would flee to a country that makes no pretense about monitoring and controlling its population.

But then again, where could an Earthling go these days to avoid government control? If electricity is involved, is any communication private?

[I see this morning that Snowden is leaving Hong Kong for Moscow then Cuba or Venezuela].

Due to the government’s accusation of espionage, I’m wondering if Snowden met someone during his Saturn return in the fall of 2012 that initiated this current release of information. Because Snowden’s Saturn is conjunct Pluto, the partnership would involve power. The current Saturn transit of Snowden’s moon may have created a situation where a choice had to be made.

Regardless of Snowden’s goals, we now know (for sure) that our communications are being monitored. The idea that you can monitor only foreigner’s information is downright ludicrous to me. How do you identify foreigners? Does it mean foreigners without green cards? What if a foreigner talks to an American citizen? How can a call or Internet search be identified as stemming from this foreigner?

Why do Americans accept sub-par treatment of foreigners? This topic must wait for another day . . .

If data could be sliced this thinly and cleanly, it would be scarier even.

Thanks, Mr. Snowden, for giving us information to think about. Now let’s see how this changes our social media behavior . . .

Snowden’s next 12 years

Because Snowden’s current situation occurred with Jupiter conjunct sun, Jupiter’s 12-year cycle (one sign a year) might help us understand what lies ahead for Snowden. In a week, Jupiter will enter Cancer. The next Jupiter cycle begins for all of us, but for Snowden has a stronger meaning.

Year 1 (Cancer) – Cancer relates to home and a sense of belonging. Wherever Snowden lives for the next year, he’ll feel at home.

Year 2 (Leo) – Leo is the expressive fixed fire sign. Leo is the energy of being noticed and will make positive aspects with the Gemini and Sagittarian energy in Snowden’s chart. It will also be on Snowden’s Venus indicating a new love. What it won’t play well with is the Scorpio moon that has to continue to hide certain feelings.

Year 3 (Virgo) – This is the beginning of the confusion, with facts thrown to and fro like daggers in a medieval duel. Reading the news may hurt the eyes.

Years 4 (Libra), 5 (Scorpio) and 6 (Sagittarius) – This is when it gets truly ugly for Snowden. Years 4 and 5 are the worst when Snowden’s philosophical playmates will emerge. Year 4 the power players emerge, year 5 Snowden may turn on his friends or family and Year 6 is the philosophical defense of the situation.

Year 7 (Capricorn) – Jupiter will be traveling with Pluto. When these two join forces in July 2020 and square Snowden’s Pluto/Saturn in Libra, the situation will probably come to its final close.

Years 8 (Aquarius), 9 (Pisces), 10 (Aries), 11 (Taurus) – If Snowden is walking around as he does today, years 8 – 11 bring new stimulations, expanded perceptions and new earning power.

Year 12 (Gemini) – Year 12 is when Jupiter returns to the place where Snowden released his information and fled abroad. Jupiter in 12 years will probably bring the same as it brought today – more information. Or possibly what we call metadata – data about the data. Maybe in 12 years we’ll know what the current information truly means, will have analyzed it all. Twelve years is a long time in social media and cellular phone history.

Twelve Years as a Fruit Fly

Google AMP says the life of a tweet (Twitter post) is 48 hours. Forty-eight hours corresponds to the cycle of the quickest astrological body – the moon – which passes through almost two signs in 48 hours.

Are our communications no more substantial than the daily weather?

If we are now living in a cycle of 48 hours, 12 years is going to be a long time. It will be interesting to see what 12 years brings in the life of data communications and data analysis. It’s going to be like watching the 313 generations of fruit flies. And Snowden is going to watch them all in detail.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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