Five Career Options for Kevin Rudd

Australia has a new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. According to the BBC story, he “ousted Prime Minister Julia Gillard as leader of Australia’s Labor Party.” This ousting occurred yesterday just as Jupiter entered Cancer.

Jupiter in Cancer is a return to home. Rudd is returning to a post he was ousted from in 2010 (by the current oustee, it seems).

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer will soon square Rudd’s natal Jupiter in Libra. In the next year, he will break up with someone for the sake of a family or group. Transiting Uranus in Aries gets involved later making some fights loud and possibly public.

Looking at Rudd’s chart, I can’t help feeling that the first thing his party and staffers should do for him is get him a mirror. This is a man who checks his hair often (and his teeth and his tie). There’s both vanity and a little bit of “your tie is crooked so I can’t concentrate” going on in the chart.

Just tell him his hair looks great (and it does) and you’ll be invited to sit at the banquet table. I’m not an evil astrologer (I swear) providing political fodder; I’m working toward total peace for Australia. But if you do want to disarm Rudd, come all messy and Rudd may wiggle in his seat like Adrian Monk at the psychologist’s office when a pillow is out of place.

Saturn transiting Rudd’s Neptune and Venus may make this political homecoming less exciting than Rudd imagined. After the attention of an upset wears off, Leo-moon Rudd may find himself wondering why he went back into the political crossfire.

The attention is great, but he must manage all those Scorpio types who seek power, want to trade money and secrets and offer temptations as a lure into the world of blackmail.

Saturn is retrograde right now and will be direct in mid July and passing back over Rudd’s natal Venus in early August. I’m reading that Rudd gets to set a federal election date which he plans for mid to late August. Sounds like a Saturn-direct type of decision.

This news article predicts that Tony Abbott would win a federal election. Abbott is about six weeks younger than Rudd and is a Scorpio sun, possibly with a grand fire trine including moon in Aries. In mid-October Saturn will be visiting Abbot’s sun. That’s a good time to take on some Scorpio power responsibility.

Rudd may want to enjoy his hot-air balloon ride over the Land of Oz while it lasts. In the fall, Rudd will probably be changing friends and societies.

Rudd’s hot-air balloon ride could last for 15 years, if he wants. Neptune in Pisces will be a 15-year journey that challenges Rudd’s obsessive-compulsive Pluto, critical Virgo and hyperactive sun and Mars. If Rudd doesn’t feel like relaxing, the sea will arise and soak him with relaxation.

Relaaaaax Kevin.

For Rudd, the time to analyze has passed and the time to synthesize has just begun.

If Rudd or Australia decides it’s time for a new party in government, here are some things Rudd can do to enjoy a Neptunian life (which everyone but those who can afford it seem to want).

Five Career Options for Kevin Rudd

  1. Scuba instructor. Neptune is the pull of the ocean so why not jump right in (since it’s right there) with some breathing equipment. If Rudd doesn’t jump in, the sea may find a way to come in into his life. Rudd can meet the god of the seas and teach others to do so at the same time.
  2. Philanthropist of the Arts. I know another guy who is feeling the pull of the Emerald City – Mitt Romney. Together Rudd and Romney (sounds cool actually) could provide grant money to artists like Christo so that he can wrap bodies of water, like the Great Salt Lake in Utah.
  3. Nail Technician. Everything about Rudd’s chart says he is neat, tidy and adoring of physical beauty and adornment. I think he’d really like this job – no joke.
  4. Ballroom Dancer. I’m guessing Rudd is a skilled and suave dancer. Virgo’s attention to detail served Michael Jackson well in both singing and dancing. Dancing with the Politicians?
  5. Professor. Rudd enjoys both the disseminating of information and being the center of attention. Another perfect fit.

With so many interesting career options, who in their right mind would chose politics?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Five Career Options for Kevin Rudd

  1. miss g says:

    dear Madame astrologer ! thank you for this insightful post, we – well, I, thank you for endeavouring to bring peace to the Australian political landscape – can we elect you instead ? Yes, he was .. er… ousted by La Gillard – and that proved to be her undoing no matter what came next. If Mr Rudd wins the next election he probably will be Prime Minister for the 15 years if only to keep Mr Abbott from the job. We on the ground shall see, and yes, he is also a very dapper dude too. Interesting comment re attention seeking ending .. Australian politics are a little rougher than US I guess .. altho what about that Texan lady who spoke for 11 hours none stop ! A Gemini ???

    • My cat says that politicians are just something to look at so they may as well look good. May the best looking win, she always says. That’s why she liked Rick Santorum (2012 Republican Prez Candidate) so much.

      I read a story about Rudd and a hair dryer. I believe it. I could see him getting really angry about not having a hair dryer.

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